Targeting the Next Trade Breakthrough with Taiwan Expo 2022 in Malaysia

As Malaysia has entered the transition to endemic phase, we are excited to welcome Taiwan Expo 2022 back in Malaysia physically again. Happening at Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway Velocity Mall, we witnessed James C.F. Huang, Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), along with the special guests each donned a VR headset to enter the EXPOverse, specially created by HTC, to kick off this year’s event on the lovely afternoon of 2nd Aug 2022.
Taiwan Expo 2022 Metaverse Opening

There were several guests of honour to grace the opening ceremony, including Lee Guann Jyh, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA; Sharon Ho Swee Peng, President of Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre, Taipei; Anne Hung, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia; Sharimahton Mat Saleh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Export Acceleration from Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE); as well as the representatives from 17 Malaysian chambers of commerce and industry.
Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022 is held in hybrid mode, meaning that it combines both online and offline elements. The physical exhibition is being held in Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway Velocity mall from the 2nd to 7th of August while the online exhibition is scheduled to run for a month from 2nd of August to 2nd of September.
On the grand launch event, we saw James Huang made an unforgettable entrance as he rolled his way onto the stage on a scooter and highlighted the need to tackle the changing lifestyle in this post-pandemic world through innovation. Huang has shared his speech and emphasized that Malaysia and Taiwan have long enjoyed a solid relationship in many areas such as economics, trades, culture, and the arts, and the ties have only grown stronger over the years. Huang added that the changing trends have major impacts on all industries, from Industry 4.0 to telemedicine, and Taiwan Expo showcases many of the products at the forefront of the changing global landscape. This makes Taiwan Expo the perfect platform for Malaysian businesses looking to explore these business opportunities.

Union of Taiwan Butterfly and Malaysian Wau Bulan

The opening ceremony also saw the unveiling of Taiwan Expo’s official logo, and this beautiful logo is inspired by a butterfly that represents Taiwan and Malaysia’s iconic Wau Bulan. The colourful soaring butterfly represents the strong Malaysia-Taiwan friendship as well as the limitless business opportunities through close cooperation. To commemorate the opening ceremony, the guests of honour were each presented with a limited-edition Taiwan Excellence commemorative coin and a Seven Culinary Treasure giftbox.
Ms. Anne Hung said in her speech that the Malaysia-Taiwan trade has remained strong despite the pandemic, and the cordial relationship built over the decades has allowed both sides to achieve outstanding trade results. In 2021, bilateral trade volume increased by a whopping 26% to reach nearly 28 billion US dollars. Hung further commented that Taiwan is not only focused on promoting its high-quality industries but is also actively looking to boost bilateral flow of talents, investments, technology, tourism, culture, and education as outlined under the New Southbound Policy.

For Taiwan Expo in Kuala Lumpur 2022, the products were selected to align with the roadmap drawn up under the 12th Malaysian Plan. The expo is centred around 5 main themes - Industry 4.0 & Green Economy, Smart Medical, Smart Agriculture, Halal, Taiwan Lifestyles, as well as Talent, Tourism & Financial Services.
Many of the products showcased are leaders in the global market, such as AROFLY LINK A1 cycling power meter, JoyCom’s NewEpi Plus Sterile Liquid Wound Dressing and many more. As testament to the popularity of the expo, there has been an influx of business enquiries even before the expo even began.

I have took the chance to tour around the Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022 and I have found a few interesting brands that provide innovative ideas/solutions for our daily life below;

1. Charder
Charder is the brand for the Award winning Body Composition Analyzer. From the Body composition analysis, we can differentiate between body water, protein minerals, and fat to provide more precise information beyond weight and BMI. Body composition components are strongly related to different health outcomes, and regular measurement is becoming increasingly valuable in medical practice.

The MA801 Professional Body Composition Analyzer provides many relevant measurement values and data that can be used by medical professionals track patient progress, and providing important indicators that may aid in diagnostics and screening. Boasting multiple measurement frequencies and sophisticated algorithms, Charder devices has gone through clinical trials and over ten years of original peer-reviewed scientific research, for results you can trust.

For more information on Charder, visit

2. Expertgel
Expertgel's 3D mutiplle protective mask + 3D Nano-film protection filter can be used many times and has the functions of antibacterial, anti-uv, cooling, anti-odor suppression, and anti-splashing water. It can be washed 200 times hence it's eco-friendly.

With the nano protective filter, the mask can resist oil fume and smog, and alcohol disinfection can be used at least 10 times. It has received many international certifications such as FDA and CE.

Suitable for adults and 12-year old children, the 3D Nano Protective Filter-PTFE Nano Microporous Antibacterial Film effectively filters PM0.075μm>99.98%, protecting our health.

Another interesting product from Expertgel is the Ultra-thin deodorizing insole. Made with the new technology from Japan, 
Expertgel's insole is designed for hot and humid island countries. It is Ultra-slim, Ultra Dry, Super moisture absorption, Super Breathable, Deodorization, 
Anti-bacterial and Anti-slip.

For more information on Expertgel, visit

3. Body Charger
Suitable for elderly, Body Charger Recumbent Linear Stepper is 2:1 Arm to Leg fitness and rehabilitation equipment, upper and lower limb total body workout. GB7007 is designed with a small ROM (range of motion) and swivel seat to increase functionality and accessibility that traditional exercise equipment doesn’t lend itself to, the small ROM on the joints in decreasing pain and restores knee function soon.

More information can be found on

4. Advantech
StoreVue is an Advantech iCity Services (AiCS) platform that provides intelligent cloud-based solutions for the retail and hospitality industries.

The solution platform offers industrial-grade hardware integrated with flexible SaaS offerings that leverage big data to deliver business insights and optimize operations. It is perfect device for hospitality, F&B, supermarket and boutique clothing industry.

For more information, visit

Do bring your family and friends to visit Taiwan Expo 2022 in Malaysia to check them out yourselves too!

Cooking Up a Storm with Halal Ingredients

There are many exciting events lined up at Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022. For instance, 
Taiwanese Halal Food & Plant-based Meat Cooking Contest will be held at Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway Velocity Mall on the afternoon of the 6th of August. There, a total of 11 halal food products from 9 brands will be flown in from Taiwan for the competition. Five teams, each comprising of two students from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan’s (UMK) Faculty of Hospitality, Tourism and Wellness, will be competing in the event. International celebrity chef, Chef Mohd Johari Edrus (Chef Jo) will be serving as a judge for the competition.
On the same day (Aug 6), renowned Malaysian cyclist Adiq Husainie Othman will be sharing his experience with AROFLY Power Meter, and the insight from the professional cyclists is going to be extremely helpful to cycling enthusiasts in understanding the product.

On 7th August, popular ICT influencer Ke En will be hosting the highly anticipated “One Ringgit Bid” event where many desirable products are on auction starting from one ringgit, including the MSI Modern 15 B12m 064 business laptop that retails for RM 3,599, Vago mini travel vacuum pump, MAKTAR ‘s Qubii Duo – Auto Backup Device, Acer Predator Aethon 300 Gaming Blue Switch Keyboard, Adata XPG Precog Gaming Headset, as well as the tiger tail lantern that went viral recently. Bidding starts from RM 1. Join the auction and you might just take home these attractive products at a killer price.
Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022 is supported by 17 business associations in Malaysia including the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM), Taiwan Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Malaysia (TIAM), SME Association of Malaysia (SMEAM), The Federation of Alumni Association Of Taiwan Universities, Malaysia (FAATUM), Malaysia-Taiwan Trade Federation Association (MTTFA), Malaysia Taiwan Economic Association (MTEA), Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), The National Tech Association of Malaysia (PIKOM), Federation Of Malaysian Foundry and Engineering Industries Associations(FOMFEIA), The Federation of Engineering and Motor Parts Traders' Association Malaysia (FEMPTAM), Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (MACEOS), Malaysian Gifts & Premium Association (MGPA), Persekutuan Pertubuhan Penjual Alatulis Dan Buku Malaysia (PPPABM), Persatuan Anggun Menawan Malaysia (PAMM), Federation Of Asian Beauty Industry Associations (FABIA), and Malaysian Green Business Association (MAGBA).

The physical expo will run for 6 days at Sunway Velocity Mall, and admission is free. Taiwan Expo welcomes friends from all across Malaysia to join the expo to experience Taiwan’s outstanding products and explore business opportunities.

For more information, please visit the official Facebook page: or visit the website:

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