iFood Expo x iVege Market is back at Pavilion Bukit Jalil This December

Calling all foodie, iFood Expo x iVege Market is back at Pavilion Bukit Jalil with More for us!
Visitors will be spoilt for delish healthy choices, from healthy vegan food, healthy and yummy snacks, confectioneries, cooking sauces, chicken, supplements, seafood and many more! Not only that, you can join the lucky draw when you spend a minimum of RM100 here too!
Thanks to Mr. Dicky - successful avid foodie cum humble entrepreneur whom have founded iFOOD. Being in the industry for more than 10 years, he has experience in MEGA food fair, and events management. And in these few years, iFood had grown from different types of platforms and different types of events to cater for the needs of buyers, customers, and merchants. Some of their events and fair includes the recent iMakan, iCoffee and now the another successful iVege.
Come and shop and save with the amazing deals offered only at iFood Expo x iVege Market! Read on for the unbelieveable deals/bundle that you can get here.

Booth A06 SUN GIFT

For more information about Sungift, checkout: https://www.facebook.com/sungiftmeat


Promo : 3 boxes oatbedient at RM 65

For more information, checkout their website https://oatbedient.com.my/products/bundle-of-3-product-description

Booth A23 KOS MAJU

For more information about the Flower Tea, checkout their fb page : https://ne-np.facebook.com/KOSMAJUTRADING

Booth A25: One Legacy

Find out their NEW products which is only available in iFOOD x IVEGE Expo. The Vegan Black Pepper Beef with Rice as well as Vegan Sweet & Sour Fish with RIce. They come in like cup noodle pack which is simply convenient to dine with.

Booth A26- A29 : HOMEY & TUNGKEE
HOMEY has a variety of vegan, healthy food selections for us!
From yummy Ya Ya MI, Mala Spicy & Sour Glass Noodles, Crispy Slice, and snacks too. The snacks includes the Wavy Corn, Homey Potato Wafers, and the Homey Corny Honk.
✅Buy 10 Free 2 Mala Spicy & Sour Noodle
✅Buy 3 Free 1 Noodles
✅Buy 1 @ RM 5.50 , Buy 3 @ RM 13

For more information, checkout their website at https://homeyveggie.com/

Booth A34: Herbal Farmer
Some of their signature includes the Damn Away Tea, Fit Fit Tea, Rosy Tea, Lady’s Tea, SKin B Tea and many more.

✅Buy 4 Free 1 Tea Selection
Checkout more: https://www.herbalfarmer.com.my/

Camelia Oil comes with the unique composition of the oleic acids and vitamins which give a great benefits to skin and hair. If you are planning to get some healthy oil for your family do hop to their booth.

For more information about the oil and benefits; do checkout their fb at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086733394075

To know more about Tanoshi Mart; checkout here: https://www.facebook.com/tanoshimart/

A42, A43, A48 & A49 ULTIMEAT
✅Join the 
lucky draw with purchase of RM 50 and above.

Booth V08 & V09 : INDOFOOD
✅Bundle 3 at RM 12
✅Bundle 5 at RM 15
* Special : One can also order freshly cooked IndoMie @ RM 5 too

✅Mimi Promotional Package
( Fish Dumplingx1, Fried Fish Ball x 1, YTF x 1 , Fuzhok with Fish Paste x2,
Sambal x1 , Fried Small Taufu x 1 , Prawn Cracker x1 ) @ RM 88
✅Special : Purchase RM 88 get a FREE Cooler Bag

Booth F02 – F04 FY DELUXE
✅RM 48 Set comes with Canton Wanton Soup Base, Soup Ikan and Japanese Bonito Soup( Free 2 Limited Edition Bowl)
✅RM 69 per set comes with Fish Brooth,Bonito Soup, Canton Wanton Soup and their signature Crispy Pickled Vege Chilli ( Free 2 Limited Edition Bowl)

Booth B06 – B08 BEN MART
✅AY Fish Luncheon Meat : RM 8.99 per tin | RM 24.99 for 3 tin
✅Abolone : RM 19.99 per can
✅Buy Poon Choi Free Yee Sang

They do have an online store too but of course, you will not be able to enjoy great discounts like in iFood Expo. Online Store: https://benmartkepong.com/

Booth B16, B17, B24 & B25 JAF FOOD
✅Japan Imported Kit Kat @ RM 18
✅Imported Pocky @ RM 8
✅Ippudo Brooth @ RM 19 each | RM 35 for 2

Store B40 : SKS
✅RM 11.88 for a pack of 3 bottle of popcorns.

More information, checkout their FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/omypopofficial/

✅1 packet @ RM 4.50
✅10 packet ( 1 Set) @ RM 38
✅2 set ( 20 packet) @ RM 70
✅3 set ( 30 packet) @ RM 100

For more information : FB : https://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100079875653836

✅Buy RM 300 free 1 small plushie
✅Buy RM 500 free 1 large plushie

For more information, you can check out their website @ https://jubeehiong.com.my/

Booth C31 – C33 : BEACON MART
✅Mix Part : 1 kg (6 unit) : RM 90
✅Fillet x 6 : RM 90
✅Whole Leg (M) 6 units @ RM 90
Pure Essence (box) @ RM 108
For more information, checkout https://info.beaconmart.com.my/

Booth C38 : VSUKI
✅Buy 6 Free 1
✅3 for RM 20

You can also grab CNY biscuits, bak kwa, hampers here for your family and friends .

For more information, checkout : https://www.jmmcookies.com/

iFood Expo x iVege Market
Date: 9 -11 Dec 2022
Venue:Level 5, Pavilion Bukit Jalil Convention Centre
Admission is FREE!

Do park your car at PINK ZONE, B1 or B2 at Pavilion Bukit Jalil if you are coming to shop at iFood Expo x iVege Market and take the lift up to Level 5 to enjoy maximum shopping experience.

So, bring your family and friends over to try out the new products and shop at super deals at iFood Expo x iVege Market this weekend.

For more information, visit iFood Expo x iVege Market Facebook at IFood Expo

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