Maxis Hotlink 4G Concert at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Maxis Hotlink 4G cencert was a blast. It was happened on Sat, 15 Feb 2014 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.
Sharing some pictures of the concert that taken by my photographer: Johnson

DJ Tenashar
Da Mouth

Spring & Summer 2014 Hair Trend

Hey girls, you gonna read this post if you want to know the S/S 2014 Hair Trend.
S/S 2014 Cut/Style Trend: Middle Part + waves; New Pixie and side-swept
A key emerging trend for the fashion-forward IT crowd, the SPLASHLIGHT represents a bold departure from traditional nations of ombre.

Phillip Wain New Facial Treatment - Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy

My favourite health and beauty specialist, Phillip Wain has launched a brand new luxurious facial infused by platinum & diamond – the Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy. 
The Precious of Platinum has been found in object as far back as 700BC. Scarce, pure, hard Pure Platinum does not oxidize, fade or change color. It is high compatibility with cells and does not cause allergic reaction. 
“Oxidized” Skin Free radical is a very unstable substance found on our skin surface & inside our body, which causes skin aging & chronic diseases. Free radical is normally caused by UR rays, chemical substances, food preservatives, cigarette, alcohol, stress, and etc. Skin cells attacked by free radicals which produced from positive ion in the atmosphere. Platinum forms negative ions which help to remove free radicals on skin superficial layer, protect and repair skin cell’s DNA for youthful and healthy skin.
Phillip Wain’s Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy uses the Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Range.

philosophy is now avalable at Sephora Malaysia

I’ve been sharing a few teasers few months ago that a brand which believe in miracles is coming to Malaysian shores, and it’s finally here! 
Many of you have been guessing it correctly from the teasers, and yes the brand is no other but philosophy.
It was my pleasure to have joined the philosophy Malaysia press launch event recently. philosophy is highly raved by many Hollywood celebrities including Oprah Winfrey. Hence I’d really want to find out more about this brand and try the products to believe it.
philosophy was founded in the u.s.a. in 1996 by cristina carlino, a cosmetic industry visionary, with over 30 years experience in clinical skin care and beauty. The first company cristina founded was biomedic, a medically-based skin care line distributed to the world’s leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists. From biomedic, cristina expanded her inspirational vision to create philosophy. Her goal was to bridge the gap between what was offered in doctors’ offices and retail, so women everywhere could personally access leading skin care technologies.
Robin White, the Director of Global Press for philosophy has flown from US to explain to the media about the brand and philosophy products during the launch. Robin has worked closely with the founder and creator, she has also involved in product development and team up with sales team in order to introduce products worldwide. 
philosophy has also invited Dr Hew Yin Keat, founding member of the Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Vice President to share more on skincare ingredients and also its benefits to our skin.  It made us confident that philosophy formulas incorporate cutting-edge science and medically-inspired technology that deliver proven results. 
Exfoliation is very important to prevent the appearance of dull skin. Therefore, it is crucial to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells to rejuvenate new skin with the microdelivery peel. It gives warm sensation and I like its scent very much. microdelivery peel contains 2 active ingredients; Vitamin C to build collagen as well as peptide to relax the skin while smooth out fine lines.

L’OCCITANE Malaysia celebrates 10th anniversary in True Provencal Inspiration!

Happy 10th Birthday to L’OCCITANE Malaysia
My favorite brand: L’OCCITANE has celebrated their 10th anniversary in True Provencal Inspiration recently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Mixing things up is hardly a foreign concept in Malaysia; this is after all a country of diverse ethnicities where Malay, Chinese and Indian live in a melting pot that is endlessly fascinating, something that L’OCCITANE, the leading French beauty company from Provence, is able to relate to quite easily with its varied and nature orientated take on how its beauty products are derived.
Mr Tan Seong Teck & Ms. Nancy Ferriman

Founded in 1976, L’OCCITANE is now a well-established and renowned international brand with presence in over 80 countries and with 1,899 stores worldwide. “The sun smiles on Provence,” quoted by founder Olivier Baussan. “Its warmth makes the soil generous and the people open-hearted. Its bright rays are reflected in the crafts, customs and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. The sun, the products of the soil and a love of nature are the essence of Provence. It is this essence that I want to share with the world. This is what inspired me to create L’OCCITANE.”  
And from the brand’s famed creamy shea butter collection to its soothing aromatherapy products; and even the precious scents from La Collection de Grasse, the brand has set the bar high for being not just a company focused on organic production methods, but also a socially-conscious one that ensures that product testing are never conducted on animals and Braille labelling allows accessibility for the visually impaired. 
For a brand already famous for a sumptuously eclectic mix of offerings to both genders – yes, the well-being of our male counterparts is not neglected – the celebration of L’OCCITANE’s 10th year in Malaysia was a reinvigorating experience bar none. 

Natta Cosme Presents: Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Set

Beautymate skincare series is developed in Taiwan incorporating years of expertise and knowledge. It is tailor-made for Oriental women like us, and utilizes premium grade natural ingredients. It brings a brand new skincare experience and lets customers indulge in freshness, softness and gentleness. People are now looking for naturalness, especially when it comes to caring for the skin. Beautymate believes that high-grade, high-purity ingredients are keys to skincare: therefore focusing on providing the best quality products and solutions to all kinds of skincare needs.
Thanks to NattaCosme, I was given the Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Set to try last month. I must say it has just come in time, where KL weather was super warm and I was almost melted even in an air-cond room.
Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Set contains the Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner 120ml and Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Mask 25g.
Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner contains Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Pearl and Glycoproteins. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract helps to hydrate skin and facilitate the metabolism which prepares fast absorbing of lotion. Natural mineral of Hydrolyzed Pearl helps to bright up skin tone and balance skin’s pH value, it makes your skin soften and smooth. Glycoproteins helps to increase the moisture balance in cuticle up to 15 hours or above.  

L'Oréal Professionnel HAIRchalk & My New Look

We all know that girls are crazy about colors, from shoes, to jeans and nail polish. And for our hair? We used to have only our own color. But not anymore, because we have the WOW product coming this March 2014 to Malaysia shore. 
L'Oréal Professionnel sets the trending in year 2014 launching HAIRchalks. HAIRchalk is one of the hottest hair trends of the year and showing no signs of slowing down. From Hollywood to social media, we all love the craze for bold colored hair. 
Thanks to the trademark technology - a revolutionary water ink combined with micro-fiber polymers. It is high color intensity. With Pearlescent pigments, derived from makeup, calibrated for an optimal visibility even on dark hair. 
The micro-fiber polymers create an ultra-thin film which is very adherent to the fiber for no transfer styling and water, styling and blow-drying resistant. 
It’s easy to remove, just washes out with shampoo. Unlike hair make-up, HAIRchalk has a good lasting effect. It fades gradually and smoothly in approximately 4-5 shampoos.
L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk comes in five bold shades – Sweet Sixteen Pink; First Date Violet; Blue Ocean Cruise; Garden Party and Coral Sunset. 

New! Maybelline New York Lip Polish by by Color Sensational

Sky-high heels, sensuously dangling earrings, and tempting perfume — a woman knows her accessories make all the difference in the game of attraction. She also knows that the right lip color, one with luscious smoothness, intense depth, and captivating brilliance can turn heads in her direction, too.
Gorgeous, eye-catching lips, like the jewel-toned pouts at the spring shows of Giles, Burberry, and Jason Wu, and the sensual mouths on the fall runways of Giorgio Armani, Fendi, and Christian Dior, can be tricky to achieve. Expertly layering balm, color, and sheen used to be something only a trained makeup artist could master. Now, the perfect balance can be brushed on in a single application of Maybelline New York Color Lip Polish (Its call Color Elixir outside of South East Asia) by Color Sensational. The revolutionary new lip color has the power to transform plain lips into an unforgettable smile in seconds, making women everywhere even more hypnotizing.
Lips wrapped in polished hypnotizing color and shine are this year’s must-have.

A stunning combination of smooth balm, pure pigment, and gloss makes new Maybelline New York Lip Polish by by Color Sensational the most hypnotic lip color.
Maybelline New York is thrilled to introduce the polished hypnotic lip color yet. Able to transform ordinary lips into an alluring pout, Lip Polish by Color Sensational harnesses the best qualities of balm, lipstick, and gloss in one tube.

Philips Avent Mummy's Wishing Wall Contest

Happy 30th Anniversary to Philips AVENT!
Philips AVENT is going to reward their Malaysia Facebook fans with an opportunity to win Philips AVENT and Philips appliances worth up to RM 699 via a photo submission contest.

How can I be eligible to participate?
– Become a fan of the Philips AVENT Malaysia Facebook Page
– Participate in the contest by submitting a wish for your child
– Share your wish with your readers/followers and get them to vote for you
– Win awesome prizes from Philips AVENT worth up to RM 699

Philips Malaysia will be giving away the following prizes:
• 4 x grand prizes: Philips AVENT products worth up to RM 699
• Top ten (10) voters will receive a Philips AVENT Toddler Meal Time Set each

Hada Labo Dialogue Session with Liu Yen & New Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion

Liu Yen 柳燕老师, one of the most well-known beauty experts in Taiwan has visited Malaysia last month. If you haven’t know Liu Yen yet, since her foray into the beauty industry as a skincare expert more than 10 years ago, the former beauty editor of an international Chinese language magazine has juggled many responsibilities, such as working with numerous high-profile beauty experts, notably Niu Er, and travelling around the world to share her knowledge. To date, she has travelled to countries like France, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Korea to discover the beauty secrets each place has to offer.

Liu Yen is often invited to share her expertise in skincare via channels such as beauty expos, beauty workshops, brand launches, magazine interviews and TV shows. She’s also currently the resident beauty consultant of popular beauty-oriented Taiwanese TV programme, Queen (Nu Ren Wo Zui Da).

It was my great pleasure to meet Liu Yen personally at Hada Labo Dialogue Session
I’ve learnt quite a lot from her, fret not if you did not had the chance, because I’ll be sharing her tips with you here.
First of all, we discovered the well known Hada Labo Lotion.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Lotion, RM49.90

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Lotion
contains 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid to deeply moisturize skin and help preserve the skin’s optimum moisture balance. It replenishes and locks-in moisture for complete hydration, allowing skin to feel soft and supple.

Then, we were introduced the latest product from Hada Labo, the Mild Peeling Lotion.

Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion, 170 ml RM49.90
See your skin brighten up luminosity with Hada Labo’s Mild Peeling Lotion! This is a must-have product especially if you have dull and oily skin that is prone to acne. It is effective yet gentle on the skin.
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