An exquisite collection with a surprisingly unique edge - Shu Uemura 2012 holiday collection in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld

Inspiration story, the birth of mon shu girl

“I design with shu uemura make-up because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors.”
                                                                                                            -Karl Lagerfeld

Inspired by shu uemura products, Japanese traditional culture and contemporary art Karl Lagerfeld created “mon shu girl”.

Merging the worlds of shu uemura and Karl Lagerfeld, “mon shu girl” is an adorable new icon outfitted in the designer’s symbolic white shirt and black tie.
The delightful “mon shu girl” collection is a celebration of Japanese pop and European chic. This unique, adorable and chic mon shu girl has captured my eyes when it launched in Nov 2012. I can’t wait to bring the whole collection home because shu uemura is my favorite cosmetic brand and it’s limited edition always run out of stock very quickly.
Although I do wish to collect the whole collection, but my wallet doesn’t have enough money so I’ve collected a few items only. Let me share my confession with you on the shu uemura mon shu collection that I’ve brought home.  ;)

Tsuya skin base youthful radiance mousse – RM135
shu uemura’s latest TSUYA series UV under base gets dressed up for the holidays by Karl Lagerfeld. Switch the light on your skin with this ultra light mousse that is amped up with moisturizing properties. The innovative light textured mousse-to-cream formula creates luminescent veil, as if you just finished a skin care mask treatment. The gift of youthful radiant skin for the holiday season that will make you say oh la la!
This mousse comes in peachy color, lovely color I have to say. Oh did I mention It smell tasty too, like a cotton candy! It makes me feel like to eat it but it’s not edible ya.
The mousse is very long lasting due to its light weight texture. It controls my oil and the best part is the coverage is good to cover my uneven skin tone, just one layer of it I’m ready to go to out in normal working day.
My skin is brighthen and flawless with a layer of shu uemura Tsuya skin UV under base youthful radiance mousse

I was happy to know that TSUYA skin UV under base youthful radiance mousse is a permanent product that will be available all the time. But if you want the mon shu girl packaging, you better grab it quick as it is limited edition, just for this holiday season 2012.

karl for shu prestigious bordeaux palette – RM198
mon shu girl” appears against a cool silver backdrop on the palette case of this gorgeous array of coordinated colors that revolves around rich bordeaux. Silky smooth eye shadow in glamorous glitter wine and deep brown; pressed eye shadows in pale purple, soft brown, and brick gold add sensual accents; coral rose for sparkling allure on cheeks.

• silk smooth eye shadow I, 2

• pressed eye shadow 3, 4, 5

• glow on 6
Swatches from top left to bottom right

Just like any other shu uemura eye shadow, this chic colors palette is very pigmented, velvety smooth textures. There are so many possible color combinations, I could create natural day look or a party night look with this palette easily with the applicators, tips and the brushes that it provided.
The brick gold adds the trick to highlight my eyes and made it looks sparkling, I like.

The cheek color is pigmented and create soft graduation.

rouge unlimited – RM80

Shine for the holidays with pure coloration from shu.
From iconic red to cute coquettish pale tones, tint your lips with rich moisture and long lasting comfort. A stylish black box outfits the lipstick package that features the cute mon shu girl character.

luxe burgundy
• Elegance reigns on holiday nights with this deep, dark burgundy shade. I use this tone for my night look.
FOTD using Tsuya skin base youthful radiance mousse, karl for shu prestigious bordeaux palette & rouge unlimited in luxe burgundy

parisienne pink
• This highly pigmented pale pink will make you pretty as a chic parisienne, it’s suitable for whole day use but I prefer to use it for my day look.

FOTD using Tsuya skin base youthful radiance mousse, karl for shu prestigious bordeaux palette & rouge unlimited in parisienne pink

I love shu uemura rouge unlimited moisture my lips yet providing a long lasting color to my lips, a definite bonus that I don’t have to reapply the rouge color often as I have hectic schedule most of the time.

mon shu mini brush set – RM190

There is an additional compartment for you to store other brushes/cosmetics

Compact size silver brush case that features the SUKL logo and mon shu girl illustration. The smart black interior with graphic accents includes a multi use pocket and 4 silver handle brushes- one goat hair cheek brush, two eye shadow brushes in nylon and sable, one lip/eyeliner brush-all made in Japan.

I’ve been long awaited for mon shu mini brush set because I love to collect brushes. All the 4 brushes are good quality, the price is reasonable compared with other high ended brands.

Let’s look at what are the other items in Shu Uemura 2012 holiday collection;

karl for shu smoky velvet palette – RM198
mon shu girl appears against a classic red background on the palette case setting the tone for this moody palette. The smoky shades include: silky smooth eye shadow in glitter black and deep khaki; pressed eye shadow accents in elegant light silver, mint green, glitter beige; dusty rose on cheek give an impression of sophistication.

• silk smooth eye shadow I, 2

• pressed eye shadow 3, 4, 5

• glow on 6

rouge unlimited – RM80

mon shu red

• The vivid red of this collection key color will inspire a kiss under the mistletoe.

celebrity beige

• This rich neutral beige is an attention getter- nude never looked so glamorous!

eyeliner painting liner blackish satin purple – RM80

sophisticated blackish satin purple shade enhances eye definition and adds a dash of sultriness to the holidays.

Cleansing beauty oil premium A/O advanced – RM290

shu uemura’s best beloved cleansing oil formula gets a mon shu girl make-over and an upgraded formula.

The celebrated high performance cleansing oil still boasts its comfortable, rich texture and soothing natural fragrance. Now it features Green Tea Extract with Catechin, known for anti-oxidant properties, to protect skin. The new Ginko Leaf Extract and Natural Origin HPO system also empowers with free radical defenses.

Remove make-up and cleanse and condition skin with mon shu girl, so lovely!

Karl for shu premium eyelashes – RM260

Striking premium edition tailor-made false eyelashes decorated with small red crystals on black and white fabric are the perfect gift. Each exquisite hand-made pair takes hours to create.

karl for shu mini eyelashes – RM100
Mini natural false eyelashes that add a festive charm to eyes.

A mix of silver sequins and beautiful black hair with a red accent add a holiday spirit.

shu eyelash curl & karl – RM68

The renowned eyelash curler now features the magnifique KL touch!

A special edition eyelash curler with an adorable mon shu girl charm - a festive red pad that ensures placement with the lash roots. An upward

looking eyelash propels your happiness upward! Take this lovely charm along in your favorite bag to bring you good luck everywhere you go.

This is a lovely curler but since I already have a shu uemura eyelash curler, I've give this a miss.

premium mini make-up box karl for shu shu baby – RM1,500

shu uemura’s professional make-up box, hand crafted one by one by artisans, dress-up with a premium silver color and the cute mon shu girl. With mon shu girl on your side, your wishes may even last for long!

I do hope to include this make-up box in my collection but money not enough though.

Making of Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura video

Spreading colorful times and holiday sparkle to girls around the world, mon shu girl dons Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic look and awakens the sleeping beauty that lies deep within. This holiday season, Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld send a miracle of color and beauty that is a gift for every girl. Available at all Shu Uemura counters and stores.
For more information, visit the links below;

Shu Uemura Malaysia website:

Shu Uemura Malaysia Facebook page:!/MyShuUemura

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