Treat Eczema or Psoriasis with The Perfect Derma

I was born with sensitive skin. I have had eczema since childhood, and I really hate the itchy feeling at the back of the joints of my legs. It was so itchy I couldn’t even fall asleep! My mom has brought me to see many doctors hence I have been trying a lot of cream and even medicine to get it to heal.

Now that I am a mother of 2 girls, I am sad to see they have inherited it from me and they are also suffering from eczema. I felt heartache watching them scratching the skin especially when it flares! I found out that keeping the skin clean and moisturised will help to ease the itchiness. But, the itchiness just wouldn’t go away permanently.
My friend introduced me to The Perfect Derma soothing skin relief cream recently. Made in Malaysia, the cream helps to treat eczema, rashes and even psoriasis.
While I check on the ingredients, I am happy that it is made with 100% Organic and natural ingredients. Let’s look into the natural ingredients infused in the cream below;

It has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being effective against redness and itchiness. Loss of moisture in the skin is also minimised.

Echium Oil
Echium seed oil helps repair the skin's protective barrier, which improves hydration and reduces roughness.

The vitamin E in sunflower oil has antioxidants that help with premature ageing and wrinkles, keeping your skin looking young and fresh.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera helps with a protective layer for the skin, and it also helps to retain moisture. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals that boost the healing process.

Most importantly, it does not contain steroids. I know a lot of doctors will recommend steroid which work wonders at first, but as a person who has tried it myself before, I don’t recommend it. Steroid cream that could only temporarily help discomfort of the skin, and in the long run it will thinning our skin and making it even more sensitive.

How to Look Attractive Years after Marriage

In recent years, more and more woman want to keep looking attractive even years after marriage, including myself. As a Gen-Z mom who is married with 2 kids, I never neglect my beauty regime, even after marriage. I always emphasize that we woman has to take care of ourselves and love ourselves to maintain a happy marriage life.

Being motherly and working hard to raise our kids is taking up a lot of time, hence I strongly suggest that we invest into a good skincare to use at home. That case, we still look attractive even without going to facial treatment at the beauty salon.
Good news, Spain's No. 1 skincare brand - Skeyndor has arrived in Malaysia. Skeyndor has a history of 56 years is present in more than 55 countries and is ranked within the top 15 professional cosmetic brands in the world.

This year, Skeyndor has launched innovative Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care for us to take care of our skin and achieve V-shape face even at home! It is a day and night treatment with a lifting effect and firming action to be carried out at home for 15 consecutive days. The home care set aims to address those imperfections that arise in the neck, double chin and neckline areas, conveniently and effectively in the comfort of one’s home. Hence, improving firmness, elasticity and reduces neck wrinkles are key to these problem areas with the new range. It is found that constantly looking at our mobile devices can lead to sagging in the neck area.
Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care is infused with special ingredient lies in its anti-ageing technology “ProGEN-in”. The home care product kit comprises three products - the V-Shape Anti-Gravity Serum, the V-Shape Anti-Gravity Cream and the V-Shape contouring mask - all combining to offer benefits including an immediate tightening effect and lifting action, a firming action, defining the facial oval, reducing the volume of the double chin, as well as the wrinkles in this area. For this exclusive launch, a V-Shape Lifting Roller has been included to achieve the best facial results.

‘Cheers to Bold Beginnings’ This Chinese New Year with Tiger Beer

Chinese New Year (CNY) is a time full of hopes for prosperity, happiness and reasons to celebrate. Tiger Beer is roaring into the Chinese New Year with a renewed spirit with its ‘Cheers to Bold Beginnings’ campaign. The notion is all about celebrating moments of reflection, as we recognize our past courage while gearing up for a bolder tomorrow. Tiger wants its fans to uncage the spirit of “Gan Gan Chong” with the boldness to break through with courage as we march into the Year of the Rabbit with its exciting activities, promotions and giveaways.
As fans head out to their favourite malls to get gifts for their loved ones, Tiger wants to ring in the festive cheer through the vibrant décor depicting streets of Chinatown at the concourse areas of selected malls, namely, Tropicana Gardens Mall in the Klang Valley from the 30th December 2022, Queensbay Mall in Penang from the 5th January 2023, and Ipoh Parade from 9th January 2023 onwards. These activations will be ongoing until the end of January 2023. There, fans can participate in interactive activities to take home limited-edition CNY premiums such as the Tiger rummy set, Tiger bowl set, or even exclusive Pestle and Mortar Clothing (PMC) merchandise, among others.

As for fans who will be purchasing their favourite HEINEKEN Malaysia brews at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets, not only will they get to enjoy Heineken®, Tiger Beer, Tiger Crystal and Guinness Foreign Extra Strout in exclusive festive packaging, but they can bring home exciting merchandise too. The most sought-after gift, the exclusive Tiger Rummy Set will be given for free to those who purchase two cartons of Heineken®, one carton of Tiger Crystal and 16 cans of Edelweiss. Also, with every RM200 purchase of Heineken®, shoppers can bring home their very own Heineken® Dining Set. Furthermore, those who buy a carton of Tiger Beer and a carton of Tiger Crystal, or three cartons of Tiger Beer can get their hands on the Tiger Ceramic Bowl Set. The exclusive Guinness Serving Tray will be given to those who purchase RM200 worth of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout or Guinness Draught in a Can.

5 Ways to Build Your Own Biggest Meatiest Tastiest Sub!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not just because it’s Christmas, but because it’s Italian B.M.T.™ season - and we know everyone is out looking for the most ‘PADU’ deals to make the holidays extra special!

If you’re looking for ways to create joy this festive season, may we suggest the happiness that comes from putting together your personal Subway masterpiece, to light up your taste buds while also giving you value for money.
While creating your own Subs can feel overwhelming when you’ve got so many other decisions to make during the holidays, we’ve put together a handy guide to power up your Sub customisation skills to build the most ‘PADU’ sub this season!
Here are 5 ways you can make your favourite Sub the Biggest, Meatiest and Tastiest one you’ve ever had!

1. Get Mac and Cheesy

You love Macaroni & Cheese, and our Subs. So, hear us out - Macaroni & Cheese ON a Subway Sub! *gasp*

If you’re looking to pack your Sub with delicious, cheesy Padu-ness, we highly recommend trying a scoop of Macaroni & Cheese added on to your Sub. Giving a creamy and cheesy texture to every bite, Macaroni & Cheese screams decadence, and is a perfect out-of-the-box addition to your Sub’s flavour profile. Not to mention it will fill you up and keep you fuelled ahead of all that Christmas shopping.

Asian-Born & Italian-Made Gelato Brand, ‘XO-ice’ Introduces A Health Conscious Approach To Desserts In Malaysia

XO-ice, an Asian-born-Italian-made low-calorie gelato brand, introduces a new approach to desserts serving go-to gelatos for health conscious consumers in Malaysia. Offering great-tasting gelatos with a premium texture, XO-ice prioritises providing consumers the freedom to indulge happily and healthily.
Reconceptualizing the traditional dessert to fit our modern lifestyle, XO-ice offers gelatos that are 70% lower in calories, contain 8 to 9 times less sugar, and 1.4 to 1.9 times more protein than your average ones. The brand also leveraged on Italian gelato-making expertise to achieve its superior and instant ‘spoonability’ texture with strong and mouth-watering flavours so that consumers can devour it straight out of the freezer. 

The inspiration behind XO-ice’s arrival in Malaysia stems from the brand’s aim in popularising desserts that contribute to its consumers’ nutritional, physical, mental, and emotional health. With Asia being the source of inspiration for many of the brand’s products, XO-ice wants to position the brand with a mission to offer healthy alternative sweet-treats to health conscious Asian consumers, especially Malaysians, by introducing Asian flavours suited to their palates. 

“When we started XO-ice, the main idea was freedom in indulgence. There is something genuinely freeing to be able to eat what you want, savour it and move on with your life. XO-ice is a relatively new category of frozen dessert, and we see our key differentiator as delivering both the smooth texture and structure of gelato, as well as maintaining that high functional performance of low-calorie, low-sugar, low-fat and high protein content. We are extremely honoured to be able to share the indulgence with the Malaysian public and hope our consumers love the diverse flavours that come with it. Afterall, our vision in creating a healthy gelato is for people to enjoy but also, live a healthy yet wholesome lifestyle,” said Jennifer Lee, Co-Founder of XO-ice. 

“We are also excited that XO-ice has recently closed a round of funding to support the next stage of development and bring more goodness to our consumers!” added Lee. As a brand that cares for inclusivity, XO-ice wants to ensure as many of its consumers are able to enjoy its products, hence why it has worked towards being vegetarian, GMO-free, and Halal certified.
With that, some of their popular flavours include:

1. King Don’t Lie Musang King Durian
A Musang King Durian-flavoured gelato with 25% of the Musang King Durian paste hailing from Malaysia that is 360 calories and contains 28g of protein.

买年货, 到 TopzMall ! 享受高达60%折扣 !

TopzMall 网站充满选择,有各式各样精美礼品。从我们新春必吃的盆菜,肉干肉松, 年饼, 柑, 到送礼大方得体的新春礼篮, 鲍鱼,海产等等,真是应有尽有,通通都能在这儿找到!
不但如此,配合来临的春节,TopzMall 还推出了一系列的折扣券和幸运抽奖等您领取! 优惠活动期限于2023年1月15日截止。

【2023即推送礼佳品 - 将您的心意直递他人心里】幸运抽奖
大奖:RM888红包 x1份
二奖:RM388红包 x2份
三奖: RM88红包 x5份

浏览 注册与输入
CNY5FS = 免邮高达RM5
CNY5DV = 5%折扣券

Ainz & Tulpe Expands its Footprint in Malaysia

Yet another milestone unlocked for Ainz & Tulpe (A&T) as it continues to make history in Malaysia with the opening of its third store! Located at Mid Valley Megamall Lot G-034, the 2,455 sq ft outlet which officially opened its doors on 9 December has put A&T on the local map! To date, the country we call home is the only country in Southeast Asia with the most A&T outlets opened.
This fast-growing expansion of A&T in the country is a testament to the brand and it only further proves that Japanese cosmetics are well-loved by beauty enthusiasts in Malaysia. With its two other stores located in Pavilion Bukit Jalil and Sunway Pyramid receiving overwhelming response and support, A&T is on the right track to making Japanese made beauty products more accessible to all in the country.
Aside from offering affordable yet premium Japan made beauty products, A&T believes in bringing out everyone’s inner beauty and letting it shine through on the outside with the help of A&T’s over 4,000 products from 250 brands. J-Beauty fans can expect to get lost in time at the outlet as A&T brings shoppers on A Time to Discover their hidden beauty from within. Be mesmerised by the readily available products ranging from skincare, cosmetic make-up and fashion accessories.

Alamanda Brings Christmas Joy to The Less Privileged Children

In the spirit of Christmas, Alamanda Shopping Centre (Alamanda) brought festive cheer to the children from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai, Selangor.

On 14 December 2022, a group of 31 children and teenagers aged between 3 and 18 years old were hosted to a heart-warming celebration in Alamanda. They were greeted by the members of Alamanda’s management team when they arrived.
The little ones were taken for mini train rides in the mall before being ushered to the Centre Court to witness a magic show performance. They were then presented with Christmas gifts by the General Manager of Alamanda, Pang Sook Fong before being treated to a sumptuous Christmas lunch. The event was made more meaningful with Alamanda’s retail partners contributing Christmas goodies to the children.
Andrew Brien, Executive Director of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd said, “As the season of giving is upon us, we should always remember that many out there are less privileged. In view of this and as part of the mall’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort, we are honoured to host these children and we are hopeful that this event will be a memorable one for them.”

Improve Acne in just 2 weeks!

Almost all teenagers get acne, so does my elder girl. She started having a serious acne skin condition when she turned 12 last year. I have been trying different solutions to no result over the past one year.

I was desperate to find a solution, and I am happy that my friend recommended Murad Blemish Control Deep Relief Blemish Treatment to me. Murad is my trusted skincare brand and hence I did not hesitate to let my elder daughter to try out this new product.
Murad Blemish Control Deep Relief Blemish Treatment consists of potent salicylic acid serum and amino acids, as well as ground cherry extract.

It is clinically proven to lessen discomfort, helps exfoliate skin, reduces redness and hydrates to soothe skin for a longer lasting hydration.
Suitable for Balance, Oily, Combination and Dry skin, Murad Blemish Control Deep Relief Blemish Treatment can be used in the morning and night.

First, my girl cleanse her face with a clarifying cleanser.
Then, I help her to apply an even layer of Murad Blemish Control Deep Relief Blemish Treatment to affected areas and let the product dry out itself. The white colored treatment will turns to a transparent layer on her skin. We like that the texture is lightweight and fast to dry. Leaving her skin a soothed and calm sensation.

A Festive December to Remember Take Your Celebrations to The Next Level with Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This holiday season, it’s all about reclaiming how we wish to celebrate by embracing new opportunities to make extraordinary memories together. It’s time to pack the bags and have a joyous Christmas and New Year stay with Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur – voted Malaysia’s Best Family Hotel by International Travel Awards 2022.

Themed ‘A Festive December to Remember’, the hotel invites guests to gather with family and friends to reward themselves with a well-deserved year end break with exciting room offers and a combination of culinary offerings, perfect for the season of feasting. To add to the holiday spirit, a specially handcrafted snowman will be at the center of the hotel’s Atrium Lounge for guests to enjoy with a slice of Christmas fruitcake and cup of coffee/tea.
For those wondering what to do after New Year’s Eve dinner and where to countdown to 2023, look no further, book your spot at Sunway Putra Hotel’s all-you-can-eat dessert buffet on New Year’s Eve and end the year on sweet note.

It’s sure is going to be ‘A Festive December To Remember’ at Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur with all these great Year-End Stay-and-Dine Packages!


• 3D2N Joyful Stay & Feast (Stay date: 24 – 26 December 2022) 

Enjoy this holiday break with a stay and dine package fit for a King and Queen. The package comes with accommodation stay for 3 days 2 nights in a deluxe room, buffet breakfast for 2 adults and Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner for 2 adults on 24 December 2022. For accompanying children, they will get a 50% discount off Buffet Breakfast/Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner. Package priced RM768+.

An Epic End to Tiger’s ‘Cheers to the Bold’ Campaign

Throughout the football season, Tiger paid homage to the ones who defied all odds, just like the brand’s ambassador, iconic footballer, Son Heung-min. With Son’s incredible story of defying challenges, Tiger also encouraged Malaysian fans to boldly live their dreams, no matter the obstacles that stand in their way.
To celebrate the most anticipated football season, Tiger hosted a series of epic live viewing parties for fans of the sport. The action-packed conclusion to the season saw Sentul Depot abuzz with excitement as 1,000 fans from all walks of life got together to watch their favourite teams go all out on the field. The viewing party was elevated with exciting games for fans to redeem exclusive Tiger Football merchandise and mouth-watering food to enjoy as they watched the final match on a giant LED screen, giving them a true football experience. But that’s not all – the energy of football aficionados was unmatched as fans bonded over their love for football while enjoying ice-cold Tiger Beer.
The energy was contagious especially at the VIP viewing lounge, as four football lovers used their Bold Points to redeem the package for an epic viewing experience alongside 9 friends each. There, they got to enjoy ice-cold beer and food on the house as they witnessed the momentous celebration. But that’s not all - 11 footie fans also got to enjoy the home party package where Tiger decked out their homes with football décor, accompanied by their favourite Tiger Beer and Tiger Crystal, and food for them and 9 friends.
While counting down the clock to the final showdown, fans took part in exciting games, the first being ‘Goal! Goal! Goal!’ where fans scream “goal” in the most unique way to win a signed football from Son Heung-min. With the ‘Best Commentator’ activity, football enthusiasts lived the dream of presenting a football commentary creatively to get their hands on a signed Son Heung-min Tiger jersey. Their football knowledge was also put to the test with the Trivia Cards, where five questions were posed for footie fans to answer based on the match. Guests who got all the trivia questions correct received the most sought-after merchandise, the Tiger Son Heung-min Bold Kit, while Tiger scarves were given to the consolation winners.

Sans Aesthetic Wellness Officially Acquires X-Beauty & Aesthetic

It was our great pleasure to witness the signing of the acquisition agreement between the Sans Aesthetic Wellness and X-Beauty & Aesthetic in the grand ballroom of Sheraton, PJ Hotel on 15 Dec 2022. Through this official acquisition, Sans Therapeutics Berhad Group hopes they can elevate the level of services and become the benchmark for the beauty industry.
“X-Beauty & Aesthetic will be officially renamed Sans Aesthetic Wellness and will also take over its six outlets in Kota Damansara, Sri Petaling, Cheras, Puchong, and Nusa Bestari, Skudai. Relocation arrangements have been made for customers of Uptown Damansara to be transferred to the Kota Damansara branch for treatments." said the Founder and CEO of Sans Therapeutics Berhad, Dr. Tan San Chin during the press conference.
Meanwhile, current customers of X-Beauty & Aesthetic will still benefit from same service packages, as the group founder also promises to all former members that Sans Aesthetic Wellness will continue fulfilling the ongoing services.

Being a socially responsible company, the corporation aim to maintain the integrity and responsibility to become the benchmark of beauty 
industry and keep all customers at ease.

Tottori Prefecture Showcase @ Kampachi

Calling all A5 wagyu fans! For the first time in Malaysia, Tottori Prefecture Showcase is happening exclusively at Kampachi!
Tottori wagyu is one of the BEST wagyu available. Classified as very rare meat, less than 1% of all Japanese beef cattle are raised there. In fact, Tottori wagyu is a former winner of the famed Wagyu Olympics! Organized by Wagyu Registry Organization and held every five years since 1966. In 2017, Tottori wagyu, often known by the brand name Oleic 55 (for comprising at least 55% oleic acid, a major component of olive oil, which gives the meat its sumptuous mouth melting texture), won the Best Wagyu in Japan.
Savour the best of the prefecture such as snow crabs, and sake with the exclusive omasake menus and a la carte offerings, only at Kampachi this December!
Tottori Prefecture Showcase @ Kampachi
Date: 7 - 23 Deecmber 2022

Discover The Wonders of Christmas @ Pavilion REIT Malls

This Christmas, Pavilion REIT Malls brings the wonder of Christmas to all shoppers as it celebrates the magic and joy of the festive season with Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s ‘Season of Wonder’, Da Men USJ’s ‘12 Wonderful Days of Christmas’ and Intermark Mall’s ‘A Bearbrick Christmas’.

Across all three malls, shoppers can experience these incredible year-end festivities – featuring a magical Disney-themed Pavilion KL, a wonderland of toys and storybooks at Da Men USJ, and an ode to a favourite collectible at Intermark Mall – together with friends, families and loved ones.
‘Season of Wonder’ at Pavilion KL

As The Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100th anniversary, shoppers at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur will be the first in Southeast Asia to experience ‘Disney 100 Years of Wonder’. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Centre Court will transform into an enchanting village of ‘Season of Wonder’ from now until 26 December 2022.
Following the success of ‘A Starry Christmas’ Star Wars holiday extravaganza in conjunction with the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Pavilion KL is pleased to kick off a year-long celebration of Disney100. The festivities include Parkson’s ‘Disney 100 Years of Wonder’ retail pop-up at the Centre Court, where shoppers will also be treated to an exclusive first look at Disney100 merchandise. In addition,, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia’s flagship e-commerce destination, will also curate a special pop-up for the first time. Besides a showcase of Disney collectibles and merchandise, 12 Limited Edition Doll designs such as Jasmine, Snow White, Tiana and more will be featured. As an additional surprise, children might also get a chance to meet some very special Disney friends including Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Strateq Group's Talent Development Programme to Bridge Malaysia’s Tech Talent Gap

Tech talent is always on high demand in this digital era. As an IT graduate, I was honoured to be invited to Strateq Group – an integrated enterprise solutions and services provider to witness the unveiled a new talent development programme that aims to address Malaysia’s tech talent gap to drive the nation forward in an increasingly digital era.
Selfie with Datuk Tan Seng Kit, Group Managing Director of Strateq Group

Driven by directives in the 12th Malaysia Plan to boost the GDP contribution of the nation’s digital sector to 25.5% by 2025, the new initiative looks to improve access to highly technical scopes of work for undergraduates and fresh graduates. The aim of the programme is to equip youth within STEM fields with the practical and industrial experience that will help improve their skills, increase employability and help them better determine their career paths.

Speaking on the topic, Datuk Tan Seng Kit, Group Managing Director of Strateq Group said, “Talent development has always been a crucial part of enterprises. In this increasing digital age, the tech talent gap is a significant problem as the progress of businesses now hinge critically on this factor. As a long-time supporter and enabler of enterprise business growth, Strateq Group is leveraging our decades of experience in innovation and tech to empower talent with the right skills to thrive. And thereby empower the nation as a whole to reach its ambitions within this high potential sector.”
Through a three-phase programme that encompasses foundational learning, certification and on-the-job training, Strateq’s Talent Development programme aims to address critical challenges being faced by graduates and business owners a like when it comes to finding the right talent for a job. Specifically, the programme addresses common problems reported amongst recruiters including misaligned skillsets, lack of business communication practice, meticulousness, common business sense and adaptability to corporate environments.

Guardian’s Community Service Programme to Help Children from Low Income Families Stay Healthy

Guardian Malaysia announced a new nationwide community service programme, “Together, Keeping Kids Clean and Healthy” aimed at helping children from low income families stay clean and, consequently, healthy.

As part of its #guardiancares initiative, the programme which will start on 15 December 2022, will provide children from low income families with hygiene products, in particular, body wash.
Anna Ng, Brand Marketing Director, Southeast Asia, Guardian, said: “At Guardian, we believe that everyone deserves to feel clean and healthy. It is a basic human right. It should not be a luxury or privilege, especially for children. Children from low income families are especially vulnerable because these families do not have the resources, especially post Covid-19, to be able to buy hygiene products when their priority is to buy food to feed their children. The rising cost of living further exacerbates these difficulties when you factor in other major expenditures such as transportation, education, rent, and mortgages.

“Yet keeping children clean and healthy remains vital when, for example, we saw cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) this year rise 20-fold compared to last year with children the most affected. And with our recent experiences with Covid-19, keeping good hygiene especially good hand hygiene remains a very important tool in preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid-19.”

“Apart from that, we also truly believe that when a child is clean and smells nice, it boosts his self-esteem and improves his mental well-being too.” added Ng.
To mark the launch of this campaign in Malaysia, 200 school children from Primary One classes of Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Sri Damansara 1, received 2 bottles of one litre body wash and 100ml bottles of body wash and a Guardiancares Bear each, In addition 800 Primary Two to Six children received one bottle of 1Liter body wash. The school children will also get a #guardiancares eco-bag with hygiene posters detailing the correct way to wash their hands and body during bath time.

Netflix December 2022 Releases

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This December, kick off your Christmas holidays with Netflix's lineup of festive flicks! Sing your heart out to Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical or catch Sonic Prime in his speedy escapades (if you can!).

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with your closest friends with titles like Barbie Mermaid Power, Brown and Friends, and Secrets of Summer: Season 2.
Christmas is never complete without some good ol’ holiday-themed flicks. Have a holly, jolly time as you tune into Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, and The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus.
Not forgetting the younger viewers this month, Netflix is bringing you new and engaging titles like Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain, Mighty Express: Mighty Trains Race, and Bebefinn: Season 1 where they can learn and play!

UNIQLO x MARNI Collection

Yukihiro Katsuta, Fast Retailing Group Senior Executive Officer and Head of R&D for UNIQLO, commented “Last season, there was an overwhelming response to the first UNIQLO and MARNI collection, and a lot of customers could be seen wearing the items around town. It felt as though the collection matched the needs of people looking for fashion that allowed them to shake off the oppressive mood of recent years. The theme of this second collection was the joy of being wrapped up. This was expressed through the UNIQLO product synonymous with winter, HEATTECH; knits, which are in especially demand amidst customer feedback; and accessories. I hope customers will enjoy the high quality and creativity of the latest UNIQLO and MARNI collection and the artistry it brings to everyday wear.”
Francesco Risso, Creative Director at MARNI, said, “Following on from 22SS, I am excited to be able to announce this winter collection. Through our creative process, we were able to faithfully maintain the pragmatism UNIQLO’s design philosophy and transpose MARNI’s aesthetic into impeccably designed LifeWear. Through this collection, I wanted to investigate the aesthetic perception of the 60’s, flirting with clichés. Patterns continue to inform everyone’s idea of Marni – as they sit at the core of our vocabulary and identify our graphic language. This time, though, we transposed those psychedelic patterns onto garments that unapologetically define the body, creating an enigmatic interplay of prints and anatomy that defines the silhouette.”
Graphic, color, and form born from synergy

The creativity of MARNI shines through in layering that interweaves graphic prints, vivid colors, and organic three-dimensional forms. UNIQLO winter staple HEATTECH products have been interpreted with 1960s psychedelic prints and color block designs. Down outerwear with voluminous cocoon silhouettes can be layered over knits in neon green, orange, and saffron yellow. Hugging HEATTECH, and shell-like down outerwear that envelops the body keep the wearer warm on winter days.

Lazada 12.12 All-Out Sale Steps Up A Notch with Exciting Limited-Time Deals and Free Shipping for Year-End Shopping Galore

As the holiday season approaches, Lazada’s 12.12 All-Out Year-End Sale from 12 to 14 December will present irresistible offers, rewards and deals from participating brands and sellers.
Avid bargain hunters can look forward to stretching their Ringgit with thousands of All-Out deals from 12AM to 2AM and 12PM and 2PM throughout the three-day sale and tons of LazFlash items with up to 90% off. There will also be Crazy Deals of RM0.12 and RM12.12 deals up for grabs. On top of that, shoppers who check out using the Touch 'n Go eWallet will receive RM1 off* their total purchase amount with a minimum spend of only RM10. What’s more, everyone’s favourite Free Shipping vouchers with no minimum spend* will be replenished hourly and vouchers can be collected through either the Lucky Egg, by signing up for Voucher Club or by clicking on the Free Shipping icon on the Lazada app homepage.
Lazada has also introduced LazPayLater for eligible users 1 to offer flexible payment terms with a 0% interest rate* and an instalment plan of up to 12 months. Eligible users will need to sign up for LazPayLater and receive approval before being able to make a purchase using this method.

“This 12.12, we look forward to bringing Malaysians an avenue to go all-out to shop for a wide assortment of holiday necessities from party outfits to makeup products, gifts and more from well-known brands and homegrown businesses at amazing prices on Lazada. Coupled with our engaging Shoppertainment content, fun offline-to-online shopping activities, and seamless online shopping experience, consumers can enjoy more shared moments with beloved family and friends this year-end,” shared Darren Rajaratnam, Chief Operating Officer, Lazada Malaysia.








昆仑浪休闲公园距离怡保仅有5公里,总占地面积70英亩。它是一个集湖水和山林为一体的休闲公园,拥有着“小桂林”之美誉。 昆仑浪休闲公园内美景如画,还保留大部分大自然景致,空气清新风景怡人,让到此游山玩水者无不心旷神怡。



怡保百利广场地址:105, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
Greentown 30450 Ipoh, Perak

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