Earth Day 2010

Earth Day 2010 has just passed, did you do anything to save the planet?

I always wanted to do my best effort to recycle since I was children. I don't throw papers, instead I put them in a bag and put into the recycle bin when the bag is full. I always switch off the electricity when it is not in use. I always save the tap water by using a mug to brush. I always think what to take before I open the fridge and act fast to get the things that I want and close the fridge door immediately. And there are other things I have done..... Until I married and moved to husband's house, everything has changed. I seen people there open the fridge door for a long time, just to look around what is inside. I saw people open the tap and never save the water. I saw people throwing the papers into rubbish bin, as normal rubbish. I saw people switch on the fans and airconds while there is nobody in the room.And I saw many other things.... And ended up, I have changed my habit, into the bad one. Sometimes I don't care to throw away the papers, I don't care If the air-cond is on while nobody is there and many many more.

I don't feel good about it, but my voice is so soft, so small in the house. No one would bother or listen to me because they have been living like this for the pass 30+ years.

I pray and hope that the planet would not died like what is shown in the movie 2012. And I pray that my princess Jia Rye would enjoy the joyous of the earth until she is old.

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