Chap Goh Mei & Valentine’s Day Buffet Dinner at Seasons Café, Grand Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Time flies fast and today is the second last day of Chinese Lunar New Year. Tomorrow mark the 15th day of CNY, which is Chap Goh Mei. And this year, Chap Goh Mei is falls on the 14th Feb, which means it’s the same day with Valentine. For this special occasion, we should indulge with the New Year atmosphere and food with our loved ones, isin’t it? 
Here I would like to share with you the Chap Goh Mei & Valentine’s Day Buffet Dinner at Seasons Café at Grand Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur.
Seasons Café is spacious, and the environment is comfortable.
As usual yee sang is always the first dish on the CNY. Chinese toss yee sang for abundance, prosperity, wealth and luck. Seasons Café has prepared the beautiful heart shape yee sang, this is my first time seeing and eating such pretty yee sang.
After the yee sang, enjoy fresh salad and condiments as the starter.
You could choose from Western food, Chinese food, Malay food, or even Japanese food from main dish menu.
There are plenty of choices for after meal dessert, from Ningko(Chinese Rice cake), cheesecake, ice cream to ice kacang etc.
Overall the food taste good. I especially love the satay and roasted duck.
For reservation, kindly contact the hotel staff at 03- 2697 8888 or email at

SEASONS CAFÉ is located at Grand Season Hotel Kuala Lumpur
72, Jalan Pahang
53000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +60 1 800 88 7288

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