Cubecrate ver. Jan 2017

We received our mysterious monthly subscription box – Cubecrate just a day before Chinese New Year 2017. It’s so in time for the auspicious festive season as the box this month is full of goodies related to CNY.
Cubecrate ver. Jan 2017

Firstly, Cubecrate has included a simple and nice CNY wishing card. The rest of the items included in Cubecrate ver. Jan 2017 are;
Scrubs from J & E Botanicals, which is a brand of handcrafted home and personal care products born out of the believe for a better and natural lifestyle, sans toxic and synthetic chemicals.
Earrings from provides a collection of female clothes and accessories from everywhere in affordable price and it is available at Atria Shopping Mall.

Exquisite CNY Feasting @ Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, it is the best opportunity for feasting with family and friends. To celebrate this, Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin and his team of talented chefs is all set to engulf your senses with Festive Menu that capture the finest flavours of Cantonese Cuisine.
Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin of Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Exquisite CNY Feasting @ Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Date: 11 January 2017 to 11 February 2017
Venue: Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Indulge in Lunar New Year’s festive delights including festive Dim Sum selection to Treasure Pot (Poon Choi), luxurious Set Menus, Claypot Waxed Meat Rice and a variety of Yee Sang for prosperity, Dynasty is the place to spoil or be spoiled by family and friends.
Featuring a colourful mixture of raw fish and other exotic seafood served with crunchy vegetables, crackers and condiments, these raw ingredients signify the renewal of life – definitely a must have for good fortune and gret wealth. Dynasty Restaurant offers 6 types of Yee Sang, from Salmon, Fruity Fiesta, Jellyfish, Lobster & salmon, Yee sang of 5 treasures and Mini Abalone& salmon.

Take-away Yee Sang in ‘half serving’ and ‘full serving’ can also be arranged for home reunion dinners and special get-togethers. The Yee Sang is priced from RM 108 Nett to RM 338 Nett.
Being an advocate of healthy eating, Chef Kin focuses on the use of traditional ingredients while emphasizing on light and fresh flavors for wholesome feasting with family and friends. Chef Kin has created 3 festive set menus that come complete with Yee Sang and Dynasty’s fortune pastries. The CNY set menus are Happiness at RM 1688 Nett, Fortune at RM 2088 Nett and Longevity at RM 3288 Nett for tables of ten (10) persons.

Flavour of Hanami: Authentic Japanese Cultural & Culinary Experience

Japan is my most favourite country, and I know many of us love Japan. Lucky for us, Isetan has opened its Japan Store at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur last year and made us closer to Japanese culture, tradition, food and art.
Last Saturday, Flavour of Hanami exhibition was kicked off at THE CUBE/CUBE _1 (ISETAN the Japan Store Kuala Lumpur). This exhibition allows its guests to experience a live presentation and tasting by Chef Shogo Sasaki from the famed restaurant IZUU in Kyoto. Guests have also discovered the joyous occasion of Hanami (cherry blossom festival) through feature photographs and videos and had the chance to indulge in an exclusive dining experience.

Presented by Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd, the Hanami themed activities were presented in three different zones at the venue. The Gallery introduced visitors to the original Hanami bento boxes made especially for this exhibition, giving them the chance to experience the tradition and craft of Japanese cuisine.

At the Theatre, food lovers watched a high definition short movie, which gave an enticing insight into the four Japanese seasons and the history and foundation of Kyoto food, which is considered the best of all Japanese cuisine. 

“We hope visitors will have the chance to discover for themselves, the essence of the Hanami, an ancient tradition of welcoming spring. While Japanese culture is popular among Malaysians, we want to give people a chance to discover the cultural aspects and culinary delicacies associated with the Hanami season,” said Ken Fukutake, General Manager of Media Content Planning Department, Dai Nippon Printing Co.

After an interesting tête-à-tête session, Chef Sasaki gave a live presentation of his two signature dishes - Chirasizushi (Scattered Topping Sushi) and Saba-sugatazushi (Whole Mackerel Lightly Matured Sushi). After the exciting demonstration, guests had the chance to indulge in Chef Sasaki’s authentic and delicious Kyoto-style dishes.

Ushering in the Year of the Rooster with a healthy start (and heart)!

Today is the eve of the Golden Rooster Year, in preparation for this joyful festive season, Nestlé Omega Plus hosted a special cooking workshop and reunion dinner at The Cooking House, Bangsar for the media to usher in the Year of the Fire Rooster with a healthy take on Chinese New Year dishes not long ago.
L-R - Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Marketing Manager of Nestle Malaysia;  Linora Low, Fitness Personality; Chef Roy;  Wong Chui Ling, TV Host and Dato Dr. Rajbans Singh, Consultant Physician and Geriatrician at Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar.

Led by Dato’ Dr. Rajbans Singh, Consultant Physician and Geriatrician at Pantai Medical Centre, TV host – Wong Chui Ling and fitness personality – Linora Low, the workshop aimed to educate participants on tips to adopt healthier eating habits. The evening also presented members of the media with an opportunity to recreate nutritious versions of delectable Chinese dishes in the workshop.
L-R- Wong Chui Ling, TV Host; Linora Low, Fitness Personality;  Dato Dr. Rajbans Singh, Consultant Physician and Geriatrician at Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar  and Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Marketing Manager of Nestle Malaysia

As an advocate of heart health, Nestlé Omega Plus is empowering Malaysians to lead longer, healthier lives by enabling them to take steps that can help improve their heart health, such as practicing healthy eating habits or getting into the routine of regular exercise. Additionally, regular consumption of Nestlé Omega Plus milk aids in cholesterol management as it contains Acticol® - plant sterols which help block bad cholesterol from entering the body.

“During festive seasons such as the Chinese New Year, we have the tendency of over-indulging in good food whilst celebrating with our loved ones without realising the consequences it can have on our overall heart health. This is why it is important to practice moderation during the festivities, not only by consuming cleaner and healthier foods, but also by complementing it with daily exercise, and two servings of Nestlé Omega Plus each day,” Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Marketing Manager of Nestlé Malaysia shared during the workshop.
Chef Roy (C) preparing the dishes

The workshop showcased simple approaches of preparing healthful meals for the New Year, such as opting for grilling or steaming techniques instead of deep frying, or using more vegetables or protein-based ingredients, which can keep diners fuller for a longer period. The live cooking demo also gave the participants an option to try out the suggested techniques simultaneously.

Chinese New Year Offers @ Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Chinese New Year begins in less than 10 hours! It’s time to enjoy reunion feast together with friends and family.
This Rooster year, Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur has prepared a variety of offers for us. Read on to find out more.
Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner @ Coffee House
Date: 27 Jan 2017
Time: 6pm to 10.30pm
Price: Adult at RM 118 Nett | Child at RM 59 Nett per person

Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner + Yee Sang Set @ Coffee House
Date: 27 Jan 2017
Time: 6pm to 10.30pm
Price: RM 1500 Nett per table of 10 persons
Yee Sang 2 Go @ Atrium Lounge
Date: 2 Jan 2017 to 29 Jan 2017
Time: 10am to 10pm
Price: RM 58 Nett for Vegatarian Yee Sang (4-5 persons) | RM 78 Nett for Salmon Yee Sang (4-5 persons)

CLUB CLIO @ Sunway Pyramid

Clio Professional is a well-known cosmetics brand from South Korea. It’s not new to many beauty junkies like me. Good news for people in Klang Valley, CLUB CLIO has launched its first outlet in, not only Malaysia but the first in South East Asia, in Sunway Pyramid.
CLUB CLIO @ Sunway Pyramid

Joining the grand launch event included Club Clio’s Makeup Artist and Chief Instructor Ms. Song, members of Korea’s top management as well as local celebrity figures and bloggers.
Fans of the Club Clio brands like Clio, Peripera and Goodal will be pleased to know that along with its newly opened outlet, Club Clio will be holding numerous new exclusive products to showcase its expansive variety of options for shoppers.
The range of products available at CLUB CLIO @ Sunway Pyramid ensures that each individual is able to find something to make them standout. Outstanding and confident colours allow you to express yourself in any situation without having to say a word.

Three Sauce Simmer Pot @ Simmer Huang

Congratulations to Simmer Huang for opening their first restaurant in Malaysia at the swanky Pavillion Elite. We were honoured to be invited there to try out the Traditional Chinese SimmerPot which is a popular dishes at royal feasts and dinner parties in China.
It was our first time tasted the Three Sauce Simmer Pot, which, according to China people it taste exactly the same in China. The traditional recipe at Simmer Huang has withstood the test of time, through centuries of refining techniques to provide the best-tasting, most culturally appealing delicacy.
Simmer Huang’s amazing aroma comes from a unique cooking technique – the art of simmering. Using juices from over ten nutritious vegetables, plus traditional Chinese therapeutic herbs, and sauces from many tasty ingredients, it makes for mouth-watering flavour without using a drop of water. The food is not fried, nor deep fried and the simmering process doesn’t get affected by air, so all the vitamins and proteins are kept intact for our healthy and delicious enjoyment.
Our meal started with the prosperity lou sang by Hui Lau Shan. We love the assorted fresh fruits yee sang that is combine with sweet and sour sauce, which is a fruity twist to the usual Chinese New Year raw fish yee sang.

Pore Perfection Range from Pure Beauty

The color pink has always been the best association to the fairer sex. And here comes another new dimension from Korea’s advanced beauty innovation in pore care to the perfection in pore purifying and skin refining for young women. 
Caryn Loh, Country General Manager and Head of Watsons Malaysia (5th from left), Sharon Lim, Trading Director, Watsons Malaysia (4th from left), Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing (3rd from right) and the Pink by Pure Beauty models at the launch of The Pore Perfection range.

“Watsons is always ahead in product innovation to provide our customers the variation within our stores, and we are proud to introduce The Pore Perfection range from Pure Beauty for our customers in Malaysia,” said Caryn Loh, Country General Manager and Head of Watsons Malaysia at the product launch to members of the media and bloggers community. 
Pore Perfection Range from Pure Beauty

The Pore Perfection range from Pink by Pure Beauty is formulated using the unique combination of mineral-rich Pink Clay and Jeju Volcanic Ash, Jeju carbonated thermal water and natural Pink Flower Complex. This formulation helps to cleanses deep down the skin, regulates sebum, minimizes and tightens the pores while simultaneously hydrates the skin and refines skin tone.

Pink by Pure Beauty presents The Pore Perfection range with in the 6-in-1 Pore Care from deep cleansing, sebum regulation, pore minimizing, pore tightening, and hydration and finally refine skin tone.

Pink by Pure Beauty has been receiving positive responds from our customers and we are confident with The Pore Perfection range will be a favourite with its unique formulation Korean packed beauty ingredients and natural flower extracts,” said Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia.

Members of the media and beauty blogger’s community had a closer glimpse on The Pore Perfection range and the education on pore care during the event held at Dazzling Café at Mid Valley Megamall. 
Pink by Pure Beauty models at the launch of The Pore Perfection available in 3 range.

There are 3 types of pores that are depending on the person’s age and different causes. There are many reasons of having noticeable pores, for instance, it is affected by the hormones, daily stress, wrong way of cleansing, extreme environmental issues, aging and many other factors.

I Love… & Kustie

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, I recently got to try out the new bath and shower products from I Love… & Kustie. I am into shower gel, cream and oil because they are easy to lather and smooth over the whole body. I love trying out different shower products and to pamper myself with luxurious shower products. After all it’s the precious me time after a long day at work. However, I Love… & Kustie proved that it indeed doesn’t cost much for a great products.
First, let’s look into I Love…  

I Love…  bubble bath & shower crèmes consists their unique skin softening vitamin complex to help moisturise and keep skin soft and supple. Their fabulous products are Soap Free, Paraben Free and pH Balanced.
I Love… Strawberry & Cream Bath & shower cream (500ml at RM 27.60)
Feel scrumptious with a burst of fresh strawberries and smooth yummy cream.

I Love…  Mango & Papaya Bath & shower cream (500ml at RM 27.60)
Feel refreshed with a burst of juicy mango and succulent papaya.

Overall, I like the fruits’ scent bath and shower cream as they are really refreshing and nice to use too.

Next, Kustie products where we get to enjoy Silky and Purity from Natural Aroma. What’s more, they are rich in natural hand-picked flower petals and hydrolat, which made their shower & bath gel wonderful for skin deep cleansing and lightening.

Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner @ The Armada Petaling Jaya

In celebration of the Year of the Fire Rooster, Utara Coffee House at The Armada Petaling Jaya has launched their Chinese New Year dinner buffet which also includes an International spread awaits.
Celebrate with a golden abundance of Cantonese cuisine at Utara Coffee House where a decadent Chinese New Year dinner buffet which also includes an International spread awaits. The buffet line features a wide variety of ‘good luck’ dishes leading up to the Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner such as Steamed Chicken with Keong Chung, Chinese Longevity Noodles with Kow Wong, Deep fried Whole Fish with Cheong Cheng Sauce, Treasures Hot Pot ( Poon Choy ), Roast Duck with Plum Sauce, Stir-fried Prawns with Butter Coconut Flakes, and Stir-fried Black Pepper Crabs to name a few.

Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner @ The Armada Petaling Jaya
Date: From 3rd January 2017 till 11th February 2017
Price: RM88+ per adult, RM62+ for senior citizens and RM44+ per child.
In addition, kick off a prosperous new year by raising your chopsticks and Loh Hei to boost good luck and prosperity with exciting Yee Sang Selections such as their specially created King Salmon and Coral Clams with Special Ayam Percik Sauce and Salmon and Soft Shell Crab with Roasted Sesame Sauce Yee Sang priced at RM77+ per portion. Other classic Yee Sang available are the Salmon Yee Sang and Butterfish Yee Sang also priced at RM77+ per portion and the Fruitti Veggie Yee Sang (vegetarian option) is priced at RM65+ per portion.

Authentic Taiwanese Imperial "served-to-table" Hotpot Buffet @ Chunciou Hot Pot

Having been to Taiwan for a few times, I love the hotpot there. Taiwainese hotpot is simply flavourful and tasty. Good news to the people in KL, we can now enjoy the 1st Authentic Taiwanese Imperial "served-to-table" hotpot buffet at Chunciou Hot Pot, Old Klang Road now too. Yay!

We can’t resist to visit Chunciou Hot Pot once we heard that it has opened. In fact, Chunciou Hot Pot is here to serve us the best from Taiwan. It has an elegant and heroic dining atmosphere with abundant Chinese historic elements. Not only that, there are Premium choices, multiple signature sauces and desserts at our selection with Top notch quality and service with Taiwan style and standards.
Their special Featured Soup Base include Sukiyaki Soup, Lakesalt Soup, Tonkatsu Soup, Spicy Soup, Herbal Soup and Tomyam Soup. No matter what soup base you love, you will find the one that suit you at Chunciou Hot Pot.

Choose from their Specially Selected Meats include Australian Striploin, Australian Ribeyes, Lamb Shoulder Roll, Pork Belly, Pork Shoulder, Chicken Fillet, Duck Roll. The Best part is, all of them are refillable.

Diners could opt for side Dishes too, including udon noodles, dongfen, Spinach noodles, Beancurd skin, toufu puff, Fried bread stick, Braised pork rice.

December 2016 CUBECRATE Mysterious Box

So I received the December 2016 CUBECRATE Mysterious Box last month. 

The box was huge and heavy as usual, and here’s what inside the box.

1.       Oishi Green Tea

2.       Purveyor personal care product
3.       Stickwitme small accessories
4.       Taratats temporary tattoo

Indulge in Chinese New Year Dishes for Good Luck and Health with Philips

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, do you feel excited already? For many of us, Chinese New Year is all about eat, eat and eat. It’s a fact that we Chinese love to eat. There are so many different traditional Chinese New Year dishes, from spring rolls, steam chicken, roasted pork, grilled fish, honey prawn, to pan fried vegetables and many more. This year we could enjoy all these delicious food in a healthier way, all thanks to the Philips Airfryer with new TurboStar technology.
I had a wonderful time at the cooking workshop with Chef Amy Beh, hosted by Feminine magazine to witness how we prepared traditional Chinese New Year dishes to usher in more “fatt” with less fat with the help of Philips Airfryer with new TurboStar technology at Feves De Choco last Saturday.
“Chinese New Year is a time for families and friends to gather and spend quality time with each other, while wishing each other prosperity and a good year ahead. The annual Chinese New Year reunion dinner with its menu of traditional Chinese dishes is especially significant for all generations of the family. However, those that are health conscious may be concerned that traditional Chinese dishes are often saturated in oil and unhealthy fats,” said Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Chief Executive Officer of Philips Group of Companies in Malaysia.
Chef Amy Beh

Philips is dedicated to improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation, and this includes innovating convenient and time-saving appliances that help consumers prepare healthier meals. For Chinese New Year, we are collaborating with Chef Amy Beh to demonstrate how familiar Chinese dishes such as spring rolls and steamed chicken can be recreated with a healthier twist without compromising on taste using the Philips Airfryer equipped with new TurboStar technology.”

CNY 2017 Hair Color @ A Cut Above Mid Valley Megamall

Time flies, we are counting down 6 days to Chinese New Year 2017! It’s time to visit the hair salon for a hair makeover. I know we girls always want to be beautiful and hence we will cut/color/perm/rebonding/treatment our hair before Chinese New Year. Some of us even spending thousands of dollars just for this important occasion.
Thanks for the lovely invitation from A Cut Above, I have visited their outlet at Mid Valley Megamall for a hair coloring last weekend. At its core, A Cut Above is all about a drive to excel, and to be the best. Step into thier salon and you'll enjoy the best they have to offer in professionalism, skills, products and equipment. It's a combination of services that's been carefully crafted over 30 years, set to high standards and even higher ideals.
Upon arrival, I was led to a waiting area while the staff arranging my seat inside the salon.
The salon was full house, but I am glad that their service has been good nevertheless.
The senior hair stylist, Davis Lee asked me for my color preference and showed me a color card before the hair coloring is started. I choosed a light brown and he then proceed to made the color and dye for me. During the hair coloring, he also used machine on my hair.
Once my color was done, the staff wash and blow dried my hair. Davis has added some leave in hair treatment on my hair for better result.

Rane Love Magi Planet Popcorn

Everyone who knows me would know that I am a snack person, and I love popcorn. In fact, I have tried a lot of popcorn brands in the markets, from the affordable ones to the high end expensive ones, I still prefer Magi Planet Popcorn.
I love that Magi Planet Popcorn is made with high quality ingredients including the kernel imported from USA, and hence it is the best tasting popcorn. Not only that, their popcorn is all-natural, non GMO, 100% gluten free (most flavors), zero trans-fats and low in carbohydrates.
Just like the other expensive popcorn, Magi Planet Popcorn is big and in round ball shapes. But what made it special is the unique flavours, they are Crystal Salted Caramel; Corn Soup; Takoyaki and Chili Cheese.
As the best selling flavor, Crystal Salted Caramel taste just nice, not too sweet and taste a little bit salty from the Himalaya salt.

Create Magical Moments with Enchanteur

Women today strive to be accomplished, be it at relationships or career wise. She might face hurdles at balancing work, personal life and hobbies; however she is not a lackluster. She knows what she should do to face her activity-filled day confidently. Shall we find out how?
Scent, often known as the fifth sense, is closely linked with memory. A familiar scent evokes certain memories of experiences or events. A signature scent creates a synesthesia of sensorial experience and triggers a myriad of emotions including romantic attraction. Scents undeniably are distinct and have the ability to strengthen impressions, especially on the first meet and also provide cues for desired moods.
Create Magical Moments with Enchanteur

ENCHANTEUR prides herself as a connoisseur of fragranced personal care products which are infused with French-inspired fine fragrances to sustain and reignite romance in the relationship. Each selection of fragrances are specially curated with French perfumers to not only provide the best indulgent skin care and wondrous journey of love. Its lingering delightful scent is bound to amplify your presence, boost confidence and create magical moments every day.
Start your day with ENCHNATEUR Perfumed Shower Crème. The permeating refreshing scent perks you up as you lather yourself. The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Shower Crème acts as a foundation for your daily scent routine. The concoction of fine floral fragrance makes every shower moment an indulgent experience to keep you feeling gorgeous throughout the day. The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Shower range is also formulated with moisturizing ingredients that softens your skin while it cleanses. To unwind after a long day, the shower crème is apt for a relaxing, pampering experience.

Markets 21 by Jaya One

I had a fruitful weekend last week, not only I managed to complete my first run in year 2017, I had also hauled for many pretty and nice stuff from my most loved bazaar - Markets 21 by Jaya One.
As the largest lifestyle bazaar in Klang Valley, Markets 21 had not made us disappointed every single time.
Besides the shopping and eating, there were also programme lined up to entertain the shoppers.
Firstly, Congratulations to the Hustlers for bagging the Champion spot at the Junior Showcase of Peanut Battle Jam Vol.7! While the 1st & 2nd Runners-Up went to The Next Eclipse and Kenneth & Niesha! It was indeed a very good show, bravo to all the participants!

Not only that, Mentor X Novice Challenge also happened at Markets 21. Here is the pic of the Judge MT Pop who came all the way from Vietnam with the winners of the challenge, namely Champion - Jackson Boogie J X Joshua and 1st Runner-Up - Darren X Jordan.

There were also exciting auctions by shopee where we stand a chance to win prizes at the Buyer Vs Seller Challenge too.
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