My Feeling With Eternity

Girls, have you tried any of the Eternity Malaysia's products? Well I would like to share my experience and feeling of using epilat Body Treatment Milk with you here.

epliat Body Treatment Milk removes unwanted hair completely, leaving silky smoother skin for a few weeks. It contains pomegranate extract which really smell good and moisture my skin.

How to use epilat Body Treatment Milk? Apply to arms, legs or under arms after process of hair removing. Or even when you feel that you have dry skin, you can use this milk to moisturise your skin too.
I 100% Love it's texture, which is light and easy to absorbed into my skin. My skin feel smooth and silky like a baby skin for the whole day. ♥

Now I can't wait to try Eternity Malaysia's other quality products, cush as Ichikami products. I believe Eternity Malaysia provides good quality products with affordable price to consumer. Love ♥Eternity Malaysia♥

Chic&Sleek Eco Canvas Tote Promotion for Plusizekitten Readers!

With the Christmas Cheers, maybe you can cheer a friend up with a Chic & Sleek bags! Chic & Sleek is offering to Plus Size Kitten's readers FREE SHIPPING IN KLANG VALLEY and RM5 off the price!
Not only this, tell Santa Miu which bag or bags you like and why coz you might get it from Santa Miu hehe! Contest ends 31st December, 2010! Open only to followers and yes international as well :)
For more info, please visit Plus Size Kitten

Worthy Book : Great Deals, great Discounts!

Klang Valley folks, have you ever heard about Worthy Book?

Worthy Book is a revolutionary consumer lifestyle publication in the form of a mini directory guide together with a compilation of vouchers, offering attractive deals and special discounts for your famiuly, friends and your enjoyment!

Participating merchants range from Dining, Entertainment, Retails to Services, where many of these are our personal favourites in Klang Valley. =)

Being a 2010/2011 edition released in September, a few vouchers have expired (around 5 out of the over 100 brands). However, Worthy Book do add extra NEW vouchers (like Mary Chia, KLCC Aquaria, Beaubelle etc) and goodies (Yokoso Shiyuki sample).

I have tried the Yokoso Shiyuki One Minute treatment sample. After shampoo massage the treatment and leave on for one minute then rinse thoroughly. My hair is smooth and shine after using it. ^-^
I also tried out ‘Hot Therapy Bed’ at Ecoparadise the Gardens Mall using the free first trial voucher from Worthy Book.
Using breakthrough techniques, Ecoparadise developed a process whereby a concentrated antioxidant solution derived from friendly microorganisms is embedded into building materials. The antioxidants are then released into the air we breathe as hot water pipes heat building materials up. This unique construction process operates on a principle similar to the Roman caldarium.
I was given a blue yukuta to change before I go into the chamber.
I was laid and relaxed in an antioxidant-rich, climate controlled chamber, where temparature(41C-43C) and humidity level(20%-40%) are monitored for maximum comfort for 45 mins.
 Nails was not rusted in anti-oxidant water but already rusted in normal water.

 Egg keeps well in the anti-oxidant environment.
 I was offered a tumbler of water and small glass of fruit enzymes.
 Nice View from the lounge
 They are having promotion this month.

Benefit from Therapy Bed:

~ Relaxes, revitalizes & rejuvenates
~ Improves blood circulation
~ Improves metabolism & blood pressure
~ Reduces swelling
~ Strengthens immune system
~ Helps relieve allergies, colds & constipation
Ecoparadise @ The Gardens Mall located at FF-229, 5th floor Mid Valley City. Call (03)2287-2019 for enquiry.

Well, above was my experience using Worthy Book thus far. Interesting isn't it? ;-)

Worthy Book is retailing at RM35 and RM2 from every book sold is donated to National Kidney Foundation(NKF). Now If you quoted my blog "Wai Yee aka Rane" you will get 30% discount.

So, what are you waiting for? Call (03)2264-3115  or email for more details.

My three favourite Lancôme products

Lancôme, a famous France brand that almost everyone knows about. Hence I don't need to introduce you Lancôme. However I would like to share my top three favourite Lancôme products that I have been using all the while.

1) Lancome Miracle EDP spray, seeing that my bottle is almost finished now, I don't need to tell you how good it smells and how I love it to every bit, right  :-)

2) Lancome Primordiale Cell Defense Serum. It is a really a good serum that easy to be absorbed. My skin is soft and smooth after each application.

3) Lancome Primordiale Skin Recharge Visible Smoothing Renewing Emulsion. This emulsion is light and suit my combination skin perfectly. It leaves my skin smoother, softer, younger & more radiant.

Now, what are your top three Lancome's favourite items? Mind to share with me?

iFeel Jan 2011 at

FREE Majiami Mask worth RM19.90 when you purchase iFeel Jan 2011 issue only at outlets! limited to 500 copies! For further enquiries, kindly contact 1-800-88-1231 or drop us an email at

Short holiday post

Today is Sultan Selangor's Birthday, and it's Public Holiday for Selangor State. Happy holiday to those who entitled for it ya ;)

Now I am going to review the YSL Matte Primer that I bought at Loreal luxury warehouse sales months ago.
I like the texture as it is silky smooth. The best part is, it only cost me RM20! Wow what a deal! ^-^

And now, my FOTD  :)
I am ready to go for some shopping, see you again.

Liese Bubble Hair Color & Benefiber

Spotted Liese Bubble Hair Color & Benefiber promotions @ Guardian this morning. Enjoy 10% discount on Liese products and with every purchase of RM30 of Liese product, a cute lil red pouch is yours. Wow this is really a good deal, I purchased my first 2 boxes of Liese bubble dye from Singapore early this year cost me almost RM100(with tax). Now, I pay less than RM70 to get 2 boxes and I get free cute pouch summore!

Benefiber 10% discount and sampling section.

First winning for Dec 2010

Received a letter from postman this morning, guess what have I won?
I won Bella RM500 Hair Removal Treatment Voucher from Newtide Magazine, yay! I am thinking which part should I choose to remove? What do you think?  ;-)

In the noon I received another parcel from postman, this prize is best to complement with Bella Hair Removal.

Yes it's Epliat Body Treatment Milk I won from Eternity Malaysia. Epilat after treatment milk contains pomegranate extract to removes unwanted hair completely, leaving silky smoother skin for a few weeks.The best part is, it is made in Japan! Wow sounds cool right, I will review it after my hair removal programme. Stay tuned! :)

31 days to 2011

Today is 1st Dec 2010 and there is 31 days more to 2011, yay!

I wish the new year is a better year as I had a bad year in 2010. A few incidents happened that I would never forget in my life. Well, life goes on and let's hope for a better year.

My top 3 wishes for year 2011;
1) Princess grows up healthy and happily
2) Get princess a healthy brother
3) Family members keep healthy and happy.

Luv ya
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