The Best Malaysian’s Food @ Lot 10 Hutong

Whenever I and my family visit Bukit Bintang, KL, we would surely visit Lot 10 Hutong because they have the best Malaysian’s food there. Most of them are authentic local food that has been operated by a few generations for over a decade. There’s a recent newly added one - Wong Wok by Chef Wong.
Left: Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh
Second left: 
Chef Wong whom is Tan Sri's favourite chef

Wong Wok by Chef Wong has started operating since early Dec 2016. It offers the food cooked with passion and meticulous demand, a Hallmark of a diva chef.  Let’s see what Chef Wong has to offer;
Fried Crab Noodle – Our lunch started with this delicious crab and noodles stir-fried in chef’s special sauce. Silky soft noodles with oodles of savoury sauce and spices, simply yummy.
Chilli Crab – Stir-fried live crabs coated with sweet, savoury and spicy tomato based sauce. We love the juicy fresh flash of the crabs, and the thick, slightly spicy sauce. We recommend eating the chilli crab with deep fried buns.

Sang Har Sang Mee (Big head prawn noodles) - Another of Chef Wong's signature dish, big head prawn cooked with crispy noodles soak in special gravy, this Cantonese style dish is so delicious, you must try it out whenever you are at Lot 10 Hutong.
Pai Kuat Wong (King spareribs) - Pai Kuat Wong is one of our all time favorite, it was succulent and full of flavour, yummy.
Sweet Sour Pork – Another all time favorite for the kids and adults. Chef Wong's signature sweet and sour pork is specially prepared by the chef, where cucumber and pineapple are first pickled. 3 tiered pork is coated with a mixed flour to a ratio of 1:1:1 so every bite has a nice crunch and crispiness, juicy lean meat and succulent fat. Ketchup, plum sauce, good vinegar, sugar and something secret is used to make his signature sauce. We can’t stop eating the juicy and crispy sweet sour pork.
Foo Yong Egg – Fried egg with crisp bean sprouts and vegetables, everyone loves the Foo Yong Egg here.
Braised Yam & Pork Belly - Braised pork belly slices with yam is a Malaysian-Chinese classic. The yam was cooked till powdery and fluffy, while the pork belly was nicely marinate and cooked. Although am not a yam lover, I do like the Braised Yam & Pork Belly served here at Wong Wok by Chef Wong.
Steamed Salted Fish & Minced Pork – A traditional Chinese food that my mom cooked for us since we were young.  Steamed Salted Fish & Minced Pork just go so well with rice.
Beef Hor Fun - The hor fun is covered with thick gravy, and the beef slices was tender and sweet. We love the ‘wok hei’ (the "essense" imparted by the wok when stir-frying over very high heat) of this stir fried hor fun.
Yeong Chow Fried Rice – Another flavourful and tasteful stir fried dish by Chef Wong, simply excellent.
The next time you visit Lot 10 hutong, do visit Wong Wok by Chef Wong for the best Malaysian/Chinese cuisines.

For more information, visit Lot 10 hutong Facebook page at


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Miera Nadhirah said...

would really love to try out this dishes someday...they look good...

SHINI LOLA | Your Guide to Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle said...

Foods look so yummy! Sweet Sour Pork is always my favourite.

Sunshine Kelly said...

Wah chilli crab at rm39.90 is awesome! I will go try it out this weekend.

Emily said...

I've read rave reviews about Lot 10 Hutong but haven't personally tried the place myself. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity on my next trip to KL. The dishes look so delicious.

cre8tone said...

The food looks so good.. I wanna go try try.. Yummy kan?

ClaudineImelda said...

The Chilli Crab looks really yummy! Next time I go to Bukit Bintang I'll give it a try!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Looks yummeh!
Will certainly promote to my friends - some of my friends just can't get enough of their favourite meat hehe

Absolute Yana said...

can i just have the chili crab?? it looks so yummy...T.T

Blair Villanueva said...

am not a huge meat eater, but i thibk i will enjoy the steak and the foo wong eggs :)

~ Everest ~ said...

This restaurant definitely served yummy and fresh looking food!!! I would definitely love to head there when I am in kl next.

Sharon Lee said...

Look at those yummy food =D I enjoy hutong food a lot whenever I go Lot 10!! Gonna visit this place again!

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