Doraemon 100th years before Birth Figurines @ Fahrenheit88 featuring upcoming youth artists in Malaysia

Are you a fan of the iconic Japanese anime, Doraemon? Do you know that Doraemon's date of birth is on 3 Sept 2112? Meaning that this year in 2012, it will be the start of the one hundred year countdown to Doraemon's birthday!
Fahrenheit88 Kuala Lumpur is now exhibits Doraemon's Birth Figurines featuring upcoming youth artists in Malaysia. Let's all gather to reminisce about our childhood Doraemon memories.

1. Abs Lee

A graduate from the LimKokWing University College of Creative Technology from Fashion & Retail is a self taught monster illustrator & ABSoluteLEE ME is a brands by Abs Lee where she explore her greatest talent by creating wacky illustrations. In these illustrations is also where she expresses her feelings about her daily life and thus MEETHECREEPS, a bunch of cute and wacky monsters are created to tell her life stories.

Her website:
2. Chong Chuen Chuein ( ah b blowwater)

Ah b, graduate from Dasein Academy of Art, freelance designer and illustrator. He also a founder of Lucky_Psycho.

His website:
3. Jefferson Ng

ahBoy is a name given to a small kid. Its been an ages no one calling this name untill lately. ahBoy likes to thinks alot, this is why his head is so big. His big hands are used to help those in need. And he is so short that everyone thought he is not wearing pants because his shirt covering it.and here he comes- ahBoy. ahBoy can sometimes guy, girl, animal, and also non living thing. He is everywhere if you do noticed him. He just loves to camouflage himself.

His website:
4. Shenly

Shenly, a self-taught illustrator. SincesheI was young, she has always dreamed about creating something which will bring joy and happiness to people round the world. She started her first creative development in 2008. Her works are influenced by the beauty of parasitic life forms and the nature that surrounds us. Today, Shenly works independently and created her own label d'creativeaholic in 2010. Apart from that, she is also fortunate to have 2 cute and warm sidekicks, Happie & Lucky. They are a pair of Beagles who accompany her while she design and they are also her most loyal supporters.

5. Wong Chee Kit (jiet wong)

On November 17th, 1984, a Chinese family in the state of Perak, Malaysia, made space for a new addition to their little nest; an energetic, free-spirited, boy. Having turned 18 years of age, he decided to be known as Jietwong. At the age of 21, he graduated from New Era College in the field of Visual Art Communication, and was ready to join the Design and Advertising industry, bearing an Associate Degree in Art & Design.

After having accumulated a good seven years of experience as a graphic designer within the industry, Jietwong was ready to take the next step in life… turning his dreams into a reality. He was no longer just an ordinary designer; instead he expanded his horizon and become a self-taught artist and an entrepreneur – finally Jietconcepts was established.

His website:

6. Lok Chern
Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chern [Cloak] is Malaysian's Graffiti Artist and Toy Designer, & illustrator.

Cloak's websites: &
7. WillSii

Share the emotions with everyone through its art + design.

Create collectible belongings that represented/expressed you.

His website:
8. Pauline Teng

A graphic artist/ advertising & promotion artist, have been drawing since 2001 study graphic design for 3 years in a art college.i love art from design. drawing,painting,what ever caught my eyes,depends how u look at them.Seeing new stuff & create new things that comes to my i learn what ever.

Pauline's websites: &
9. Kelseyz lor

Kelseyz xiao fan fang, a illustrator and multimedia designer, is one young woman who loves relieving her childhood memories in the work she creates as much as she enjoys producing fantasy-style artwork and unusual product designs. Her impressive collection of pen illustration, rich in details that it is easy for one to lose touch with the fact that they were all created with simple tools that we often take for granted – the conventional pen and paper. Her illustration are almost exclusively in black and white although occasionally color do come into play.

Her website:
10. Vivian loulou

Once upon a time in sunny suburban Malaysia, former college buddies Vivian and Wai Lam bonded over a mutual love of paper and handmade curios.

In today’s age of high tech gizmos and gadgets, the duo felt that the appreciation of paper would soon be thing of the past. Now, that would be awful! They wanted to share the joys of paper with others, the way it smelt, the way the paper grain felt under your fingertips, right down to the rush of excitement one gets upon writing the first word on a brand new notebook.

Together, they joined forces and set out to create a brand of stationery that was unique, useful and well made that would quite simply, make people happy. After a year of careful research and planning, pondering and pandering, countless cups of coffee and just a teensy bit of arguing, Mossery was born.
At Mossery, we want nothing more than to make responsibly and sustainably produced products that inspire others to express their own creativity and originality through drawing and writing, and for the simple happiness paper can bring to be shared around the world.

Her websites: &

11. Luk Chee Chew

Project & toy creator, dweey.

Dweey is a brand created by Luk Chee Chew from Fusionwave Creative Consultancy Sdn.Bhd. in 2005. The brand started from a little cartoon character and slowly turns into Art Toy Collectible and online community. Dweey is acquired by Toy Minister in 2010 which has become one of the main intellectual property of the company. Toy Minister is going to promote Dweey into another level in international toy business.

His website:

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Nick Chan said...

So many cute little doraemon figurine!!!!!! Last week I passed by I saw a big doraemon opposite of Pavilion.

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