Phillip Wain New Facial Treatment - Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy

My favourite health and beauty specialist, Phillip Wain has launched a brand new luxurious facial infused by platinum & diamond – the Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy. 
The Precious of Platinum has been found in object as far back as 700BC. Scarce, pure, hard Pure Platinum does not oxidize, fade or change color. It is high compatibility with cells and does not cause allergic reaction. 
“Oxidized” Skin Free radical is a very unstable substance found on our skin surface & inside our body, which causes skin aging & chronic diseases. Free radical is normally caused by UR rays, chemical substances, food preservatives, cigarette, alcohol, stress, and etc. Skin cells attacked by free radicals which produced from positive ion in the atmosphere. Platinum forms negative ions which help to remove free radicals on skin superficial layer, protect and repair skin cell’s DNA for youthful and healthy skin.
Phillip Wain’s Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy uses the Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Range.
Suisse Programme products are imported from Switzerland, and the Platinum Precious Range contains Platinum Precious Luxury Milk Cleanser, Platinum Precious Luxury Toner, Platinum Precious Luxe Cream, Platinum Precious Luxury Up-lift Serum and Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream.
What so special about Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Range? Thanks to it's amazing ingredients including Exclusive BCC Complex (Biodynamic Cellular Complex) and Plantactive® Centella Asiatica to boosts collagen synthesis and improve elastin production. 
Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy is using SilkPeel Dermalinfusion™ System,  the only treatment of its kind to combine non-invasive exfoliation with deep delivery of topical solutions specific to the needs of your skin.

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion™ System is a “Wet Dermabrasion” where it will not leave the skin feeling dry & taut during or after procedure. It uses diamond dip but there is a infusion of specific serums in the skin to treat the different skin problems.
The therapist will select one of the serum below to accommodate our skin’s need;
a) Lumixyl Pro Serum – lightening pigment, even up uneven skin tone.
b) Vit C Anti Aging Serum – brightening, moisturizing & repairing.
c) Hydrating Serum – hydration booster.

SilkPeel addresses specific skin conditions. Operating on a closed-loop vacuum system, the medical grade diamonds exfoliate the outer layer of skin while delivering a topical dermaceutical to the skin at a controlled intensity, stimulating new cell growth.

Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy has combined the best of both Platinum and Diamond. The treatment helps to rebalance the electric charges (+ or – ions) in the skin. It also helps to Increase hydration level, strengthens skin’s defense system.

I’ve tried some other diamond peel facial previously at other places, and honestly I was hesitate after just one trial because my skin was damaged and dry after the treatment. However, Phillip Wain Platinum Precious Infusion Therapy is totally different. My skin is hydrated and plump up after the treatment, my skin feels so soft and supple. 
As you can see from the picture, it has refined my skin texture, and made it Baby Smooth Complexion and glowing after just one treatment. 
Visit Phillip Wain Malaysia website at for more information.

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