7 Reason to Buy Inovo Oasis Ceiling Fan DC Motor

Living in tropical country like Malaysia, we live in warm weather all year long. Hence, every household here would invests fans to circulate the air for cooling effect. As I have moved into a new house early this year, I decided to install ceiling fan in my house because it circulate better than any other fans.
I am so glad I have discovered Inovo Oasis Ceiling Fan DC Motor and had it installed at my bedroom. It is so lovely to use and my hubby also approved it.
1. First of all, Inovo is a local brand which offers designer’s designed ceiling fans to Malaysia at an affordable price. Inovo pledges to offers quality and innovative consumer electrical products to the consumers. By applying Japanese Continuous Improvements concept; Kaizen, Inovo are committed to continuously improve its products and cost competitiveness though R&D.
2. Secondly, Inovo is an Award Winning Brand. It has received 2018-2019’s The BrandLaureate SMEs BEST BRADN Award (Electrical & Electronics Solutions) hence it is quality guarantee.
3. Third, Inovo Oasis Ceiling Fan DC Motor features ABS BLADE Included a TIMER FEATURE for better user experience.

4. Fourthly, Inovo Oasis Ceiling Fan DC Motor has included several Product Safety in its design, they are;
1. Automatic shutdown function when blocking occurs.
2. Automatic protection when voltage exceeds 270V.
3. Wide voltage use from AC110V-270V.
4. DC motor is extremely quiet and energy-saving.

5. Fifth, customers will get a Piece of Mind with Warranty of 3 years product part and 3 years on site warranty for its selected Model.
- Purchases just need to register online for and additional 2 years of warranty (1+2 Years)
- This includes 3 years of AC Motor Warranty and 5 Years of DC Motor Warranty 

Unlike conventional 1 year warranty kind of fan, Inovo provides their customer real quality fans with 3 years warranty.

6. Sixth, they are many speed options, with 
6 Front + 6 Reverse speed. The reverse function on the remote and it is generally faster to start, stop and change speed than conventional ceiling fan.
7. Seventh, we can choose from Oasis 56" or Oasis 42" based on our needs. The colour available are so cool, Matte Black (MB) and Mahagony Wood (MH). Besides, Inovo also has an LED Model: Oasis 56 LED which can be found at https://inovo.my/product/oasis-56-led/ that also comes with 56” and 42” size fan.
Overall, we love how Inovo Oasis Ceiling Fan DC Motor helps to evenly distribute and circulate the air that's in the room. It  generate a wind-chill effect, and make the room feel cooler and save on our electricity costs by reducing the usage on air-cond. It is so quiet that we can sleep peacefully throughout the night even on a high speed. We would definitely recommend Inovo's stylish yet highly efficient Oasis Ceiling Fan to all house owners.
Get your Inovo ceiling fans now at Nationwide Authorised Dealer or contact http://www.inovo.my


Bae Roslan said...

remote kipas ni stylo la. i memang tenagah cari kipas ceiling, thanks sharing

Fadima Mooneira said...

Wow... this is a good invention. I agree. Everyone should have it at their home. Thank you for sharing.

saidila abdul rahman said...

Memang design kipas Inovo ni nampak moden . Suka ada remote camni kan mudah nak kawal kelajuan dia . Nanti nak usha harga dia harap mampu milik so boleh tukar kipas dekat ruang tamu nanti.

Rawlins GLAM said...

I am mesmerized by the unique and beautiful design of the remote control. That's so pretty.

Aerill Hassan said...

wah terbaiklah! ada 6 speed, fuh kalau ada satu kipas macma ni dkt rumah memang seronok!

Bella Jamal said...

Wah interesting! Bolehla pasang kipas siling jenama ni nanti untuk rumah baru. Ramai yang bagi respon bagus.

Sis Lin said...

Kebetulan memang kipas atas hall dah rosak, so bolehlah tengok kat JB ni ada tak jenis kipas gini...

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

i suka brand ni.. mmg puas hati.. teknologi terbaik.. mmg sejuk satu rumah

AlongMurni said...

fungsi dan teknologi yang menarik.. Boleh rekomen utk rakan AM.. mmg dia tgh cari spesifikasi kipas seperti ini.. Jimat dan punyai kipas 6 bilah..

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