First winning for Dec 2010

Received a letter from postman this morning, guess what have I won?
I won Bella RM500 Hair Removal Treatment Voucher from Newtide Magazine, yay! I am thinking which part should I choose to remove? What do you think?  ;-)

In the noon I received another parcel from postman, this prize is best to complement with Bella Hair Removal.

Yes it's Epliat Body Treatment Milk I won from Eternity Malaysia. Epilat after treatment milk contains pomegranate extract to removes unwanted hair completely, leaving silky smoother skin for a few weeks.The best part is, it is made in Japan! Wow sounds cool right, I will review it after my hair removal programme. Stay tuned! :)


ChaiFung said...

congrats rane for the winning!

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Thanks Chai Fung :)

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