Brighter Tooth Brighter Smile with Philips Sonicare Flexcare+

Smile and the whole world smiles with you, the old folks always say. I believe in this, and I  feel wonderful whenever I smile but sometimes I was hesitate to open my mouth to smile due to my yellowish tooth (Blame that coffee and caffeine sigh).

Since young, our teachers and parents taught us that tooth is very important. Clean and bright tooth not only made us look beautiful, the tooth’s life is also prolonging so we could eat our favorite food forever until we are old. We don’t need to worry for spending a lot of money for tooth transplant etc.
Thankfully I have neat tooth which I quite love their appearance but there was a problems of food always stuck in between the tooth. Furthermore, I love desserts and I am a sugar addict. Hence I have been going for scaling and polishing at least once a year to make sure my tooth is clean. However, this does not solved my yellowish tooth problems.
I can’t quite coffee and hence my tooth are always yellowish. I have tried on teeth whitening before but somehow I stopped halfway due to sensitivity. Recently a Dentist recommended me the Philips tooth whitening treatment which was using the advance Philips machinery. This made me feeling curious to Philips tooth care products.
I was thinking, instead of spending a lot of money at the Dental center, why not I invest on some Philips tooth care products for home usage. So, I explored into the New Philips Sonicare FlexCare+.
I believe the most important tooth care starts with tooth cleaning every day and night. I have been using automatic toothbrush for more than 10 years now. However, the Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ gaves me totally different sensation while brushing my tooth with it. The movement is strong, and my teeth is clean and brighter after using for 2 weeks now. It helps to removes plaque too. I love how it cleans my gum and tooth and the squeaky clean feeling every time after using it. Now I could show my brighter smile because I have righter tooth with the helps of Philips Sonicare Flexcare+, yay!
Left: Before Right: After. (The pictures were original, with no edit).

The new Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ offers a dental professional-driven solution with the patented sonic technology and the innovative new Gum Care mode for improved gum health in just two weeks.

Capture Your Favourite CNY Food and win Angpows from Gaviscon

It’s a widely-known fact that Malaysians love food – so much so that the greeting “Have you eaten?” is more popular than “How are you?” That’s why the choices of cuisine are abundant and easily available at any time of the day in our country. 
Food brings us together with our friends and family, especially during festive seasons like Chinese New Year. It provides not just mouth-watering aromas and tastes; but also a common conversation topic that’s guaranteed to break the ice. For Malaysians, food is translated into identity of families and communities around the country. Indeed, food is a part of us and who we are. 
Every Chinese New Year, we celebrate the occasion with festive delicacies that only make an appearance once a year. Among the various dialect groups, there are significant dishes that symbolise the festivities. Each culinary creation has its own unique twist, either passed down from previous generations or reinvented with a modern touch. There’s just no denying the allure of a wonderful home cooked dish, or even a hometown specialty.   
This year, Gaviscon Malaysia invites you to share your Chinese New Year food photos and stand a chance to win ang pows worth a total of RM10,000! Join the “Eat Well, Digest Well’ photo contest and upload your snaps of CNY fare, be it your personal favourites, family traditional dishes or classic specialties. 

[Review] belif Star Products: Hungarian Water Essence and Aqua Bomb

I was back in Korea on the first day of 2016 to celebrate New Year with my dearest soulmate. During that trip, I noticed that there were a lot of new Korean brands that I have never seen before popping out on the street. But, most of them were quite empty. The crowded counters at Duty free shops were still the few famous one, and one of it is belif.
belif skin care was founded back in year 2010 in Korea. As a ‘true herbal cosmetic’ brand, belif strives to deliver the highest value and quality based on the processes and philosophy created by a UK herbalist, Duncan Napier, 150 years ago. According to belif, they only select True Herbs to deliver nature’s benefits. Not only that, belif labels all its ingredients to carry on Napiers’ tradition. Hence, we can see the label “With Napiers aqua formula. Napiers original formula’ on their star product, the Aqua Bomb.
belif products are guaranteed safe to use, because they have No Mineral Oil, No Synthetic Fragrance, No Synthetic Dyes, No Synthetic Preservatives and No Animal Origin Ingredient. Not only that, any unnecessary ingredients are avoided for the safety of use. Hence the formulas are gentle to all skin types.
Just like its believing in avoiding any unnecessary ingredients, belif is also avoiding exaggerated over-packing. 
Since my skin had turned to very dry and sensitive after my Busan Winter trip, thus I have given their stars products: Aqua Bomb and Hungarian Water Essence a try to see if they could rescue my dry and flaky skin.
Hungarian Water Essence (RM170 / 75ml) 

The Butterfly Project | CaffeBene Bene Boxes

The month of December is a month of giving, don’t you agree? Last December, CaffeBene and The Butterfly Project Malaysia had organized a meaningful CSR program for the unfortunate kids at orphanage homes. The Bene Box Project was a collaborative effort organised by Ms. Tammy Lim (the founder of The Butterfly Project) together with Caffebene Malaysia.
Butterflies community has prepared some cute customized Bene Boxes to the children from Yayasan Seribu Harapan Malaysia. All gifts were sponsored by The Butterfly Project blogging butterflies who personalised each Bene Box with their encouraging messages and bountiful surprises be it sweets, stationaries, toys and more goodies. Even though I did not managed to join the gifts wrapping section, I was happy to join the gifts giving event and witnessed the happy moments of the kids at CaffeeBene Gamuda Walk back in December.

We, the butterflies big sisters got to sit with the children and mingle with. Caffebene has also prepared some ice cream and goodie bag for the kids.

Chocolate Museum @ Kota Damansara & Its Annual Warehouse Sales

Last Saturday was a fun filled day for me, as I discovered the First Chocolate Museum in Malaysia with my bunch of blogger friends.
Cooperate by DR Group Holdings Sdn Bhd (“DR Group”), the producers of homegrown brands such as Danson, Fidani and Millton, the prestigious Chocolate Museum is open to the public with a unique three-fold proposition(3Es) consisting of;

1)      Interactive Education
2)      Chocolate-making Experience
3)      Enjoyable Shopping
The Chocolate Museum is located at Kota Damansara, somewhere nearby the Segi College. It is very easy to locate, I just followed the directions from waze and I reached there safely. There is a huge free open air car park inside the Chocolate Museum compound. I love how easy it is for us to drive and park there.
Upon arrival, we were greeted by the founder of DR Group before having our breakfast there. Dato is a very friendly and down-to-earth person, thank you for having us there. 
Then we got to learn the origin of chocolates, some chocolate history, different types of cocoa beans from the theory part of the sharing of Manager of Chocolate Museum, Mr. Mohd Azuan Arshad.
Do you know that eating chocolates bring health benefits? If you don’t know, find out more at the Chocolate Museum yourselves k.

Age Defying Skincare - Gold Linden Leaves @ TNS Skin Lab

I have not been to New Zealand but I know it’s a beautiful country with lotsa natural scenery, just like the scenes in The Lord of the Ring. There are a lot of natural resources from New Zealand’s natural environment, and I always believed on the benefits of natural ingredients and hence I am a supporter of Linden Leaves, which is the Natural skincare brand from New Zealand.
Brought to us by TNS Skin Lab, the leading independent specialist retailer of ‘natural’ and ‘alternative’ skincare and personal care products in Malaysia, Linden Leaves Gold range is now available in Malaysia.
founders of TNS Skin Lab, Ms. Kay Liew and Mr. Terry
founder of Linden Leaves, Ms. Brigit Blair

Thanks to TNS Skin Lab, I had an intimate sit down lunch with the founder of Linden Leaves, Ms. Brigit Blair and founders of TNS Skin Lab, Ms. Kay Liew and Mr. Terry at Soleil PJ last month.
Linden Leaves Gold range featuring age defying amaranth, red rice and chia, and luxurious 23kt gold. It is scientifically proven to boost collagen production, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines by increase moisture retention and promote cell regeneration of aged skin. The formula is rich in powerful antioxidants, neutralizing and protecting against free radical damage.
The result of using Linden Leaves Gold range? User could expect a younger, firmer and healthier looking skin. Pack in simple yet luxurious gold and white bottle/jar, Linden Leaves Gold range definitely is one of the most luxurious treatment for our skin.
Linden Leaves Gold range includes products below;


Gold Silken Body Wash with Amaranth and Red Rice (150ml | RM 189)
A gentle, non-drying body wash enhanced with skin smoothing and firming red rice extract and amaranth protein. Gently conditions and removes impurities, leaving skin clean, soft and radiant. 

Cozy and Affordable Spa @ Healthland Wellness Center

I am a Spa person. I love to go to spa to pamper myself after a long day at work to relax my mind and body. However, with the ever rising cost of living here in KL(Or should I say the whole Malaysia?), I find it hard to afford this monthly indulgence since last year. Sadly I had to cut down my spa visiting, until I find a cozy yet affordable one recently.
I believed a lot of you have noticed the Healthland Wellness Center in Klang Valley recently. I have visited the Healthland Wellness Center in Setia Alam a couple of weeks ago. Located right at the center of Setia Alam, Healthland Wellness Center has occupied two storeys of the huge building.
With the aim to promote holistic wellness, Healthland Wellness Center endeavor to help their customers to Get More Out of Life by offering the finest and most affordable wellness solutions. They promote a holistic lifestyle with health programmes and activities.
All their masseurs are professional trained by the acclaimed Wellness Academy which is certified by the Ministry of Labour (Thailand).
After we registered ourselves, we were offered a soothing and cold ‘Serai’ drink before we were led to the foot washing area. The masseurs washed our foot with mild massage, and offered us a pair of slipper to change.
Then we were led to the upper level for our treatments that day.

New ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta - Enhanced Moisturizing Function & Newly Designed Bottle

FUJIFILM Malaysia has launched the latest version of ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta at the launch event at Saujana Hotel KL last month. Since its arrival in Malaysia’s skincare market in 2012, ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta has become the epitome of the ASTALIFT skincare brand and is part of its premium anti-ageing care skincare range. The jelly-type beauty essence helps combat dryness using a cutting edge ingredient – “Human-type nano ceramide” to keep skin looking young, radiant and lustrous.
The renewed ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta has enhanced moisturizing function as it contains “Human-type nano acyl ceramide” which is a moisturizing ingredient stably dispersed at the World’s smallest 20nm-level. It is able to lock and prevent the evaporation of moisture by 6 times more than conventional acyl ceramide molecules. Now, with the power of twin nanos, it will turns your skin’s surface silky smooth and reflects beautiful ‘photogenic skin’.
As of the texture, it’s the same unique jelly texture where the surface of the jelly is able to repair itself within a minute or two after use, returning to its original flat and smooth form. The product therefore, always appears as good as new every time it is used.
Use as pre-lotion booster, the suggestion of regime is cleanse your face, apply Jelly Aquarysta, and follow with lotion after that. As the jelly penetrates all over and conditions the skin base, the effect of lotion that is applied right after the jelly will be maximized.
The new ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta comes with a container features a more relaxed and sophisticated design in a beautiful red tone, the brand color of the ASTALIFT range. We like that it has a recyclable container which is thoughtful for the environment.

Blue Mask Treatment @ London Weight Management

London Weight Management has been the most sought after slimming solution among women who are troubled with weight problems. Since its establishment in 2000, London Weight Management has worked its way into the heart of Malaysian women and hence bagging the Platinum Award for the Most Trusted Slimming Brand in the Beauty and Slimming Centre Category. 
London Weight Management Slimming Treatments are formulated by renowned slimming professionals with no involvement of any surgeries or injections. Their treatments are guaranteed safe with the engagement of the latest slimming technology breakthrough. 
Their Blue Body Mask contains essential oils and lipoids which penetrate into the skin to stimulate blood circulation so as to tone and firm flabby area and to expel water retention. It also contains anti-oxidants to strengthen and hydrate the skin. It could also remove fatty tissues and prevents cellulite.
Step 1: One-to-One Personalized Consultation
London Weight Management’s Slimming Consultants will examine and provide a detailed analysis of the customer. The type of weight problems will be identified and customised treatment will be given to help customer achieve their ideal figure and weight.
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