Jia Rye fall sick again :/

Last Friday was a holiday, not for me but for my nanny lol.

I took care Jia Rye from last Friday till Sunday with my mother in law.

Everything was fine until Saturday midnight, I discovered Jia Rye was fever and her body was so hot. I gave her fever dose Sunday morning and then I went out with hubby for an old friends gathering in the noon. I received sister-in-law's call at 3pm asking me If I keep any bye-bye fever pad in the fridge. I knew JR condition turned bad. We quickly rushed home and found that JR was still hot and refused to drink or eat. However the padeatrician already closed at 1pm. We had no choice but gave her some oral aid drop and put the fever pad on her forehead. It didn't make her feel better, she still refused to drink milk and water. Yesterday she had just 14 oz milk in the whole day compared to 32 oz in normal day. I really feel sad and helpless  :'(

This morning I requested to work from home and then I took her to see doctor. She had more medicines now but her throat still pain, and refused to drink. I really want my princess Jia Rye recover soon, can drink and eat as much as she like just like the day before.

rincess, mummy doesn't mind if you are chubby baby anymore, mummy just want you to be healthy happy baby. Luv...

Freebies haul

My freebies haul before the end of May 2010.

I bought ifeel June issue from Borders bookstore and received a free 70ml Dermalogica soothing shave cream. I also bought Seventeen magazines to collect stamp, they are having promotion now, buy the magazine from June to November and get a free 2ml Body Shop White Musk EDT. You will get a stamp on your card when you buy the magazine at the Borders bookstore.

Before I went home, I went to Isetan the gardens to collect Lacome Blanc Expert trial set. I asked the beauty counsultant about Lancome FB free 1ml sunblock sample promotion and she passed me a booklet with 3 sachets - Blanc Expert Emulsion, GN-Shield uv protection, Spot & Line eraser. So kind of her :)


肮脏猫小嘉嘉,吃东西的样子简直跟 Daddy 一样,狼吞虎咽的,弄得整个脸都肮脏了。妈妈快快拿了手机把这个丑怪样子拍下,等她大了以后可以威胁她,哈哈哈。


Kao Liese is available in Malaysia now

Kao Liese is available in Malaysia now! It is claimed that Liese range of hair color, styling and leave-on treatment will enable anyone to achieve professional looking hairstyles, all by themselves.

I saw them at Guardian stores already but they don't have full range. Most of them are for styling and care, like Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail, Liese Designing Jelly 01 to 04, Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist.

Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum

Designing Jelly

The hair care

I want to try Liese Bubble Hair Color(after reading Tammy's blog), but when will it be available in Malaysia?

About Me

Wai Yee aka Rane is a simple woman living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is a Business Analyst during the day and a writer during the night. She is married with 2 lovely daughters.
Wai Yee aka Rane likes beauty stuff and enjoy quality lifestyle. We only live once in our lifetime, so why not made ourselves pretty and happy always, right? Both her and her husband like to travel a lot. They have been to the Europe, the UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and some other countries in Asia before. Her next dream destination is the big apple - the USA!
She enjoy photo shoot and was very honoured to be crowned as Watsons Diva in year 2011.
She was honoured to be the Levi's Curve ID Blogger Award presented by Nuyou magazine Malaysia.
In year 2013, she was even seen on Vanish TVC in Malaysia and Sigapore.
She hope that her hobby as the editor of http://waiyee.blogspot.com/ will bring her readers some knowledge, and be beautiful together.

Last but not least, for PR/Media opportunity, please contact me at waiyee.chin@gmail.com

Sunday brunch @ Xenri

Last Sunday 15 of us have enjoyed a Sunday brunch at Xenri Japanese buffet, Old Klang Road.

The last time we went there was already few years back. We noticed that it has renovated and has larger space now.

The buffet starts from 12pm until 3pm, price per pax is RM49.90++. The food is nice however the food selection is not as much as Jogoya, Tenji and Shogun.

We all ate until very full on that day. Jia Rye was happy because she tasted the Chawanmushi hehehe  :)



根据老人家的禁忌,小孩子一岁之前是不能穿鞋子的,所以我好期待她穿鞋子的那一天。首先,我在Isetan 买了一双白色公主鞋以配合我从印尼买给她的公主裙。我打算她庆祝生日那天给她穿的。老公则卖了一双Hello Kitty 的 Crocs 鞋子给她。

记得我和老公之前赢到的 Gap 礼卷吗?我用了一张换了三双Marry Janes 袜子给小公主。

另外一张原本打算买一双夏日透明凉鞋给她,但是却拿不定主意要哪一个颜色和款式。我觉得每一双都好漂亮哦,所以我拍了照片回家让她的 Daddy 选。没想到Daddy 看了说不美,款式很陈熟,小孩子穿了会很像大人 :/





Saturday shopping spree!

Coco and I woke up early this morning to attend a Massala class at Candi Soo Fitness @ Sri Hartamas for free using the voucher that I received in Burt's Bee workshop. This is the first time I attended a dancing class and I was very exhausted after the 1 hour class. Guess this would be my last dancing class too because I felt that I am not suitable for it.

Then we rushed to Tangs @ Pavillion for a Wacoal workshop.While we were walking to the venue, we passed by The Body Shop. It was quite empty so we stopped there and bought somethings very worth. Love it because I got some good bargain for products made on year 2008/09 and yet I don't need to queue like the people in KLCC that I saw yesterday.  :)

While we reached the workshop it was already began and people were busing measuring their size and doing some fitting. We met Susan, Pinky and Cia Wei at the function.  :)  There were many attendees and we waited in the room for about 10 minutes, nobody was free to entertain us. At last a lady introduced us and brought us to the upper level to do the fitting.

I like the classy fitting room, felt like a queen in there but too bad I forgot to take a picture of it. After the fitting, Coco and I love the Wacoal Magic X bra and vest very much. We ended up purchase them even we did not prepare to buy anything at the first place. The bra cost RM269.90, vest and girdle is RM369.90 each. We got a RM90 voucher from the workshop so after the discount, we paid RM919.70. We went back to the service boulevard for lucky draw but our luck wasn't very good however we got a Wacoal goodie bag at last. The goodie bag consists of a pair of sandals and 3 pcs of panties.

My collection to the date, like the new one with purple color
We redeemed RM80 Tangs voucher from the purchase and I bought some accessories with the vouchers. I like the colorful necklace and bracelet very much like Jia Ryes does. I think they would be nice for my trip to Pangkor Laut next month.  :)  However I still need a Maxi dress and straw hat for the trip. Nevermind, I have one month time to source for it.

We had lunch at Pavillion before we left Bukit Bintang and we turned to KLCC Kinokuniya to buy June version Bazaar magazines that comes with Origins trial kit. Thanks Susan for letting me know about this promotion and she was curious why I never saw it in Kinokuniya yesterday while I was there. Haha, people who knows me well know that I always don't see things except the word  "SALE" lol  :P

A busy AM

My AM today was busy but FUN one.

I attended La Prairie workshop at Harrods KLCC. This is the first time I exploring La Prairie this high end product and I was looking forward to it. They are launching their new product – Platinum Serum which cost RM2700 for 30ml. They have launched Platinum Rare Cellular cream last year which cost RM2700 for 30ml and RM4100 for 50ml, and this Serum is to compliments the cream. According to the pretty product manager(forgot her name :P), pure platinum inspires perfect balance to improve hydration, protection and receptivity to nutrients. It transforming the skin to a remarkably ageless state. Wow, that sounds wonderful!
We had the opportunity to try the products on our hand. After one application, it is noticeable that our skin is brighter and fairer. I really like the product but it’s too expensive hohoho….

After the demo, we had a light brunch at Harrods. Courtesy by La Prairie of course!

 Below is the goodie bag and Happily meeting another blogger - Susan at the workshop.

I went to Kinokuniya after La Prairie workshop to check out some Japanese magazines. I saw this “Sweet” magazine June 2010 issue comes with a Hello Kitty pouch for RM42.80. I bought it without hesitation, happy. ^^

Then I went to AsterSpring. AsterSpring flagship store at 4th Floor KLCC is huge and bright. I was served by a customer service personnel – Nicole and ended up spent RM 136 for a facial and body treatment. RM136 sounds very cheap right? It is because I redeemed and used the 2*RM125 vouchers I won from Powderuum. The service is valid for a month from now thus I will make an appointment sometime next month to enjoy me beauty retreat. Nicole also gave me some samples to try.

On the way back home, I passed by Isetan and saw this Live model doing some demonstration at the windows. She is doing demo for Clarins new launch body cream. A SA there lead me to Isetan Clarins counter and passed me a sachet to try. And since I was at Isetan, I walked to my favorite counter Kiehl’s to get a baby cream sample. Finally I redeemed some samples from Clinique using the sms that I have received. It was for Clinique turn-around but the SA resists giving me that because I am not acne skin, and ended up she gave me 3 steps samples to try. Oh, I met Wendy at Clinique Isetan counter and chit chat a bit. The girls are attending the IBE fair at KLCCCC tomorrow but I doubt I could attend.

A busy morning is then passed by easily. I went home with a lot of freebies and a full stomach.



Murano 厉害吧





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