ifeel Nov issue @ Borders

Good news, ifeel November 2010 issue is come with free a Sunsilk comb, a pack of shampoo & conditioner shampoo.  :)
And, if you buy from Borders bookstore, you will get a free bottle of FABULA CollagenMAX as well! FABULA CollagenMAX is a formulated drink for your radiant skin. Each case of FABULA CollagenMAX contains the elements you need for 30 days! Best of all, it is made in Japan, which means trustable to me. ;)

I have tried the FABULA CollagenMAX drink, honestly, it doesn't taste good. It taste a bit like chicken essence with bad smell LOL but who cares, as long as it makes me beautiful I guess I will drink it without hesitated.  ^-^

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