Authentic Eurasian Meals at Memorie Cafe

Food plays a vital part in our daily lives and it is intricately intertwined with our culture. A lot can be learned about a particular culture by simply exploring the food that was passed down from one generation to the next. Although Malaysia is rich in a myriad of traditional cuisines, its Eurasian counterpart is yet to make its name on the global scene, hence, Memorie Café was launched as the first Eurasian restaurant franchise in Malaysia to showcase the diverse cultures in our harmonious nation.
Established in 2016, Memorie Café takes visitors on a journey through time; it allows them to experience the European influence on Malaysia and better understand how the unique flavor profiles came about over the last few hundred years. With the launch of its flagship store in one of the biggest tourist destinations in Malaysia – Sunway Pyramid, Memorie Café is set to be a popular attraction where domestic and international travelers can drop by as they visit Malaysia’s capital and relish in 500 years of Eurasian culture.
Diners of Memorie Café will be able to try a variety of iconic Eurasian dishes at Memorie Café; these would include the famous Ikan Bakar Portugese, Portuguese Tarts, Devil Curry Chicken, Eurasian Lamb Smore, and many more, at affordable prices. It is timely to reintroduce the Eurasian culture that is well-known in Melaka, given that Malaysia has now reopened its borders to welcome foreign visitors.
We have paid a visit to the Memorie Café at Sunway Pyramid recently to indulge ourselves in iconic Eurasian dishes. We have tried some of their signature dishes included;

Ikan Bakar Portugese
We love the spicy kick of the Ikan Bakar Portugese. It's not easy to find a good ikan bakar but I have found it in Memorie Café! We strongly recommended you to try out this dish!

Nasi Memorie
Nasi Memorie is topped with their signature fish sauce. Comes with a big crunchy fried drumstick, and pair with sweet sour acai, peanuts, anchovies, eggs, cucumber, sambal, it is indeed a feast in a plate!

Portuguese Egg Tarts
We like that the Portuguese Egg Tarts are freshly made in-house. The egg tarts are crispy outside and soft & smooth inside, so delicious.

Cham King hot/ice
Memorie Café uses 5 types of tea leaves to made the signature cham. The cham king taste rich and smooth. We love it hot and ice!
We hope that Memorie Café will be opening more branches throughout Malaysia so that everyone can enjoy delicious and authentic Eurasian food at affordable price.

Memorie Café @ Sunway Pyramid
Location: G1.PT.05, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid (Opposite To HaiDiLao)
Business Hour: Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm

For more information about 
Memorie Café, kindly visit

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