Uhuhu, guess what is Jia Rye's temptaing about here?

Yeah, they are Uhu!hu! from The loaf bakery. I know this is not new to most of the KL folks, but it's the first time for Jia Rye though. ^-^

Some people may be wondering what is Uhu!hu! ? Well, it's actually cheese cake, in Japanese style? Since The loaf is Japanese bakery?

Uhu!hu! is selling at RM3.30 each, you can get half dozen at discounted prize RM18.20(Not including 5% Gvn Tax). There are plenty of flavors for you to choose and I have chosen Luxurious Chocolate, Rasberry Swirl Whirl, Oreo Crunch, Coffee Grinds Ganache, Nuts Nuts Nuts, and Glitzy Strawberries.

Apparently Jia Rye likes the Uhuhu very much, what about you?

dirty cat, ahaha!
Ohya, for people who visits The Loaf oftenly, you can apply their lifetime membercard at RM10 to enjoy some special discount for some buns. And they are having promotion for some new buns at 50% off too, like the Epi, RM2.30 after discount and Tuna Tomato, RM1.90 after discount.

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