For Beauty Lovers: Blind Date In A Box

Today marks the last day of year 2012, in less than 6 hours, we will be celebrating the arrival of year 2013! Are you excited? I am! Not only for the new year with new hopes, it’s also because I found a new babe in town, it’s call The Lilac Box.

Sneak peek at thelilacbox, I like the sleek packaging and signature purple ribbons

What’s is The Lilac Box? The Lilac Box is an online subscription-based sampling programme. The Lilac Box lets subscribers discover and experience 4 or 5 different products every month via samples, and allows them to buy the full-size product at a huge discount if they like what they tried.

Maybe you’d ask, there are so many beauty boxes in Malaysia market now, what so special about The Lilac Box? Well, The Lilac Box is the only one that delivers premium beauty and cosmetic samples in a box every month directly to subscribers. If a brand can be found in a pharmacy/ drugstore, you will never find it in The Lilac Box. Ever!

Imagine brands like Burberry Beauty, StriVectin, Roberto Cavalli, Kérastase, Chloé, Calvin Klein, Redken, Marc Jacobs, DeCléor and many more. These premium brands seldom give out sample, but now, we get to exclusively test new and interesting brands in the comfort of our homes, without the hassle of a salesperson breathing down our necks, isn’t it cool? For a beauty junkie like me, I can't wait to try Kérastase Elixir Ultime, and all the new fragrances and cosmetics from these premium brands.
For just RM 35 per box, we will receive premium beauty and cosmetic samples at our doorstep. Subscribers enjoy savings when they subscribe for 3 or 6 months.

“Anticipation” - The Lilac Box makes you happy and excited when you receive The Lilac Box every month. The experience of waiting for The Lilac Box to arrive is similar to the experience of waiting for your blind date to arrive- it’s full of anticipation!

So, my beautiful female readers, why not subscribe to The Lilac Box now? And for my male readers, do subscribe to The Lilac Box too to surprise your loved one(wife, gf, or even your mother) in Valentine’s Day 2013.
Let’s subscribe to The Lilac Box at now. I know my year 2013 gotta be awesome with the subscription of The Lilac Box, wish you the same too. ;)

Brighter, Hydrated and Radiant Skn in 10 minutes with Garnier Light Intensive 3 In 1 Whitening Essence Mask

Throughout the day, we constantly expose our skin to factors that cause it to become dull and lacklustre. If you’re always out and about, there is the harsh sun rays to worry about, especially how it damages skin and builds up pigmentation. Work in the office all day long? The air-conditioned office environment can cause skin to lose essential moisture and become dull and dry.

Don’t have the time to pamper your skin to a facial treatment in combating these environmental harms? Don’t despair – Garnier Skin Naturals is here to help you take better care of your skin, even on your busiest day! 10 minutes* is all you need to instantly rejuvenate and boost skin’s radiance.
Introducing Light Intensive 3 In 1 Whitening Essence Mask from Garnier Skin Naturals, a facial sheet mask that instantly boosts skin’s health. Formulated for Asian skin, Light Intensive 3 In 1 Whitening Essence Mask is easy to use yet effective! Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, Light Intensive 3 In 1 Whitening Essence Mask helps you achieve brighter skin in an instant!

La Senza's SASSY SOIRÉE Marks the Opening of New Pin Up Concept Store in Suria KLCC

La Senza, the ultimate global fashion destination for the young, fun, and sexy, opened its latest concept store in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, Suria KLCC early Dec 2012. The new La Senza pin-up store reestablishes the brand’s leadership in the market with a concept inspired by the iconic 1950’s pin-up girl. Catered to today’s Globetrotting Lingerista, the store in Suria KLCC is set to impress customers from different parts of the world who visit Malaysia.
Thanks to Miss Sunshine, I had the honored to join the launch of La Senza Holiday 2012 Collection plus New Pin-up Concept Store on a lovely evening in KLCC.
The venue was decorated in fun and flirty theme. The sweet candies & ice pops are too adorable to be eaten.

I found that La Senza’s team is very creative to turns a fish tank into ice pops storage, so cute.
Photo taken from La Senza Malaysia FB page

The new La Senza pin-up store offers fresh design and layout that is characterized by flirty, fun polka-dots and sassy in-store artwork, a reflection of La Senza’s fashion loving customers. With its timeless image and strong emotional contents, the new iconic ‘Pin-up’ brand image connects with the young, aspiring individuals.

Achieve Flawless Look with Hada Labo’s 10-in-1 Air BB Cream

A quick makeup and protection for the skin is what most modern women want nowadays. Hence a tube of BB Cream would just do the job most of the time, however I always have problems with most of the BB cream in the market as they clogged my pores and made my skin dull.

Recently I’ve discovered that my favourite skin care brand, Hada Labo has launched the Hada Labo’s 10-in-1 Air BB Cream. So, I was thinking, why not give it a try?
Thanks to the innovative formulation using the Silicone Elastomer Blend ingredient that gives the Hada Labo’s 10-in-1 Air BB Cream the ‘AIR’ light texture. It gives skin unparalleled comfort without leaving the feeling of tackiness or greasiness. The ‘AIR’ texture also enables you to glide the cream onto your face effortlessly. It produces a soft-focus effect on the skin to give it a natural look yet with a good coverage.

This is definitely a revolutionary new BB Cream that is perfect for all working women, offering a quick all-in-one solution for the skin. Hada Labo’s Air BB Cream offers 10 benefits and functions, which includes makeup. This 10-in-1 BB Cream brightens your complexion, perfects your skin tone, protects your skin from UV rays, conceals, whitens, hydrates, minimizes pores, contains anti-aging, anti-oxidant and oil control properties. All your skincare needs in one convenient tube!

10 benefits and functions of Hada Labo’s 10-in-1 Air BB Cream:

1. Deep Moisturizing

The Hada Labo Air BB Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid that is naturally present in our cells. Hyaluronic Acid has natural moisturising effects and is able to retain moisture in the skin. 1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 6 Liters of water.

2. Anti-Aging

Hydrolyzed Collagen is known for its anti-aging properties with its ability to delay the aging process. It is easily absorbed into the skin, improves moisture circulation and the elasticity of the skin.

3. Whitening Care

Arbutin and Vitamin C are the key ingredients in the whitening function of the Air BB Cream. Arbutin is a skin-whitening ingredient that prevents the formation of melanin. Vitamin C which is known for its anti-oxidant properties and ability to fight free radicals, also has skin-lightening functions and is able to decrease the development of melanin. enhances skin’s fairness

4. High Sunscreen Protection

It is formulated with SPF50+ PA+++ that blocks a broad spectrum of UVA & UVB rays and at the same time gives you longer lasting protection from the sun.

5. Oil Control & Pore Minimising

Witch Hazel, a plant extract is another ingredient used in this product. The Witch Hazel has many wonderful properties that benefit the skin, among them, the ability to reduce sebum secretion and refining your pores for a smooth and clear skin. It has also oil absorber particles that keep your face looking matte at all times.

6. Brightens Complexion & Evens Out Skintone

Hada Labo’s Air BB Cream comes in two shades: Natural Beige and Ivory Beige. These natural shades help brighten the skin’s complexion for a radiant look. It also helps even out skintone and conceals dark spots, fine lines and blemishes.

Doraemon 100th years before Birth Figurines @ Fahrenheit88 featuring upcoming youth artists in Malaysia

Are you a fan of the iconic Japanese anime, Doraemon? Do you know that Doraemon's date of birth is on 3 Sept 2112? Meaning that this year in 2012, it will be the start of the one hundred year countdown to Doraemon's birthday!
Fahrenheit88 Kuala Lumpur is now exhibits Doraemon's Birth Figurines featuring upcoming youth artists in Malaysia. Let's all gather to reminisce about our childhood Doraemon memories.

Season Greetings from Wai Yee aka Rane

Wishing my dear readers a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas & Happy New Year 2013!
Thank you for all the visits in 2012

An exquisite collection with a surprisingly unique edge - Shu Uemura 2012 holiday collection in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld

Inspiration story, the birth of mon shu girl

“I design with shu uemura make-up because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors.”
                                                                                                            -Karl Lagerfeld

Inspired by shu uemura products, Japanese traditional culture and contemporary art Karl Lagerfeld created “mon shu girl”.

Merging the worlds of shu uemura and Karl Lagerfeld, “mon shu girl” is an adorable new icon outfitted in the designer’s symbolic white shirt and black tie.
The delightful “mon shu girl” collection is a celebration of Japanese pop and European chic. This unique, adorable and chic mon shu girl has captured my eyes when it launched in Nov 2012. I can’t wait to bring the whole collection home because shu uemura is my favorite cosmetic brand and it’s limited edition always run out of stock very quickly.
Although I do wish to collect the whole collection, but my wallet doesn’t have enough money so I’ve collected a few items only. Let me share my confession with you on the shu uemura mon shu collection that I’ve brought home.  ;)

Confidence shines with flawless skin at Veet® It Off Final

The world's leading depilatory cream Veet® showed how confidence can shine through with hair-free beauty at the grand finale of its Veet® It Off Contest, which encouraged girls to creatively redesign or tastefully take off parts of their outfits to reveal flawlessly smooth skin.
Veet It Off! Top 10 finalits posted with Reckitt Benckiser general manager, Veronika Rost after receiving all prizes.
All gorgeous ladies, top 10 finalists and our celebrity friends wearing Yadotsa outfit and hairdo by CENTRO hair salon.

The grand finale saw the top ten finalists go from drab to fab, with their distinctive creativity and outstanding confidence among all the Veet® It Off contestants. While cat-walking down the grand finale runway, each finalist expressed their own knack for flaunting their best features – their smooth and flawless skin.
Jeremy Teo, host of Veet It Off Grand Finale start the event by greeting all guests.
Reckitt Benckiser general manager, Veronika Rost welcome all guests to join Veet It Off grand finale and meet all Veet’s girls.

“Today, our Veet® It Off finalists show girls how to cut the drab and become even more fab! Their creativity and sense of style is impressive, but most inspiring of all is how their unique personalities seem to have blossomed with Veet®,” said Veronika Rost, Reckitt Benckiser general manager in her speech during the grand finale.

While competition at the Veet® It Off grand finale was stiff, the finalists were ultimately evaluated based on creativity, personality and skin beauty. Impressing the judges with their fashion creation was only half the challenge, they need to posses the confidence to flaunt their smooth skin and still look great in order to stand out amongst the competitors.
Our celebrity friends, (L-R) Diana Danielle, Megan Tan and Thanuja Ananthan present at Veet It Off Grand Finale.

VanityTrove Launches Monthly Beautiful Surprises For Ladies, now in Malaysia too!

Yes, you did not see wrongly, VanityTrove will be available for Malaysia's ladies! Yay! I'd received and reviewed VanityTrove Beauty Box awhile ago at Happy to know that it'll be available here very soon! ^ ^

Imagine this: You wake up in the early hours to head out every day, endure stressful situations trying to complete tasks and meet deadlines at your workplace or study place. Finally, you head home after a trying day in the rush hour crowd. At this moment, your doorbell rings and you are greeted with a beautifully wrapped box with accented classy pink notes. Within it, a specially curated range of beauty products and other surprises just for you. What better way to put a smile on your face?

Inspired by the concept of fukuburuko, the mystery grab bag style of presenting products from the fashion hub of Japan, VanityTrove presents a unique service right here in Malaysia! This new trend is set to grab the hearts of ladies who deserve pampering.
Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on for the monthly subscription fee of RM60/- (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove!

2) Receive each month’s edition before the month starts. (You’ll get March’s themed trove by end of February!)

3) Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it! Try and share it with your beauty buddies.

For RM60/-, you get to receive the top products in the beauty industry because we know the ladies want only the best for their beautiful selves. Additionally, VanityTrove's beauty experts behind the scene identify and select the newest beauty trends for you to try. Beauty sampling and pampering has never been made so accessible and affordable! You can trust VanityTrove to provide only the best and effective products for you.
But that’s not all! VanityTrove allows for users to share the love with the “Gift” option. Boyfriends, husbands, bosses, brides, best friends and more can now send their love to the beautiful people in their lives with this service. Why not put a smile on someone else’s face today?

VanityTrove is set to create a trending wave with its engagement and collaboration with key industry players and experts for subscribers to have bigger and better surprises each month. Be excited because being beautiful will not hard to achieve with VanityTrove around!

For more information, follow VanityTrove's social media sites below;


Extends Your Good Times With Great Hair That Lasts Longer with Sunsilk

Do you suffer from afternoon hair slump?

What is afternoon hair slump?

You start off your day with great looking hair, but as the day goes by, your hair loses its gleam and you fall into an ‘afternoon hair slump’. Your hair falls flat, becomes dull and so does your spirits for the rest of the day.
Sunsilk together with it’s hair experts, Thomas Taw(dry and damage hair expert from London who began his hair styling career at the young age of fifteen.) and Yuko Yamashita(smooth hair expert from Japan who believes that hair care should be easy.) unveiled the new Nourishing Soft & Smooth and improved Smooth & Manageable, which are now infused with the miracle blend of five natural oils.

Nourishing Soft & Smooth range Works Well for Women with Dry Hair
What is dry hair?

Dry hair is predominantly the result of internal biological factors or lack of general care and poor diet.

There are three main causes of dry hair:

• Genetics

• Aging

• Poor Diet

Don’t get confused between dry and damage hair.

Damage hair is mainly caused by external environment factors such as:

• Physical Damage

• Heat Damage

• Chemical Damage

• Sun Damage

• Water Damage   
The Nourishing Soft & Smooth variant aims to combat dry hair by keeping your mane well-nourished for a longer period of time and creating a protective barrier through a blend of five natural oils. The oils used in this range are Moroccan Argan Oil, Camelia Oil, Almond Oil, Babbasu Oil and Coconut Oil.

Purifies Body and Soul - Discover the wonder of LUNASOL's Purifying Makeup with Ms Yumi Takada

I always love to attend media event that I could learn new tips and tricks from the event. Thanks to Kanebo Malaysia, I was invited to discover the wonder of LUNASOL's Purifying Makeup with Ms Yumi Takada on a sunny Saturday noon last month.

Before I share the tips with my dear readers, let me introduce you Ms Yumi Takada who flew all the way from Japan to KL to meet us in the event. Ms Yumi Takada is the senior makeup artist and trend analyst, manager of Beauty Research Institute for Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. She joined Kanebo Cosmetics as Beauty Consultant back in 1987 and being promoted to current position. It’s such an honors for me to have the opportunity to meet and learn from the much experience makeup guru.
And for my readers who wants to learn about makeup, do keep reading this as this’s a long post with all the useful tips to lift and transform yourselves into refined women every day. As LUNASOL (Luna means MOON and SOL means SUN, light and shadow, or response and motion) was named to express the many faces and inner mysteries a woman posses. When the moon goes to asleep and the sun rises… applying makeup every morning can be regarded as a ritual that brings out the refinement sleeping within you. It’s a ritual that elevates you to a higher level – not just a habit or daily chore. That is the LUNASOL philosophy.
What is Lunasol Perfect Step? At each stage, from base and specific makeup to finishing, follow three principles below;

1) Well groomed skin – Apply a makeup base and foundation for well-groomed skin

2) Light & Shadow – Create depth by using a natural gradation of light and shadow

3) Facial Structure – Complete your makeup by balancing colors to enhance your facial structure

Ms Yumi Takada showed us how to apply the makeup base and foundation at the beginning of the workshop.
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