Eu Yan Sang Puri5, I like it!

I always hesitated to drink any detox drink as the result from my bad experience. I find that most of the detox drinks in the market don't taste good and make me diarrhea. However, I am lucky to find out one that I really like, just recently. It's smell really good, and I like it's taste and structure ~ Eu Yan Sang Puri5.

Puri5 is made from a unique, all natural formula. Puri5 is rich in fibre, green food and oligosaccharide. It promises to improves and maintains well-being. Promotes digestion and absorption. Protects the body by preventing the accumulation of toxins. Prevents cellular damage. Neutralizes threats caused by environment pollutions to the body.

You only need to consume 1-2 times a day, 1 sachet each time, 15 minutes before breakfast or sleep. You may experience frequent need to release yourself after consuming the product but this doesn't happen to me.  :)

Puri5 is selling at RM88 for 15 sachets(11 gm each) in all Eu Yan Sang outlets. Go try it out and maybe you would just like me, will fall in love with it.  ;)

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Desmond Sim Mao Hui said...

Glad to see your comment on EYS product. Hope you will keep supporting EYS. Give us more suggestions, thanks~ =) Goodnight.

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