Which Brands Won the Hearts of Malaysian Parents This Year?

As a mother of 2 girls, I always looking for the best products and services for my kids. Thanks to Parenthood Magazine, we can now choose the best for our kids from the award-winning brands from Parents’ Choice Awards.
2022 marks the 5th year of the Parents’ Choice Awards by Parenthood MagazineParenthood Magazine reveals the voices of Malaysian parents on their top choices of brands and service in numerous categories for mums, babies, children and family.
I was honoured to be invited to witness the Award Presentation Ceremony held at Star Boulevard KLCC. There, I have met the beautiful and smart founder, and a few people from the award-winning brands.

“The Parents’ Choice Awards is exactly that – parents’ choice. Parents are the best judge when it comes to quality and assurance when finding the most suitable products and services for their children; and because of that, our goal with the Parents’ Choice Awards is to identify and bring forward the most trusted brands and services that parents truly rely on,” says Teresa Chin, Chief Editor of Parenthood Magazine.
Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park won Best Indoor Family Attraction. Pictured here are (far right) Mr Greg Pearn Vice President – Theme Park Operations, Genting Malaysia Berhad; (centre) Ms Casey Chong, Manager, Theme Park Marketing, Genting Malaysia Berhad, and (far left) Ms Teresa Chin from Parenthood Media Network.

This year, Parenthood magazine awarded 80 winners who have won over the trust and votes from Malaysian parents. From pregnancy, to parenting phase, we can find the best brands from the awards.

TopzMall 推出超萌 TinyTAN MESSAGE 巧克力 Ver.2

呼叫所有ARMY们,你们有福啦!“TinyTAN”推出了超萌「TinyTAN MESSAGE 巧克力 Ver.2」啦。巧克力都印有7位成员的可爱角色和真挚祝福字句,让大家吃在嘴里,甜在心里!

话说,大家应该都知道 TinyTAN 是由韩国男团组合 BTS 防弹少年团的七名成员所组成的一组Q版娃娃模型角色。它的设计具有独特的个性,从小组成员的角色中脱颖而出,拥有自己的叙事宇宙,通过 “魔法之门” 将角色带入现实和想象的边界。

TinyTAN MESSAGE Chocolate Ver.2 

这一次,TinyTAN MESSAGE 巧克力 Ver.2 共有四款带着不同讯息的巧克力,它们分别是:

1) Dynamite (白色) - 传达希望和安慰讯息。

2) Purple Holiday (紫色) - 传达疗愈感的讯息。

Celebrating The 25th Anniversary of The HKSAR with HKETO Jakarta's 'Marvels in Hong Kong' Event

Year 2022 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) establishment. To commemorating this huge milestone, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Jakarta (HKETO Jakarta) has launched Marvels in Hong Kong – a dedicated event series to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and to showcase Hong Kong’s latest developments in areas such as arts, culture and tourism on 24th August 2022.
We were honoured to be invited to the media launch ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia held by HKETO Jakarta jointly with the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). It marks the official debut of the event series here in Malaysia.
Addressing the media launch ceremony, the Director-General of HKETO Jakarta, Mr Law Kin-wai, said that Hong Kong is a highly international city with immense appeal beyond its widely known advantages in business and trade. He cited as an example the landmark development of the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), an emerging global arts and cultural hub featuring world-class attractions including the Xiqu Centre, the M+ museum and the Hong Kong Palace Museum.

Mr Law added that under the 14th Five-Year Plan of the country, Hong Kong is clearly positioned as an East-meets-West centre for international cultural and arts exchange. The city will further consolidate its relevant edge with the completion of the East Kowloon Cultural Centre, the Lyric Theatre Complex in the WKCD, and the Kai Tak Sports Park as a mega performance venue.

Also speaking at the event, the Regional Director of Southeast Asia of the HKTB, Mr Raymond Chan, said that Hong Kong has always been close to the hearts of Malaysian travellers, and Malaysia is an important key source market for Hong Kong. With the new infrastructure development and experiences in Hong Kong, the city cannot wait to welcome Malaysian travellers back to Hong Kong to experience the new tourism offerings.

Lucca Vudor - Modern, Timeless, Stylish Ladies Shoes

Tried and tested Lucca Vudor shoes lately. We totally felt in love with this pair of premium leather shoe with cloud-like insoles!
Lucca Vudor is dedicated to bringing us both quality & latest trends on ladies shoes at affordable prices. Each pair of Lucca Vudor shoes are come with true comfort & styles.
1. Lambskin Support Insoles – The Lucca Vudor Invention Industry-Changing Lambskin Support insoles. They are the only shoe makers in the world to handcraft our shoes to such detail and perfection.
2. Blending comfort and style
3. Singapore’s most popular comfort work and lifestyle shoes
I like that Lucca Vudor has variery of shoes offer for us, from Flats & Sandals to Best-Selling Comfort Heels. You would surely found the one that best suit you here.

'A Truly Malaysia Buffet Dinner' at Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

With Merdeka & Malaysia Day around the corner, let's indulge in 'A Truly Malaysia buffet dinner' at Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara!
Enjoy a truly Malaysian buffet dinner at Kwee Zeen and discover the exquisiteness of the 7 Wonders of Malaysia dishes. Guests can expect a generous range of local cuisines and desserts including Malay, Chinese, and Indian with a touch of international cuisines too.
Must try Malay-Asian 7 Wonders Highlight -

- Pinasakan Sada Ikan Merah (Sabah)
- Chicken Curry Ala- Kapitan (Melaka)
- Gulai Lemak Chili Padi Daging Salai (Negeri Sembilan)
- Botok-Botok Sotong Kembang (Terengganu)
- Gulai Kambing Belimbing Muda (Perak)
- Opor Daging Wagyu (Pahang)
Not only that, diners can participate in lucky draw contest by dropping your business card in the lucky draw box at the outlet.

Tasneem Naturel Collaborate with Malaysia' Big Brands to introduce User-Friendly Income Generation Platform - Tasneem Marketplace

Do you want to earn extra income in your spare time? What about starting your sideto generate your income on a platform that require RM0 capital? Yes, you heard me right! Tasneem Naturel is introducing their latest user-friendly platform known as Tasneem Marketplace recently. Tasneem Marketplace serves a niche market which target at products focuses on family, children and babies. At Tasneem Marketplace, you can extra income without worrying about upfront capital that other businesses usually require.
The all new Tasneem Marketplace is sponsored by Tasneem Business legacy. During the official launch event, they have announced collaboration with 4 major local Malaysian companies in the Marketplace. The 4 Malaysian brands are Tanamera, Pustaka Darul Iman (PDI), Eyyoo and Aqiqah Centre.
The joint-venture to create Tasneem Marketplace aims to provide a convenient platform for people especially those with middle income and housewives. By using this platform, they’re able generate income with higher profits and without any start up capital needed. At the same time, enjoy the various attractive rewards and incentives given.
Tasneem Marketplace targets to achieve 10,000 resellers by the end of 2022. With this marketplace, you can choose to be a vendor, reseller or be a customer. Now, if you’re looking at generating extra income online, Tasneem Marketplace is indeed a good choice to start with.
  • Benefits of being a Customer of Tasneem Marketplace:Free Registration
  • Earn minimum 3% cashback
  • Earn commission
  • Collect rewards points
  • Postage of items handled directly by HQ

Kich-Start Your Day with NESCAFÉ ICED Barista-Style Coffee

In this day and age of fast-paced hustling, it is common to juggle a few responsibilities and wear different hats all at once. We can relate to the long working hours, back-to-back meetings and occasional creativity block. For coffee enthusiasts, do you enjoy the idea of going to cafes to have a fresh cup of coffee brewed by the friendly neighbourhood barista, but your schedule just won’t allow it? We totally feel you.
We are about to let you in on a life hack! Sometimes, all you need is a “pick me up” for inspiration to get rid of the burnout and continue the day. With NESCAFÉ ICED Barista-Style Coffee, the refreshing taste of freshly brewed coffee will inspire your senses and bounce you back to your best again.
With a new refreshed look and its bottles made from 100% recyclable materials, NESCAFÉ’s ready-to-drink ICED Barista-Style Blend Coffee is a crafted blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, grounded and brewed barista-style that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. It features three luxury flavours; best-selling Cappuccino, Chococino and Caffè Latte, which is the latest addition to the range.

Grounded and brewed barista-style coffee, then paired with the right amount of milk to make the perfect iced caffè, for a refreshing coffee experience.

Hana Tajima for UNIQLO 2022 Fall/Winter Dress Collection Launching on September 2

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO announces the launch on September 2 of the HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO 2022 Fall/Winter Dress Collection from New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima. This LifeWear collection emerges from the fusion of the UNIQLO focus on everyday clothing combining exceptional functionality and fashion, and Hana Tajima’s elegant forms and soft silhouettes that continue to captivate women around the world. The new line presents dresses with simple yet iconic stylings.
Commenting on the latest collection, Hana Tajima said, “Styling an outfit begins by asking yourself how you want to feel. Who will I become by wearing this dress? Each dress has its own look. It expresses a part of our personality and individuality, allowing us to become the person we want to be.”

A Graceful Expression - Subtle elegance for every day

Dresses with elegant and refined designs that bring out the beauty and individuality of each wearer create a unique look and add a soft radiance to everyday life. The collection utilizing three types of material - soft and draping rayon and lyocell, deeply lustrous satin, and warm flannel - features innovative details and designs such as cuts that accentuate beauty, and delicate pleat accents. The dresses exuding a graceful expression add a richness to everyday life. Simply by casually putting on these stylish and lightweight dresses that convey dignified beauty, the wearer is instantly brought closer to the person they want to be.

Authentic Eurasian Meals at Memorie Cafe

Food plays a vital part in our daily lives and it is intricately intertwined with our culture. A lot can be learned about a particular culture by simply exploring the food that was passed down from one generation to the next. Although Malaysia is rich in a myriad of traditional cuisines, its Eurasian counterpart is yet to make its name on the global scene, hence, Memorie Café was launched as the first Eurasian restaurant franchise in Malaysia to showcase the diverse cultures in our harmonious nation.
Established in 2016, Memorie Café takes visitors on a journey through time; it allows them to experience the European influence on Malaysia and better understand how the unique flavor profiles came about over the last few hundred years. With the launch of its flagship store in one of the biggest tourist destinations in Malaysia – Sunway Pyramid, Memorie Café is set to be a popular attraction where domestic and international travelers can drop by as they visit Malaysia’s capital and relish in 500 years of Eurasian culture.
Diners of Memorie Café will be able to try a variety of iconic Eurasian dishes at Memorie Café; these would include the famous Ikan Bakar Portugese, Portuguese Tarts, Devil Curry Chicken, Eurasian Lamb Smore, and many more, at affordable prices. It is timely to reintroduce the Eurasian culture that is well-known in Melaka, given that Malaysia has now reopened its borders to welcome foreign visitors.
We have paid a visit to the Memorie Café at Sunway Pyramid recently to indulge ourselves in iconic Eurasian dishes. We have tried some of their signature dishes included;

Ikan Bakar Portugese

Beat the Heat with Tiger Crystal

The tropical Malaysian climate leaves us yearning for ways to cool down. This is why Tiger Crystal has decided to fight fire with fire and beckoned its fans to turn up the heat with its latest Heat Exchange activation. In return, the brand will reward fans’ efforts with free Tiger Crystal and promo codes.
The energy was abuzz at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City on 5th Aug 2022, where a giant thermometer was put up at the centre of the plaza. Curious onlookers and fans were invited to come together to convert their body heat via various activities to crank up the temperature and unlock free ice-cold Tiger Crystal, brewed to beat the heat. Participants ran, jumped ropes, danced and even cycled their way to reach the target temperature and instantly unlocked free ice-cold Tiger Crystal to enjoy and celebrate their success among one another.
This one-day-only activation saw two rounds of Heat Exchange activity carried out with hundreds of bottles of ice-cold Tiger Crystal given away for free to participants to cool down after they brought the heat.
“The Malaysian weather is hot on most days, and as a beer that is brewed to beat the heat, Tiger Crystal wanted to inject some creativity when rewarding its fans. We kickstarted our Heat Exchange campaign with a giant thermometer placed right at the centre of a high-traffic area to reward fans in a playful manner. While this one-day-only activation enabled fans to come together and be rewarded for cheating the heat, our effort to keep the rewards flowing continues via the exclusive Heat Exchange website. From now until 31st of October, the hotter it gets, the lower the price of Tiger Crystal goes. All fans have to do is check out http://heatexchange.tigerbeer.com/ for daily updates based on the weather to unlock crystal-cold refreshment, brewed to beat the heat,” said Joyce Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer Malaysia.

Subway Invokes Nostalgia with All New Curry Sub & Localised Sandwich Wrapper for MERDEKA & Malaysian Day

To celebrate Malaysia’s 65th National Day, Subway Malaysia is bringing Malaysians together and celebrating the nations’ collective love of curry with its brand new Curry Sub. The world’s largest quick-service restaurant chain is also unveiling the world’s first localised sandwich wrapper with a Malaysian themed Sub Wrapper celebrating Malaysian heritage, that has recently launched and will be available until 31st September 2022.
Made with Malaysians in mind, the Curry Sub draws inspiration from a dish beloved by people of all backgrounds in Malaysia. Subway’s interpretation of the curry, includes a fragrant aroma and a sauce that is both sweet and savoury on your taste buds, reminiscent of the classic curry flavours that is beloved by Malaysians. The Curry Sub launches from August 3rd and will be available in both chicken and beef and as a wrap or salad so guests can enjoy Subway’s ‘better for you options’ tailored to their taste buds.
Subway Malaysia has also introduced a limited-time Malaysian culture inspired Sub wrapper, marking the first time Subway has created a bespoke Sub wrapper globally. Available from 1st August until 30th September, the Malaysian themed wrapper is adorned with iconic Malaysian imagery of Hibiscuses, iconic landmarks and Sabweh spreading his patriotic cheer. Designed by Ernest Ng, the creator of the Sabweh mascot, the patriotic wrapper will resonate with Malaysians everywhere.
“Subway is proud to celebrate Malaysian culture and heritage. We’re always looking for ways to connect with our local guests and this year, our latest initiatives promise to to invoke a sense of nostalgia and give Malaysians a Sub that will make them feel right at home in our restaurants, said Samad Mohd Shariff, Country Director, Subway, South East Asia, Hong Kong & Macau.

UNBOX Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 Moon Shine Series ⽉来⽉靓系列

In Chinese culture, a full moon symbolises completeness. Shaped like the full moon, the mooncake signifies reunion for the whole family. Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival by gifting these special mooncake sets to your family and friends. UNBOX presents their Moon Shine Series, featuring three unique designs for you to give and enjoy with your loved ones.

THE LIGHT FROM THE MOON IS LIKE A JEWEL TO YOUR HEART The Moonlight Bijoux ⽉光宝盒 set is a beautiful 2-tiered treasure box that comes with 4 delicious mooncakes. This charming brown and red box comes with a pretty wooden tag, attached to an oriental knot carrier for personalised messages.
Presented with reusable two-tiered treasure box.


A woman’s beauty is like a flower; soft, delicate and beautiful. The Moonlight Bloom 花点⼼思 is inspired by it. Blossoming water lilies are imprinted onto the beautiful faux leather case that fits 4 pieces of delicious mooncakes.

Presented with reusable drawer encased in faux leather.


Have a date with the Moon-dezvous ⽉你⻅⾯ set and enjoy the delicious mooncakes that comes with it. This lovely set is meticulously made in faux leather, with charming designs etched on it while cute bronze buttons complete the look.

All-New Hada Labo Platinum Kotojyun Mask

Hada Labo introduces for the first time, its all-new Platinum Kotojyun Mask, a revolutionary sheet mask that contains high penetrating serum mask and infused with premium platinum nanoparticles. The nanoparticles act as an anti-oxidant ingredient to protect the skin from environmental damage and also improves skintone radiance.

Each sheet mask is extremely breathable and comfortable as it is made of Bemliese®, a sustainable non-woven fabric that is made from cotton linter which can absorb and hold the skincare ingredients efficiently.
Although the sheet mask contains only 23ml of serum, it is able to offer benefits that are equivalent to two bottles of serum thanks to the nanoparticles technology and Bemliese®, the non-woven fabric that allow deep penetration of the serum into the skin.

The high penetrating serum contains highly effective hydrating ingredients, which include Multiple types of Hyaluronic Acids, Ceramide and Squalene that fully hydrates skin from the surface to the inner layers, for a long lasting smooth and supple skin.
It is pH balanced, free of alcohol, fragrance, colorant and mineral oil, therefore, it does not cause any skin irritation.

The Hada Labo Platinum Kotojyun Mask comes in two variants that provides different benefit to the skin:

• Platinum Hydrating, functions to deeply hydrate skin for intense and long-lasting hydration. 
• Platinum Whitening, functions to deeply hydrate and revive dull skin for a fresh and radiant complexion.

When Coffee Meets Tea: HWC x Purple Cane “Once In A BREW Moon" Series

Are you craving for some mouth-watering coffee & mooncakes?

Mid-Autumn Festival celebration will not be complete without mooncakes and a cup of quality coffee & tea. This Mid-Autumn, indulge your senses with a collaboration like no other - When Coffee Meets Tea. Purple Cane and HWC Coffee proudly present something special and unique to you for this warm and reunion festive season - HWC x Purple Cane “Once in a BREW Moon” Mooncake Giftbox and HWC Coffee X TeaPluz Deluxe Gift Set.
HWC x Purple Cane “Once in a BREW Moon” Mooncake Gift Set comes with an 8’s HWC Coffee Bag (4 Flavors, 2 packs each flavor) and 2’s unique Purple Cane’s Green Tea Red Bean Paste mooncake that has infused tea in both baked skin and filing. A classic fan favourite every Mid-Autumn Festival. Smooth milled red bean paste encased in fragrant green tea baked skin with added texture from melon seeds which are indeed the perfect match.
HWC Coffee X TeaPluz Deluxe Gift Set each set consists of 8’s HWC Coffee Bag (4 Flavors, 2 packs each flavor) and 8’s TeaPluz Lychee Black Tea Bag and Daye Alpine Red Tea Bag (4 packs each flavour).
Each respective gift box comes with Purple Cane’s tea mooncakes and HWC Coffee Bag; or HWC Coffee Bag and TeaPluz Tea Bag. Packed in an artfully designed box, it is a great gift for your loved ones.

Targeting the Next Trade Breakthrough with Taiwan Expo 2022 in Malaysia

As Malaysia has entered the transition to endemic phase, we are excited to welcome Taiwan Expo 2022 back in Malaysia physically again. Happening at Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway Velocity Mall, we witnessed James C.F. Huang, Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), along with the special guests each donned a VR headset to enter the EXPOverse, specially created by HTC, to kick off this year’s event on the lovely afternoon of 2nd Aug 2022.
Taiwan Expo 2022 Metaverse Opening

There were several guests of honour to grace the opening ceremony, including Lee Guann Jyh, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA; Sharon Ho Swee Peng, President of Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre, Taipei; Anne Hung, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia; Sharimahton Mat Saleh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Export Acceleration from Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE); as well as the representatives from 17 Malaysian chambers of commerce and industry.
Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022 is held in hybrid mode, meaning that it combines both online and offline elements. The physical exhibition is being held in Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway Velocity mall from the 2nd to 7th of August while the online exhibition is scheduled to run for a month from 2nd of August to 2nd of September.
On the grand launch event, we saw James Huang made an unforgettable entrance as he rolled his way onto the stage on a scooter and highlighted the need to tackle the changing lifestyle in this post-pandemic world through innovation. Huang has shared his speech and emphasized that Malaysia and Taiwan have long enjoyed a solid relationship in many areas such as economics, trades, culture, and the arts, and the ties have only grown stronger over the years. Huang added that the changing trends have major impacts on all industries, from Industry 4.0 to telemedicine, and Taiwan Expo showcases many of the products at the forefront of the changing global landscape. This makes Taiwan Expo the perfect platform for Malaysian businesses looking to explore these business opportunities.

Tokyo Street Celebrates 11th Anniversary in Conjunction with 40 Years of The Look East Policy

Look east and celebrate all things Japanese at Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL’s award-winning themed precinct, as it celebrates its 11th anniversary. In conjunction with 40 years of the Look East Policy (LEP), Tokyo Street’s celebrations this year promises plenty of Japanese activities, culture, shopping and dining, right in the heart of Bukit Bintang!
The stunning ‘Art of Kimono’ exhibition is the main highlight of Tokyo Street’s 11th Anniversary. The inaugural ‘Art of Kimono’ exhibition features more than 100 pieces of Japanese kimonos, yukatas and fusion Japanese dresses that blend pop culture and Malaysian batik elements. A selection of these beautiful pieces are showcased in a spectacular ‘Art of Kimono’ fashion show from Tuesday to Sunday at the Centre Court.
Plenty of authentic Japanese shopping awaits at Centre Court! Indulge yourselves at the specially curated Japanese artisanal pop-up stores. Browse through a variety of intricately handcrafted tableware, decorative items, accessories, bags, towels, skincare and beauty products.
This Anniversary, immerse in Japanese cultural activities with experiential workshops, such as Traditional Japanese Fabric Making, Traditional Japanese Fabric Accessory Making, Japanese Lolita Accessory Making, How to use Furoshiki, and Traditional Japanese Game Katanuki experience. Get made up as Lolita, or try on a traditional Japanese Yukata to take photos while admiring the Japanese décor at Centre Court and Tokyo Street.

ST Durian @ SS19 by Sheng Tai International

Calling all durian lovers, it's time to indulge in yummy durian and win amazing prizes!
Happening at ST Durian @ SS19, PJ by Sheng Tai International, they are having great promotions from 1 Aug to 31 Aug 2022 below;

1. Visit ST Durian and spend RM100 & above per receipt to win amazing prizes from ST Lucky Wheel.
2. Visit ST Durian, take a photo, share and tag them on Facebook. You will stand a chance for a 5-star Staycation at Ames Hotel for two.
Formaly known as Donald Durian, ST Durian was taken over by Sheng Tai International and still the #1 Surian Shop in SS19, Petaling Jaya.
Sheng Tai International, an award-winning property company and property tourism specialist, acquired Donald Durian in 2021 and rebranded it as ST Durian. This new acquisition will bring an extra edge to Sheng Tai International’s existing offerings like property tourism as well as durian investment plan.

"teamLab: Resonating Microcosms" @ LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE

My fellow Malaysians, do come and immerse yourselves in the very first teamLab exhibition in Malaysia! The art collective teamLab, “teamLab: Resonating Microcosms“ will be held from 4th August to 30th November 2022 at Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE (hereinafter "LaLaport BBCC").
teamLab, which has held large numbers of exhibitions worldwide, will exhibit its light artworks at LaLaport BBCC. Named “teamLab: Resonating Microcosms,” visitors will be immersed in its transformation by the presence of people and the environment of nature.
■Name of Exhibition
teamLab: Resonating Microcosms

Resonating Microcosms - Liquified Light Color, Sunrise and Sunset
The Rooftop Garden, which features countless ovoids, is an art space that transforms through changes in the natural environment and the presence of people.

Under the sun, the ovoids reflect the world around them.

As the sun sets, the ovoids begin to shine by themselves. When an ovoid is pushed by a person, blown by the wind, or hit by rain, it shines brightly and emits a sound tone as it rises back up on its own. The ovoids around it also respond one after another, resonating out the same sound tone and light color.
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