The Key To Life, The Code to Youth

Thanks to Life Code Anti-Aging International Berhad, 11 Lucky Blogger Followers of Plusizekitten will get the chance to review & enjoy a 30mins ST Rejuvenation Therapy with Miu (Plusizekitten) and gossip in the ST House.

Date: 16th May (Sunday)
Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
No. of pax: 11 bloggers+ Miu
F&B provided
Now you may wonder what is Life Code Auti-Aging International Berhad do? Let me tell you more;

Life Code Anti-aging is established with the state of mind “The Key to Life, The Code to Youth”. Scientists believe that aging is a common factor which affects every mankind, thus everyone will be gradually affected by aging and eventually helplessly moving towards old age and death. Aging is caused by genetic and chromosum mutation, thus if the code of gene factors can be decoded then aging will not be an issue to threaten human beings. Life Code youth revitalizing formulas unveil the myth of eternity!!!
Life Code Anti- aging is enthusiastic in delivering Safe, Effective, Rapid, Natural products to our customers. Our products range from skin care, cosmetics, to anti- aging cellular supplement. With highly trained management and staffs to provide reliable and professional service, Life Code Anti- aging is marked a world class anti-aging platform which has helped thousands of people in the world to reverse aging within 3 to 15 minutes.   
Now, if you still wondering, Life Code Anti-Aging International Berhad is the manufacturer for some world’s leading cosmetic brands, for example: SK II (Raw material provider), CLARINS, GUERLAIN, LANCOME, ESTEE LAUDER, ELIZABETH ARDEN, BOOTS (U.K), PUPA, KARSTADT, MARKS & SPENCER, BLOOMINGDALE, AVON, HERTIE AND HORTON, SAX, SUPER DRUG, DEBORAH, JC PENNY.
Amazing right? 
I am very interested to try out their Life Code Miracle ST (Super Tourmaline) Rejuvenation Therapy because it promised Immediate skin brightening effect - 2 degrees lighter skin in 30 minutes GUARANTEED.  :D
The ST House


Daddy 从上个星期四开始,头疼,发烧,退了又来的连续到现在。昨天看了医生验血说不是蚊症,也不是细菌感染,是身体内很热,所以便给了发烧和止痛药而已。没想到昨晚吃了药睡觉后,半夜两点多他竟然全身发抖直呼很冷。

今天Daddy 的情况没有改善,我们便怀疑他是出猪毛丹。带了他看Jalan Ipoh 一个出名的医生,证实真的是猪毛丹!医生替他打了一只针,给了一些药,说明天再去复诊。希望Daddy 早日康复。康复之后要好好照顾身体,别每次只喝冷水不喝白开水。



看来真的是身体太热而惹的病  :/  Daddy 加油,快快好起来。

Note: 以下是Daddy 去问诊的医疗所,道地吉隆坡人都知道医治猪毛丹出名的;
Klinik Kok Kai Yan 郭启恩药房有限公司
99, Jalan Ipoh,
51200 KL.
Tel: 603 -40425352

2 weeks to 11 months

My darling princess is now 2 weeks to 11 months! Time flies.... she has grown up so much to know how to play, how to interact with people, how to shout when she is angry, how to rock the horse, and she knows who love her and who doesn't. When nanny doesn't treat her good, we know because she will refuse nanny in the morning when we send her there. Nanny needs to treat her good so that my princess likes her and willing to go there to maintain her job  :P

You see how the grand parents loving princess Jia Rye. Princess likes to kiss those people that she loves too  ;)

Bobbi Brown Runway Kit

Today I google about the Bobbi Brown runway kit that I have won from Burt's Bee workshop, I found out that it costs RM350! At first I thought it is selling at RM250  :P  Really a million thanks to Bobbi Brown! I am going to learn on how to use this simmer eye pallete by visiting one of their store, maybe by end of this week. Luv it soooo much, Yay!  :)

More information on BB Runway Kit at My Women Stuff

A wonderful Saturday

It was a very wonderful Saturday yesterday. I woke up earlier than usual Saturday and prepare to go to Burt's Bee workshop at Royale Bintang hotel. Ohya, before I wrote more about the workshop, I would like to thanks to my mother-in-law and nanny to take care my princess so that I could enjoy the workshop 100% without worrying.

This is a paid workshop, but it costs very little, RM30 only. The first thing we did was to refresh our mind with Yoga section. It was conducted by CandiSoo and after that we were given RM190 cash voucher for 10 free sections at her gym studio. The next programme was organised by Burt's Bee, we were taught for the benefits of natural products, and DIY mask using egg, honey and rose essential oil. We had fun in that section and it was the first time I used DIY mask. Felt OK and quite clean after putting on the egg white mask for 10 minutes. Then I applied Burt's Bee serum and moisturiser on my face with the samples there. Lastly it was a makeover demo from Bobbi Brown. I love Bobbi Brown rather than MAC because I feel that BB cosmetic provides more natural look and not so dramatic like the others. The model is very young and pretty and I enjoyed seeing her being make over, she looks really adorable.

The final section was the lucky draw. CandiSoo sponsored more cash vouchers, Bobbi Brown sponsored 5 Goodie Bags and Burt's Bee also sponsored some Goodie Bags. My aiming was the BB goodie bag because I really like it. I was praying in my heart since Josephone drew out the winners..... The first goodie bag gone, then the second, the third, the fourth.... Oh my it was the last one already. God please let me WIN!!!! And Finally I really WON it! Yay!!!! My lucky number 1824 really called out for the last BB Goodie Bag! I am very very very delightful until now hehehe. Tammy, Fatin and the others hate me sooo much for that  :P
All the participants received a RM200 goodie bag with Burt's Bee products, we all love it, really.

The workshop was ending with buffet lunch at Royale Bintang hotel. Wow everyone of us never expected for such a lovely organizing! Thanks Burts Bee, Bobbi Brown, Candi Soo, and NuYou for such a wonderful and powderful event, muacks!

When I reached home, I discovered that I have won a shampoo from DKSH too! Really a very good day for me, hehehe.

Here is a pic of my retail therapy last week and also my Paul & Joe redemption with April issue of ifeel.

My Gap 0% Plastic Bag

I got the Gap 0% Plastic Bag just now at 1 Utama, thanks Pinky for sharing the information. The bag quality is very good and it is big enough to bring for shopping.

Tomorrow need to wait up early to go to Damansara Jaya for Burt's Bee workshop. Will update more when I am back.  :)

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day 2010 has just passed, did you do anything to save the planet?

I always wanted to do my best effort to recycle since I was children. I don't throw papers, instead I put them in a bag and put into the recycle bin when the bag is full. I always switch off the electricity when it is not in use. I always save the tap water by using a mug to brush. I always think what to take before I open the fridge and act fast to get the things that I want and close the fridge door immediately. And there are other things I have done..... Until I married and moved to husband's house, everything has changed. I seen people there open the fridge door for a long time, just to look around what is inside. I saw people open the tap and never save the water. I saw people throwing the papers into rubbish bin, as normal rubbish. I saw people switch on the fans and airconds while there is nobody in the room.And I saw many other things.... And ended up, I have changed my habit, into the bad one. Sometimes I don't care to throw away the papers, I don't care If the air-cond is on while nobody is there and many many more.

I don't feel good about it, but my voice is so soft, so small in the house. No one would bother or listen to me because they have been living like this for the pass 30+ years.

I pray and hope that the planet would not died like what is shown in the movie 2012. And I pray that my princess Jia Rye would enjoy the joyous of the earth until she is old.


什么?去一个workshop 要准备那么多东西?

刚刚收到女友的短讯,关于这个星期六Burt's Bee 的 workshop。除了加长了时间,从原本的10am to 1pm 变成10am to 2pm!还有一大堆东西要带! 以下都是要我们自己准备的哦:
1)original bank in slip - 人家已经电邮给她了嘛,而且还是两次哦!
2) Yoga Mat - 什么??没有的话怎么办?
3) Towel - 什么?你们订了酒店房间让我们冲凉吗?
4) empty medium size jug - 我有听错吗?这不是应该由你们准备的吗?
5) Bring/wear fitness entire - hello, 什么是 entire? 你要说 attire 是吗?

还有,我现在才留意到短讯里写 workshop 的日期是16Apr10?什么嘛,今天已经是四月二十一日了耶!女友的这个工作人员真的是很差劲,真希望这个 workshop 不会是一团糟,浪费参与者的时间和金钱。拜拜。


今天特别怀念80年代香港歌曲,尤其是张学友和王菲那时期的流行曲。我早上一到公司就播放收听上个月跟同事抄回来的香港80年代 MP3。奇怪的是,年轻时不是很欣赏的郑秀文,现在反而觉得她的歌其实也很不错。是否证明了人经历了时间,确实是会改变的?




A happening week

Last Thursday, I went to Neway karaoke to farewell for an ex-colleague. We had fun and sang until 11:30pm. By the time I reached home it was already pass 12am! I had never been going out until so late since I was pregnant, it was since 2008 year end! I felt the tiredless the following day, and even until Sunday! I catched up a lot of sleep after that hahaha, is this prove that I am old already?

On last Saturday, it was even fun. I went to KLCC to participate MAC and Benefits workshop for free. This was my first time exploring these brands because my all time favorite for cosmetic is always Shu Uemura. MAC makeup artist picked up a participant as a model, and did makeup for her. We did not have chance to makeup with their cosmetics ourselves thus I felt this workshop is quite boring and wasting time.  :P  But lucky that we had got our door gift, which is a 30ml make up remover and a Salabianca bracelet. And I am happy to meet Tammy and Sabrina in the workshop. Tammy is a famous blogger in KL and she looks gorgeous in person. 

In the afternoon, I went to sister's shop to have lunch. I had Man Yi Mee and herbal tea for free hehehe. Then I went to Kielh's at Isetan to find out what is the brand about. The kind SA there gave me 3 samples to try out since it was my first time exploring the brand. Hooray.

Then it's the time for Benefit's workshop. Benefits worskshop is much more different from MAC. Benefits let us try their cosmetic,each participant had a make up artist with her to explain and teach the technique. It was fun exploring their signature product - Benetint. I like it very much.

Last but not least, we brought home a new toy for baby Jia Rye. It is a plastic little tikes brand rocking horse. She likes it very much and below is my pose with her, with Benetint on my cheeks and lips.  :D

Big girl don't cry

Hubby called to tell me that, little JR did not cry while she woke up since this Monday. Before that, she always cried If no one was in the room with her, for attention. But now, she does not cry. Indeed, she plays and cruise in the cot while waiting for adults to come to pick her up. While she sees someone steps into the room, she will smile happily and wait for the fellow to picks her up.

I wish I could see it but I always go to work early, before she woke up. I hope this weekend she would behave like this as well. My good girl is grows up already loo.


午餐时间,跟同事谈起最近在大陆内地很流行的裸婚。根据互动百科-〉裸婚,不是指两个人光着身子结婚。而是指: “无车无房无钻戒,不办婚礼不蜜月”,花九块钱去登记处办理一张结婚证,其他都可以不要。它是当下流行在80后的情侣中,为了证明爱情高于物质的一种结婚方式。





差不多是时候开始 planning 她一岁生日派对咯。要“大搞”还是温馨“小搞”才好呢?

Another Retail Therapy of the week

Yesterday was Metro Prima Jusco Day. I was not that into Jusco day ever since I went to the one in Mid Valley 2 years back, it was so crowded and need to Q for long to pay. However, since I wanted to check out a Korean brand which also have sales now ~ Etude House, thus I drove to Kepong after work.

I guess Metro Prima lousy parking system is so not managable, thus the management has decided to make it as free car park. The car park was so busy while I reached there at 6pm, I was lucky enough to find a good parking lot while stucking in the jam inside.

I went into Jusco and bought something which cost me RM 120+, and got the RM 10 Jusco voucher.

Then I went to Etude house, the things there are cheaper compare to The Face Shop however I didn't buy much, just some masks and a cute accessories storage box. Damage was just RM35.

Went back at 7pm+ and stuck in the car park again! Not sure the time but merely 20 minutes, phew. When I reached home, I was very hungry and tired already. Luckily my little princess angel waited me to come back and played with me for a few moments, it washed out my tiredness and I felt happy and relief.



My Princess' follow up

Yesterday princess had a follow up appointment with Doctor Yeu at 3:30pm. She was very delightful in the car but while she realised that we were heading to the hospital, she became quiet. I could feel her stress while we walking to the paedetrician centre in the hospital.

Lucky she forgot about it while we let her play in the playground.

The follow up was well, doctor said princess is 100% recover. What a relief for us, thanks God and we pray that princess would not fall into serious sick again.

Retail Therapy

Recently I read a blog mentioned about The Face Shop's products. It sounds not bad thus I had given it a try and enjoy my retail therapy with it's sales now.

I choosed some masks, hand creams, accesorries, nail colors, and tTotal damage is RM133.10 I am happy because I would be giving some of these things to my good friends and I hope they would like it too.  :D

Hair care

I noticed that one of my favorite "souvenir" from travel abroad is hair care. I always like to go to different drug store to find out different brands and types of hair care during vacation. Although my hair is not really great, but I still like to buy them. Now, there are many unopened bottles in my store and I am still collecting them when traveling around.

The latest collection from last month's Taipei trip is Avalon Organics Lavender Nourishing Shampoo and conditioner. I have never heard the brand until I Google it, it is a Canada/USA brands using Organics ingredients.

I bought the Shiseido Tsubaki collection from Sasa Hong Kong. I have tried them and found that it is just nice to my hair.

I also bought Toni & Guys, schwarzkopf and other brands during other vacation. Let's see what will I get in my next destination.


话说宝宝在三月三十日开始发烧,一直到星期五还在陆陆续续发烧,而且每天温度会加一度之下,我便带她去看第二次医生。医生怀疑是蚊症,于是便“滴血”检验了。十五分钟后,报告出来说是 dengue!我的天!赶快叫医生写信号让我们送宝宝进院。

老公在忙完公司的事后,一点多左右便回家接我们去 Tropicana Medical Centre。到了那里,我带着宝宝去 emergency 让护士和医生检查。当时的宝宝已经发烧快到40度了,护士拿了一盆温水,要替宝宝降温。可怜的宝宝被护士吓坏了。

在 emergency 等了将近一个小时后,我们终于被安排了床位,护士带领我们去5楼的儿童病房,在那里又等候了一个小时才等到我们的 Doctor Yeu Boon Kian。在等候医生的时候,护士替宝宝量体温和心跳,不得了,宝宝发烧到40度了!不久后,护士便拿了退烧药塞进宝宝的屁股里。

医生来了之后,说必须让宝宝打点滴。于是我们带宝宝去 Procedure Room 让医生和护士替她抽血和插针。我和老公在房外听到宝宝哭得很凄惨。很可怜,唉。宝宝出来后,手上已经多了针孔和一块小板。之后她一直哭哭哭,直到累了才睡觉。晚上七点多,医生来通知我们,宝宝确定不是蚊症,而是细菌感染。还好不是蚊症。





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