Christian Dior Beauty Haul

It's a happy shopping spree for me, I have got some Christian Dior cosmetics with bargain price. I am happy not only because they are cheap but they are all new stock which was manufactured in year 2009. CD selling 2 same items with cheaper price and I was lucky enough to meet a lady there and share the things. It's really a good bargain, I spent only RM190 for all the things below.
Like the blusher, gloss, nail color and the eyeliner
Isetan Lot 10 had a good deal also, especially for their supermarket items. I was surprise to receive the free car park for one day instead of 2 hours in normal days. They said they give out full day free car park to thanks to their members on the members day. Thanks to Isetan!  :D
No payment required: Happy!
I met 2 street artists on the street after the shopping haul. It made me miss Convent garden in London.
The green man
The silver man

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