Purifies Body and Soul - Discover the wonder of LUNASOL's Purifying Makeup with Ms Yumi Takada

I always love to attend media event that I could learn new tips and tricks from the event. Thanks to Kanebo Malaysia, I was invited to discover the wonder of LUNASOL's Purifying Makeup with Ms Yumi Takada on a sunny Saturday noon last month.

Before I share the tips with my dear readers, let me introduce you Ms Yumi Takada who flew all the way from Japan to KL to meet us in the event. Ms Yumi Takada is the senior makeup artist and trend analyst, manager of Beauty Research Institute for Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. She joined Kanebo Cosmetics as Beauty Consultant back in 1987 and being promoted to current position. It’s such an honors for me to have the opportunity to meet and learn from the much experience makeup guru.
And for my readers who wants to learn about makeup, do keep reading this as this’s a long post with all the useful tips to lift and transform yourselves into refined women every day. As LUNASOL (Luna means MOON and SOL means SUN, light and shadow, or response and motion) was named to express the many faces and inner mysteries a woman posses. When the moon goes to asleep and the sun rises… applying makeup every morning can be regarded as a ritual that brings out the refinement sleeping within you. It’s a ritual that elevates you to a higher level – not just a habit or daily chore. That is the LUNASOL philosophy.
What is Lunasol Perfect Step? At each stage, from base and specific makeup to finishing, follow three principles below;

1) Well groomed skin – Apply a makeup base and foundation for well-groomed skin

2) Light & Shadow – Create depth by using a natural gradation of light and shadow

3) Facial Structure – Complete your makeup by balancing colors to enhance your facial structure

Ms Yumi Takada showed us how to apply the makeup base and foundation at the beginning of the workshop.

To create a perfect base of your skin, you should first apply the makeup base to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and the tip of your chin. Use your middle and ring fingers up to the second joint and spread the base evenly with a gentle massaging motion, reaching up to around your eyes. And to apply the makeup base to larger areas such as your cheeks and forehead, move your fingers in broad strokes. This will prevent unevenness and help the foundation spread more smoothly and last longer. For small areas such as eyes and nostrils, smooth the makeup into your skin in smaller, delicate strokes using your fingers.

Next, gently hold the narrower side of an oval sponger and use the sider side to apply the foundation. When applying the foundation to larger areas such as cheeks, pat your skin lightly and rhythmically. Spread the foundation over the contours of your face by stroking the skin smoothly. Fold the sponge for smaller areas. You could also use your fingers to apply the foundation from center outward and use the sponge to remove any excessive oil, which will improve the foundation’s ability to hold the makeup.

LUNASOL Sponge has 2 sided, the smooth side is for normal application whereas the velvet side is more for gentle & lighter application.

Note: Do Not apply foundation to your eyelids.

Light up your cheekbones and T-zone with Nuance Change Foundation. Use the brush to apply Nuance Change Foundation directly onto your skin and blend with your fingers. Next, use the remaining foundation on the sponge to create a gradation of light.

Hide the unwanted shadows by cover dark circles and dullness, use the under-eye concealer for dark circles under your eyes. Apply the concealer to the dark lines under the corners of your eyes and move outward. Finally, use your fingers to blend it.

Then, define the contours of your lips by conceal shadows around your mouth. Apply the under-eye concealer to the corners of your mouth and blend it in gently using your fingers.

Complete the base makeup using face powder, you can use either a brush or a powder puff.

If you are using a brush, take up some face powder on a large brush, shaking off any excess powder. Allow the brush to rest gently on the skin around your eye, and turn the brush, moving it from the inner to the outer corner of your eye.

For larger areas, apply the face powder gently in a wide, circular motion. Finally, use your hands to check that your skin feels smooth to the touch.

Note: Do not pull the brush away from your skin while applying the powder.

If you prefer to use powder puff, take up some face powder using the powder puff and rub it with your hand to ensure that the puff holds the powder. Apply the powder along the contours of your face, beginning with larger areas such as cheeks. For your T-zone and the area under your eyes and smaller areas such as around your nostrils, fold the powder puff in two and use the rounded edge to firmly apply the powder. Lastly, use your hands to check that your skin feels smooth to the touch. Brush off any excess powder for a beautiful finish.

Now your face is ready to the eye makeup. Use the eyelid base to clear any dullness around your eyes. Place the base on your finger and apply a thin layer along the upper eyelid, where you had not applied the foundation. The key to apply the eyelid base without smearing is to slide your finger over the skin. If your skin feels sticky, press gently with your fingers so that the base holds. You could pull up your eyelid a little bit when apply the eye makeup base to make sure it’s smooth.

Now you could frame your eyes using eyeliner. Use the pencil eyeliner to draw the baseline along your eyelids. Draw a line from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye, carefully filling in spaces between your eyelashes. The key is to move the pencil in spaces between your eyelashes. The key is to move the pencil gradually in short strokes instead of drawing the line in one stroke. Use the same technique to draw a line one-third of the way along the lower eyelid, from the outside toward the center. Once you have drawn the lines, finish the area around the outer corners of your eyes using the tip of the other end of the pencil eyeliner. Lightly brush your lower eyelid in the same manner.

Now your eye base is done, you could proceed to create shadows around the eyes.

Take up some highlight color on a large brush and use the back of your hand to adjust the amount of powder. Apply the powder to your eyelid, focusing the light in the center, as if covering the entire eyelid by the brush. Also apply it lightly to your brow and the area under your eyes.

Take up some medium color on the brush and apply it to the upper eyelid crease. Define the eyes by brushing it along the crease from the inner and outer corners of your eye to the center.

Using a smaller brush, apply the main color about the width of double-edged eyelid from the outer corner of your eye to give your eye an added definition. Create natural shadows by layering the medium and main colors.

Using a smaller brush or the tip, apply the shadow color along the length of your eye, from the outer to the inner corner. Add greater definition to your eyelid by layering over the line drawn with the pencil eyeliner. Use the thin tip to give colors greater depth. Also shade one-third of your lower eyelid starting from the outer corner of your eye, and blur slightly.

It’s essential to define your eyes with lines, choose from liquid liner, gel liner, or a pencil liner. Each eyeliner allows you to define your look in a different way.

For Liquid Liner lover like me, draw a line with the liquid liner from the outer and inner corners of your eye toward the center, and then finish the line by moving toward the outer corner. Draw a fine line along the lashline to define your eyes more clearly and give greater depth to your look. Angle the brush slightly for beautiful lines. Liquid liner is the best choice for fine and clear lines.

Gel liner user, you could take up some gel liner with the brush and draw a line from the outer and inner corners of your eye toward the center, then finish the line by moving toward the outer corner. Follow the base of your eyelashes, filling in the spaces between the lashes. For a stronger line, angle the brush instead of shading. The gel liner is particularly good for creating thick or fine lines that you can shade further.

And for pencil liner lovers, draw a line from the outer and inner corners of your eye toward the center, following the base of your eyelashes and filling in the spaces between your lashes. Use the tip to draw out the outer former of your eye. The pencil liner is especially good for lines that fade softly.

Reveal the beauty of your eyes effectively by using mascara and mascara base for long, thick eyelashes. First, use the eyelash curler to curl your lashes upward. Position the curler at the root of your eyelashes, and then turn your hand two or three times toward the tips of your lashes to create the curl. Hold a mirror underneath your eyes so that you can see the line of your eyelashes.

If your eyelashes are fine or sparse, use mascara base to give them body and volume.

Apply the mascara base from the roots to the tips of your eyelashes. Apply the mascara from the roots to the tips of your eyelashes. Starting at the roots, separate each eyelash completely by moving the brush from side to side. For your lower eyelashes, hold the brush vertically and move it from side to side.

The color and shape of your eyebrows affect the look of your entire face. Refine your look by starting with the natural features of your eyebrows by eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder or eyebrow mascara.

With eyebrow pencil, use the screw brush to give shape to your eyebrows, and then use the eyebrow pencil to fill any sparse areas and shape the ends. Define the length of your eyebrows with the pencil, going from the edge of the eyebrows, and against the direction of the hair from the arch to the inner edge.

Use the eyebrow powder to create definition and body, and to accentuate the natural flow of the eyebrows. Apply the medium color at the center, and emphasize more color on the eyebrow arch, apply the tail of your eyebrow with the darkest color and lastly apply the lighter color on the whole eyebrow to soften it, gently shade to create a natural finish.

Balance the color of your hair and eyebrows using eyebrow mascara that matches your hair color. First, apply the mascara from the outer corner of your eyebrow toward the inner corner, against the direction of the hairs. Then, apply the eyebrow mascara from the inner to the outer corner and comb your hair to set the flow.

Fuller and more beautiful lips will change one’s look immediately. Draw the shape of your lips using the lip liner. Shape the lips and corners of your moth for greater definition. For a fuller look, draw slightly outside the actual lip line.
Take plenty of lipstick on the lip brush and apply to the lower lip, starting from the center. When the lower lip is finished, apply the lipstick to the upper lip. For a beautiful finish at the corners of the lips, use the side edge of the brush. Use a mirror the check your lips from the front and the side to ensure that there is no smudging. For longer lasting results, blot the lips using a tissue paper to blend the color into your lips.

Apply a layer of lip gloss to add a moist sheen to your lips, giving them extra fullness. To emphasize the fullness of your lips, apply the gloss only to the center of the lips. The light will reflect off this part of your lips, accentuating their full shape.

Finally, balance every aspect of your makeup to define your look. Take up some blush on a large brush and blend it onto your skin, gently brushing away any excess powder. Apply the blush along the lines of your cheeks in a wide, circular motion. Hold the brush vertically instead of angling it for a natural-looking finish.

Using a large brush, gently apply shade color slightly under the area you blushed as if layering over them. Also apply shading powder lightly along the contours of your face for sharper definition.
Emphasize your natural features by using a highlighting powder that is brighter than your skin tone. Using a large brush, apply the highlight color to prominent features such as cheekbones, T-zone, and chin. The key is to apply the highlight color to raise the parts of the face and the shade color to the lower parts.
After performing each of these steps, your posture is naturally improved and your expressions are purified. A beautiful finish, it is like purifying even your soul, and this is the secret of LUNASOL’s purifying makeup.
Ms Yumi Takada with the 2 beautiful models in the media event

I’ve done my FOTD follow this tutorial and I simply love my look, what about you?
The cosmetics that I used in this FOTD are LUNASOL Control Makeup base SPF 20 PA++ in 02, LUNASOL Skin Modeling liquid foundation SPF 17 PA + in OC03, LUNASOL Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA++ in OC03, LUNASOL Modeling Glossy eyes in 02 Soft Khaki, ecotools brushes, Jill Stuart eyelash curler, Jill Stuart cheek color in 106 Sprouting Joy, RMK Eyebrow Mascara N in 03 Brown Gold, L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D, MAC Lip Conditioner, LUNASOL Full Glamour lips & Loreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss.
LUNASOL Control Makeup base SPF 20 PA++ has even up my roughness and clears away the signs of dullness with a soothing texture. It has helped my skin in oil production and my makeup has stayed for one whole day.
I love LUNASOL Skin Modeling liquid foundation very much, it’s texture is very smooth, and with approximately 55% water composition, it’s very easy to blend evenly on my skin.
LUNASOL Skin Fusing Powder Foundation has very fined texture, I love it’s silky powder that makes my skin translucent.
Lastly, Ms Yumi Takada has also shared the 2013 trends, which are black and white. Bright color which is not patch but small like pink, red, orange, vivid color will be in trend too. I’ll share with you more insight of what’s coming for LUNASOL 2013 collection, stay tuned.

Do follow Kanebo Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kanebomalaysia for more updates and information.

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