Three Sauce Simmer Pot @ Simmer Huang

Congratulations to Simmer Huang for opening their first restaurant in Malaysia at the swanky Pavillion Elite. We were honoured to be invited there to try out the Traditional Chinese SimmerPot which is a popular dishes at royal feasts and dinner parties in China.
It was our first time tasted the Three Sauce Simmer Pot, which, according to China people it taste exactly the same in China. The traditional recipe at Simmer Huang has withstood the test of time, through centuries of refining techniques to provide the best-tasting, most culturally appealing delicacy.
Simmer Huang’s amazing aroma comes from a unique cooking technique – the art of simmering. Using juices from over ten nutritious vegetables, plus traditional Chinese therapeutic herbs, and sauces from many tasty ingredients, it makes for mouth-watering flavour without using a drop of water. The food is not fried, nor deep fried and the simmering process doesn’t get affected by air, so all the vitamins and proteins are kept intact for our healthy and delicious enjoyment.
Our meal started with the prosperity lou sang by Hui Lau Shan. We love the assorted fresh fruits yee sang that is combine with sweet and sour sauce, which is a fruity twist to the usual Chinese New Year raw fish yee sang.

Simmer Huang has various appetizers for diners to choose from. We had tried their signature vinegar peanut, mushroom bites and sweet & sour cucumber. Overall their appetizers taste sours which made us increase in appetite and cravings.

We were then served with Simmer Huang’s main pots below;

Assorted Seafood Pot RM 130
Assorted Seafood Pot contains White prawn, cod fillet, oyster, and cuttlefish. We love that all the seafood is very fresh andjuicy. Cooked with lots of vegetables and herb with the classic sauce it taste great and rich in spice flavours.

Pork & Fungus Pot RM 110
Pork & Fungus Pot’s main ingredients include Pork belly, black fungus, oyster mushroom, and king oyster mushroom. We tried this pot with spicy sauce, we love its sophisticated taste a lot.
There are 5 types of secret sauce choices, including classic, seafood, spicy, hot & spicy and soy. We love the spicy sauce as it was really fantastic, not too spicy and not too salty.
A wait staff will cook each dish at the table for us, and tell us when it’s ready to eat. Be prepared as the cooking might take some time so do enjoy the appetizers while waiting.
Once we have finish about half the pot, the wait staff would add in broth and turn the hot pot into steamboat. And now, the pot is ready for add on. We have added Chef Special Cuttlefish Paste, Chef Special Mushroom Ball, Frozen Tofu Fried Beancurd Crust to out hot pot that day. All add on was very fresh and tasty, love it. The Three Sauce Simmer Pot @ Simmer Huang is simply tasty and mouth-watering.
Simmer Huang Malaysia also serves assorted desserts from Hui Lau Shan. We had tasted the Mango Feast and Ganoderma herbal jelly that day, they are flavourful and not too sweet. 
We had Lo Hon Guo as beverages that night, it taste rich and sweet.  
Three Sauce Simmer Pot @ Simmer Huang Malaysia
Address: Lot 8.101.00, Level 8, Pavillion Elite
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily


Ivy Kam said...

I prefer the mild spicy type, will definitely go back again :)

Rawlins GLAM said...

My late grandma love to have this simmer pot whenever CNY is around the corner.
I miss my grandma

Shub said...

CNY and food - go well so nicely! I am loving this CNY mood everywhere.

Crappy Blogger said...

Never had simmer pot before. It looks really good and healthy too! Shall give this a try.

Betty's Journey said...

The hot pot looks good. Do they come with different soup? Seem a new eating place in Pavilion.

Shiv B said...

The dishes look so good babe and in our weather that is the perfect combination for it too. Will certainly give this a try :)

Foodilicious said...

I just can't take my eyes off the food photos. Really making me drooling at this hour after dinner ><

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