Create Magical Moments with Enchanteur

Women today strive to be accomplished, be it at relationships or career wise. She might face hurdles at balancing work, personal life and hobbies; however she is not a lackluster. She knows what she should do to face her activity-filled day confidently. Shall we find out how?
Scent, often known as the fifth sense, is closely linked with memory. A familiar scent evokes certain memories of experiences or events. A signature scent creates a synesthesia of sensorial experience and triggers a myriad of emotions including romantic attraction. Scents undeniably are distinct and have the ability to strengthen impressions, especially on the first meet and also provide cues for desired moods.
Create Magical Moments with Enchanteur

ENCHANTEUR prides herself as a connoisseur of fragranced personal care products which are infused with French-inspired fine fragrances to sustain and reignite romance in the relationship. Each selection of fragrances are specially curated with French perfumers to not only provide the best indulgent skin care and wondrous journey of love. Its lingering delightful scent is bound to amplify your presence, boost confidence and create magical moments every day.
Start your day with ENCHNATEUR Perfumed Shower Crème. The permeating refreshing scent perks you up as you lather yourself. The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Shower Crème acts as a foundation for your daily scent routine. The concoction of fine floral fragrance makes every shower moment an indulgent experience to keep you feeling gorgeous throughout the day. The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Shower range is also formulated with moisturizing ingredients that softens your skin while it cleanses. To unwind after a long day, the shower crème is apt for a relaxing, pampering experience.

Slather on some ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Lotion after showering on damp skin to provide extra moisture boost and to optimize absorption for softer, supple skin. ENCHANTEUR perfumed body lotions which are infused with ENCHNATUER fragrances keeps your skin plump and moisturized all day long. Truly an opportunity to leave a lovely impression as you shake hands firmly with your silky soft skin.
Thereafter, for a confidence booster, the application of deodorant or body mist is highly recommended. As we perspire throughout the day even when we are in air conditioned environments, having the ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Roll-on Deodorant or Body Mist applied on your underarms will help you continuously stay fresh and every ready to take on your activities.
The regime is complete as you spritz on ENCHANTEUR Eau de Toilette. Apply ENCHANTEUR Love Eau de Toilette on your pulse points emit an enchanting, complementing scent atop the other layers of perfumes from the prior steps. Skip not this fragrance step, let the distinctive scent of Enchanteur’s French-inspired fine fragrance makes you feel more exhilarating and attractive. You never know who you will bump into, or any romance opportunities that may come your way – but boy, are you prepared to stop anyone in their tracks! Make ENCHANTEUR fragrances, your daily mantra for that mesmerizing love at every sniff effect.

Follow these simple steps above every day, and you will be able to impress anyone and be absolutely prepared for that romantic magical moment to happen. Create your fondest magical moments with ENCHANTEUR’s long-lasing and captivating scents.

The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Shower range retails at RM9.20 to RM13.65. The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Body Lotion range retails at RM7.50 - RM21.00; while the ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Deodorants are retailed from RM4.90 to RM11.90. The ENCHANTEUR Eau de Toilette range retails from RM18.75 to RM33.50.

ENCHANTEUR products are available at all major outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. For more information, about ENCHANTEUR please log on to or check out Enchanteur’s Facebook at


cindy said...

this is a long brand...i love them for being affordable yet give long lasting scent!

Shiv B said...

Awh used to use the brand a while back and I absolutely love the scents. Great to know that they are doing so well after so long too :)

Sunshine Kelly said...

This is one of the long standing brand since my school days and I still like some of their products.

Bhushavali said...

I like Enchanteaur. Esp their body lotions are excellent and gives a super soft skin with a mesmerizing aroma!

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