Protect Ourselves from Germs with CLEANDS

We have been trying out a lot of sanitizer and other hygiene products since the pandemic. They become a very important part of our daily to avoid germs and bacteria. However, I don't fancy using most of the brands because most of them are sticky, smell awful or contain alcohol that dries up the skin.
As a mother of 2 young girls, I continue looking for an alternative. Until I found out CLEANDS recently. CLEANDS has 2 products available for the whole family - a Environment spray and Hygiene Mist. I fell in love with them once tried because they are colorless and odorless, and the texture is gentle to the skin. Most importantly, they kills germs and virus up to 99% and give us 24 hours protection over the harmful germs!
Well, that's not all. CLEANDS products are food grade, and is 100 % non toxin/ no chemicals, no alcohol nor preservatives. They are Au naturale and hence are good for eczema, heals wounds and gentle for babies and families for head to toe spray plus environmental hygiene.
Thanks to its Nano Ion technology, the products contains Safety Alpha Ion that instantly kills germs and are safe for the whole family even on babies! They are harmless to human, kid, pet and plant hence you can use it almost every where. The gentle formula does not irritate skin and eyes but it can eliminates 99.9% virus, bacteria and fungus!
They are easy to use, just spray directly to the hands, clothes and even whole body. Rub your hands gently after application for maximum protection. I normally use it every where that I go, and bring along when I go out too.
Let's protect our loved ones with CLEANDS Environment spray & Hygiene Mist. They have been proven with certifications and by using them, it maintain a safe and virus free environment to lower the risk of contracting infectious diseases and prevent the spread of diseases too.
CLEANDS Environment spray & Hygiene Mist are now available on Lazada and Shopee.


仙妮 said...

Thanks for sharing this brand, am keeping this brand in mind for my next restocking. Nowadays these are essential to keep home clean & safe. Cheers, Siennylovesdrawing

Zharif Azis said...

This is my first time hearing this brand's name. Looks good and very travel friendly. Easily to carry around n very good to have during this pandemic

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