Tasneem Naturel's 5th Anniversary & The Launch of Limited Edition Newborn Gift Box

On the beautiful Saturday 20th November 2021, Tasneem Naturel has celebrated their 5th Anniversary at Flora Terrace at Hampshire Place, KL. It was my honoured to have joined the celebration with the CEO, COO, staffs, and ambassador. The event was streamed online through Facebook too where there were many prizes to be won.
L to R: Puan Haridah Sahri, the COO of Tasneem Naturel; Ainan Tasneem, the ambasssador of Tasneem Naturel and me.

To commemorate the special event, 
Tasneem Naturel has launched a special campaign, called 'kempen Tasneem Prihatin' as an initiative to lighten the burden of the parents. Knowing that many people are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Tasneem Naturel wanted to give bac to the community by the launch of 'kempen Tasneem Prihatin', where a special gift box containing newborn baby's necessary to be giving away to first 500 first-time mothers. They just need to register themselves at https://www.tasneemnaturel.com/5thyearanniversarylaunching/ to be eligible for this special gift set.
Puan Haridah Sahri, the COO of Tasneem Naturel shared that: "Besides the cost of giving birth in the hospital, parents also have to prepare a lot of other baby care like clothes, equipment and many more. We hope that with the giving of our Newborn Gift Box Tasneem Prihatin, we can help the parents to lighten the burden."
"As a baby care provider, Tasneem Naturel salute every mother for their sacrificing and taking the risk to give born to a baby. Therefore, we should also support the parents to give the best to their kids whenever possible." Continued Puan Haridah Sahri.

Great Malaysian Delicacies at Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock

Malaysia is a food haven and we Malaysian love our food. Influenced by Chinese, Indian and Malay, there are a variety of Malaysia's local delicacies and the best part is, we can enjoy it all at Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock.
Started their humble operation 9 years ago at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. Today, Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock has 12 outlets around Klang Valley:

1) Oasis Square, Ara Damansara
2) Menara LGB, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
3) Publika
4) UOA Business Park, Shah Alam
5) Plaza Zurich, Bukit Damansara
6) The Sphere, Bangsar South
7) PJ 33
8) Jalan Balai Polis, Petaling Street
9) Dang Wangi
10) KL East
11) Menara Hap Seng
12) IOI City Mall, Putrajaya – newest outlet!
At Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock, they do not just deliver good quality local offerings. What they really aspire and dream to do is to Unite Malaysians through their products. BiARlah REAL is their tagline, which essentially means “Keep It Real”. From Nasi Lemak to their hospitality, they keep everything REAL at Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock.
Too many choices & don't know what to order here at Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock? We strongly recommend their nasi lemak (with sotong or fried chicken are best!) and Hainanese chicken chop. Pair with their kopi and teh tarik, you will surely love the yummy meals and extraordinary service like we do. Whether for lunch, brunch or coffee, Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock will satisfy your need for your rumbling tummy.

Tobacco Harm Reduction 101

 As a growing adult, we are exposed to many new things every day. We are also easily influenced by friends and family to pick up a new hobby or so. For example, I was once affected by a bunch of formal colleagues into cigarette smoking. We would gather at the staircase to smoke together in the morning, tea time and evening. I was young at that time, and I believe what people say is that we could use tobacco to relieve stress and become a part of social situations. Little did I know, the bad habit will harm our health and eventually cause many smoking-related diseases.

In fact, many of us know that smoking is harmful. Our teachers did warn us during classes in school but not all of us know that the BIGGEST problem with smoking and cigarettes is burning. The reason why burning is the BIGGEST problem is because by burning the cigarettes and tobacco, we will be creating and releasing the smoke that contains harmful chemicals that cause smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer. Therefore, burning and releasing the smoke is the BIGGEST problem.

The fact that many adults are still confused with the misconception that the culprit of smoking-related disease is nicotine. Most of the smokers are not informed that they do have an alternative and less harmful way of consuming nicotine such as risk-reducing alternatives like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

Harm reduction is fundamentally a principle in opening up avenues to alternatives and better informed choices - whether to prevent or eradicate harm inducing habits or activities. According to Harm Reduction International (hri.global), Harm Reduction should encompass a range of health and social practices. These include, but are not limited to smoking, drug consumption, dietary and much more. This is in accordance to avoid stigma and to keep people alive whilst encouraging positive change in their lives. By practicing harm reduction efforts, alternatives can be sought after rather than leaving consumers with no choice. This way, we can still maintain our lifestyle and keep ourselves harmless.

ARISSTO 零添加家庭面包 - 方便好吃又健康

我们家是传统的面包控。每天早上我们大人和小孩都喜欢吃面包,因为它好吃又耐饱。下午茶时间我们也爱吃面包。但是,市场上却有近百种仿天然成分的化学添加剂, 可用于生产我们家人吃的面包。这些化学添加剂包括化学香精、化学色素、化学奶油、化学糖浆、化学奶精等等! 吃进肚子对身体百害而无一利。

其实一家人天天吃的面包,要吃就吃最好! 试问一下,化学添加的面包,是我们要给家人吃的面包吗? 不,我们应该选择零化学添加的家庭面包,才是对家人好。

还好在这个年代,我们有了更多选择。最近我发现了 ARISSTO零化学添加的家庭面包。试过之后,我很高兴地与你们分享,ARISSTO零添加家庭面包有多种选择,包括大人爱吃的法式面包、小朋友喜欢的迷你黄金蛋糕,以及一家大小都喜爱的牛角包等等。


我们一家大小试过ARISSTO 零添加家庭面包后都纷纷爱上了它。ARISSTO 零添加家庭面包实在是方便,好吃又健康哦。

ARISSTO 零添加家庭面包始终坚持提供方便好吃又健康的家庭面包。



很开心的是我发现了ARISSTO 零添加家庭面包,ARISSTO 禁止使用近百种仿天然成份的化学添加剂生产它们家的家庭面包。所以,我们吃的每一口都是天然零化学添加的美味面包。现在,我每天都很放心地给我的孩子吃ARISSTO 零添加家庭面包。

家人吃的面包, 要真材实料! 


ARISSTO 拒绝“混杂材料”, 保证 100%“真材实料”,为我们和家人提供 100% 纯正成分的家庭面包。ARISSTO真实材料的成份包括以下;

纯正小麦面粉 - 含高蛋白质,高矿物质, 不经漂白, 营养特別丰富。

欧洲认证的牛油 - 享誉全球百年,获得欧盟的官方品质保证,不含人工色素、抗氧化剂及去酸剂。 

欧洲100%无糖可可粉 - 源自欧洲的顶级巧克力,100% 无化学糖可可粉。

A Warm & Cozy Christmas with Love, Hope & Gratitude by Plant Origins

My favourite holiday season is around the corner! It's time to feel a warm and cozy Christmas with Love, Hope & Gratitude by Plant Origins.
This time, Plant Origins has launched a series of new products especially for this Christmas. From the cool and chic mountain diffuser to the wide selection scent of essential oil.
1. Plant Origins Aromatherapy Mountain Diffuser

The Mountain Diffuser has a big capacity of 600ml and comes with a remote control. I felt in love at first sight with it's sleek black exterior that won't distract from existing decoration. The glass mountain design is so aesthetically minimalist and elegant to place at any space.
It has a night light function with adjustable timings and 7 LED Mode color light. I like that it is quiet and it can diffuse super fine mist for more than 26 hours on a full tank of water. I love to put it on at night before go into my beauty sleep and wake up to a beautiful new day.

4 Reasons Why You Can't Miss #lulusuperfriday

Welcome to #lulusuperfriday! This is the day that you can't miss to shop at LuLu Stores and LuLu Online or else you will be regretting.
Why? Read on to know the 4 reasons why you cannot miss #lulusuperfriday happening from 23 Nov - 5 Dec 2021.
1) Enjoy Discount UP TO 70% Discount!

Trust us, when we say you are going to benefit huge discount on your shopping in Electronics, Electricals and more. UP TO 70% Discount only until 5 December 2021 at LuLu Stores and LuLu Online.

For example, a LG 55" Ultra HD Smart LED TV original price RM3499, now you can save RM820 and only need to pay RM2679 to bring one home!

2) Free Delivery for purchase worth RM100 in Lulu Online Shopping!

Take Your Edelweiss Experience to a Whole New Altitude in Genting Highlands

Edelweiss, the premium wheat beer born in the Alps, has embarked on its #FeelTheAps journey to inspire fans to actively seek new discoveries and a fresh outlook in their lives and cities. As Edelweiss influencers share how they rediscover their cities with new adventures, fans too are hopping on the bandwagon for a chance to score attractive prizes.

While the hashtag #FeelTheAlps is gaining traction with fans taking their brand-new discoveries and adventures with Edelweiss to social media, Edelweiss continues to bring refreshing experiences into the city with the launch of the Edelweiss flagship outlet, The Alps bar, in Genting Highlands.
L-R Tan Koon Lin, Thaddeus Huang, Dato' Edward Holloway, Roland Bala, David Lau, Vasily Baranov, Pablo Chabot

Located at Sky Avenue Mall, The Alps bar was launched today in the presence of the management team of Heineken Malaysia Berhad - Roland Bala, Managing Director, Pablo Chabot, Marketing Director, and Vasily Baranov, Sales Director. With them were Thaddeus Huang and Tan Koon Lin, owners of The Alps bar as well as Dato’ Edward Holloway, Executive Vice President, Leisure and Hospitality of Genting Malaysia.
Members of the media and invited guests got an exclusive sneak peek into the world of Edelweiss right here at The Alps bar. The modern and sophisticated bar was majestically decked out to depict the essence of the Alps, and a highlight was the breath-taking view experienced from the first floor as they enjoyed a cold Edelweiss that truly brought the #FeelTheAlps experience to new heights.

Every corner of The Alps bar was Instagrammable for guests to capture their #FeelTheAlps experience. They were served with delectable Austrian dishes to accompany their ice-cold refreshing Edelweiss, and to top it off, guests got to evoke their playful side with the exciting claw machine game to score exclusive prizes such as free stays in Genting Highlands, food and beverage vouchers, an at-home Blade Machine experience, and various other Edelweiss merchandise.
At the event, guests were able to understand the Edelweiss brand better. They learned about the all-natural ingredients and the blend of fresh mountain herbs which makes Edelweiss as distinctive as it is. Guests then had the opportunity to tap their own Edelweiss from the exclusive Blade Machine and taste the fresh finish and subtle, fruity aftertaste to really immerse themselves in the experience.

UNIQLO Thank You Festival 2021

In the spirit of Kanshasai, the Japanese festival of appreciation, UNIQLO is offering customers E-Member special deals, exclusive gifts and more at its online and physical stores nationwide! Shoppers will get to experience the global apparel retailer’s way of giving thanks starting November 26 to December 2 2021.
Here’s what customers can look forward to during UNIQLO’s Thank You Festival:

Attractive E-Member deals! Check out the online store at https://www.uniqlo.com/my/en/!
  • Get a UNIQLO Stainless Steel Water Bottle for any purchase of RM250 in store or online. Redeem by downloading and scanning the UNIQLO app during the festival.
  • Redeem a bag of heartwarming healthy snacks upon checking out at selected stores* with a minimum spend of RM100.
  • Each in-store customers to get a UNIQLO bookmark without any minimum spend requirement.

To kick off the one-week festival, actor, host and social entrepreneur Fizo Omar will appear on UNIQLO Malaysia Facebook live at 4pm on November 26, with prizes to be won by those who tune in.

‘New Normal, Same Cancer’ Calls for Early Action in Cancer Screening Missed During COVID-19

Although we are still in the pandemic, we should still pay attention to our body's symptoms, take care of our body and not to fear coming forward to seek medical attention when necessary. We all know that early detection of cancers is easier to treat and save life.
‘New Normal, Same Cancer’ campaign was officiated by (from left) Dr. Anand Sachithanandan, Co-founder and President of Lung Cancer Network Malaysia, Dr. Sanjeev Panchal, Country President of AstraZeneca Malaysia, Dato' Dr. Haji Noor Azmi Bin Ghazali, Deputy Health Minister, Dato’ Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, President of National Cancer Society Malaysia, and Dr. Murallitharan Munisamy, Managing Director of National Cancer Society Malaysia.

However, it is disappointed to know that due to the pandemic, fewer people with cancer are diagnosed early, increasing the risk of more cancers being diagnosed at an advanced stage when they are more difficult to treat. Cancer, however, does not stop for COVID-19. For this reason, the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) and Lung Cancer Network Malaysia (LCNM) have partnered to launch the ‘New Normal, Same Cancer’ campaign with the support of AstraZeneca Malaysia to address the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer care, calling on people to act early and re-engage with appropriate healthcare screening.
Ms. Selvarani A/P Krishnan, a cancer survivor sharing her experience in combating breast cancer at the media launch of ‘New Normal, Same Cancer’ campaign.

Launched in conjunction with breast, lung and prostate cancer awareness months, the ‘New Normal, Same Cancer’ campaign was officiated by Dato' Dr. Haji Noor Azmi Bin Ghazali, Deputy Health Minister, along with Dato’ Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, President of NCSM, Cancer is a health concern among Malaysians especially since it is the second leading cause of death in the world and in Malaysia1. According to a recently published research, Covid-19 Impact on Cancer Care by IQVIA, there was a drastic drop of 74% in cancer diagnosis2, with doctors sharing that they experienced delays in follow-up for screening, check-ups and treatment with cancer patients and high-risk groups.

With drastic drops in diagnosis rates and fewer people being screened, the three partners have collaborated to raise awareness amongst the population of patients who have missed out on diagnosis and treatment. Apart from providing education to the public on proper cancer care through social media and the campaign’s microsite, the ‘New Normal, Same Cancer’ aims to bring patients back to care in this new normal by providing screening vouchers and consultation on breast, lung and prostate cancers from participating hospitals nationwide.

7 Reason to Buy Inovo Oasis Ceiling Fan DC Motor

Living in tropical country like Malaysia, we live in warm weather all year long. Hence, every household here would invests fans to circulate the air for cooling effect. As I have moved into a new house early this year, I decided to install ceiling fan in my house because it circulate better than any other fans.
I am so glad I have discovered Inovo Oasis Ceiling Fan DC Motor and had it installed at my bedroom. It is so lovely to use and my hubby also approved it.
1. First of all, Inovo is a local brand which offers designer’s designed ceiling fans to Malaysia at an affordable price. Inovo pledges to offers quality and innovative consumer electrical products to the consumers. By applying Japanese Continuous Improvements concept; Kaizen, Inovo are committed to continuously improve its products and cost competitiveness though R&D.
2. Secondly, Inovo is an Award Winning Brand. It has received 2018-2019’s The BrandLaureate SMEs BEST BRADN Award (Electrical & Electronics Solutions) hence it is quality guarantee.

‘Xperience the Xtraordinary’ with Tiger Street Food

Tiger Beer, Malaysia’s No. 1 Beer , has always 1 championed local street food culture. Its roots go back to being a brand born and raised on the streets of Asia, making it the beer of choice to pair with bold street food flavours. As a progressive brand, Tiger is dedicated to hyping up fans’ street food experience by continually introducing new and innovative features.
With that in mind, this year’s Street Food Virtual Festival is all about the X as Tiger brings fans an epic collision between street food and an integral part of street culture - streetwear. The local streetwear scene has always been a way for people to express themselves and is influenced by the many ways of life here, just like the street food flavours. The mash up aims to bring the two cultures together to create an extraordinary experience for fans, while breaking the boundaries of street food. This is why Tiger has partnered with renowned local streetwear brands to curate two limited-edition streetwear apparels each from EK Collective, TNT Co, The Swagger Salon, Eversince, Pestle & Mortar, and Dissyco.
One of the two streetwear merchandise will be included in the Hypefeast Drop, which comes with the street food dish that inspired the exclusive apparel, as well as a Tiger Beer and a Tiger Crystal. Limited quantity is available on a first come first served basis for fans residing in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru and Ipoh, the Hype Store within the virtual world will showcase one brand each week for fans to make their purchases. The other limited-edition merchandise will be available for anyone at the virtual festival to purchase at the Hype Store.
What about the street food dishes? This time around, as part of Tiger’s consistent efforts to support the local street food scene, over 100 street food vendors that serve both classic and innovative dishes will be part of the festival. Fans are in for a heightened street food experience when they accompany their favourite street food dishes with ice-cold Tiger Beer and Tiger Crystal, all delivered to their doorsteps.

Filorga Launches Global-Repair Eyes & Lips

Turn back the hands of time and combat visible signs of ageing with the high-tech skincare range from Filorga. Using innovative skincare technologies and only the finest ingredients, each product in the range works to promote a radiant, youthful-looking complexion.

Filorga's Global-Repair multi-active skincare range is specially designed for devitalised skin that targets the major signs of skin ageing with its unique core formula: INTENSIVE REPAIRING FACTORS. This concentrated active ingredients inspired by recognised aesthetic medicine techniques, this complex combines revitalising nutrition and global anti-geing action for visible effectiveness from 7 days.
Specially formulated to meet the needs of undernourished skin, Global-Repair skincare range delivers supreme comfort and leaves a wonderful velvety finish.
Now, Filorga has launches GLOBAL-REPAIR EYES & LIPS, a Multi-Revitalizing Eye & Lip Contour Cream designed specially for eye and lip creases.

Enriched with NCEF and specifically designed for the delicate areas around the eyes and lips, this anti-aging treatment acts on tired eyes, dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, dehydration and sagging skin.
Simplify your routine and get the results you are looking for, with this new dual-use skincare essential.

Protect Ourselves from Germs with CLEANDS

We have been trying out a lot of sanitizer and other hygiene products since the pandemic. They become a very important part of our daily to avoid germs and bacteria. However, I don't fancy using most of the brands because most of them are sticky, smell awful or contain alcohol that dries up the skin.
As a mother of 2 young girls, I continue looking for an alternative. Until I found out CLEANDS recently. CLEANDS has 2 products available for the whole family - a Environment spray and Hygiene Mist. I fell in love with them once tried because they are colorless and odorless, and the texture is gentle to the skin. Most importantly, they kills germs and virus up to 99% and give us 24 hours protection over the harmful germs!
Well, that's not all. CLEANDS products are food grade, and is 100 % non toxin/ no chemicals, no alcohol nor preservatives. They are Au naturale and hence are good for eczema, heals wounds and gentle for babies and families for head to toe spray plus environmental hygiene.
Thanks to its Nano Ion technology, the products contains Safety Alpha Ion that instantly kills germs and are safe for the whole family even on babies! They are harmless to human, kid, pet and plant hence you can use it almost every where. The gentle formula does not irritate skin and eyes but it can eliminates 99.9% virus, bacteria and fungus!

Guardian Malaysia Uncovers a World of Beauty for You

True to its reputation as a beauty destination Guardian Malaysia will once again host the Beauty Around The World (BATW) extravaganza, featuring the latest trends from over 60 of the most popular brands from around the world including Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, USA, Germany, France, Taiwan and many more.

Over 7,000 products will be on offer during this campaign demonstrating Guardian’s commitment to giving their customers the latest beauty brands featuring the latest beauty trends in terms of ingredients and technology at the best value for customers.
This year’s month-long campaign which will run from now until 23 November will focus on the following themes:

East Meets West
Natural everyday Japanese makeup
Korean dewy glow
Edgy bold western look
Embracing Beauty and Serenity
Why you need proper care to nourish your well being

Mind, Body & Soul
Get the best products for your oral, hair and body to up your hygiene game

All your Fitness needs
Other than exercising regularly, taking vitamins and supplements can help enhance your well-being. Discover the booster you need for an active lifestyle
Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Guardian Malaysia and Brunei said: “We value our customers’ trust to ensure that we bring the best global brands and products to them at great value, so we researched and studied consumer and beauty trends that are happening worldwide to bring in those brands that are making the most impact.

Dadi Cinema Launched in Pavilion KL and Da Men USJ Malaysia

Calling all movie buffs! A trip to the cinema can now be a part of your shopping and dining experience at Pavilion KL and Da Men USJ! The shopping malls are excited to introduce shoppers to a new era of immersive entertainment, with the opening of the first two Dadi Cinema in Malaysia, and the brand’s first two outside China. Be one of the first to enjoy an unforgettable movie-watching experience!
Enjoy A Movie Under Twinkling Stars

Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL is the first in Malaysia to introduce a starry movie experience with a unique Star-Max Hall! Decked out in a starry galactic theme, the hall uses advanced laser projector technology to deliver crystal-clear cinema graphics, while the Dolby Atmos sound system offers an enhanced surround sound audio experience.
Treat Yourself To A VIP Experience

Indulge in an unforgettable VIP experience with the premium Star+ Hall. Sink into plush premium twin leatherette recliner cabin seats, complete with a wireless charging pad and a service call button. Star+ tickets also grant cinema-goers access to Dadi Cinema’s exclusive private lounge, to enjoy free flow concessions* before the movie starts.
*for selected concessions only.
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