A happening week

Last Thursday, I went to Neway karaoke to farewell for an ex-colleague. We had fun and sang until 11:30pm. By the time I reached home it was already pass 12am! I had never been going out until so late since I was pregnant, it was since 2008 year end! I felt the tiredless the following day, and even until Sunday! I catched up a lot of sleep after that hahaha, is this prove that I am old already?

On last Saturday, it was even fun. I went to KLCC to participate MAC and Benefits workshop for free. This was my first time exploring these brands because my all time favorite for cosmetic is always Shu Uemura. MAC makeup artist picked up a participant as a model, and did makeup for her. We did not have chance to makeup with their cosmetics ourselves thus I felt this workshop is quite boring and wasting time.  :P  But lucky that we had got our door gift, which is a 30ml make up remover and a Salabianca bracelet. And I am happy to meet Tammy and Sabrina in the workshop. Tammy is a famous blogger in KL and she looks gorgeous in person. 

In the afternoon, I went to sister's shop to have lunch. I had Man Yi Mee and herbal tea for free hehehe. Then I went to Kielh's at Isetan to find out what is the brand about. The kind SA there gave me 3 samples to try out since it was my first time exploring the brand. Hooray.

Then it's the time for Benefit's workshop. Benefits worskshop is much more different from MAC. Benefits let us try their cosmetic,each participant had a make up artist with her to explain and teach the technique. It was fun exploring their signature product - Benetint. I like it very much.

Last but not least, we brought home a new toy for baby Jia Rye. It is a plastic little tikes brand rocking horse. She likes it very much and below is my pose with her, with Benetint on my cheeks and lips.  :D

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