5 Beauty Brands that Malaysians Loves

The beauty industry is ever expanding, and we see this trend globally. People are also shopping for their beauty products online. From anti-wrinkle creams to shimmering skin perfectors and from exfoliating soaps to cleanser, the beauty industry provides us with products that keeps us looking younger and healthier. CouponBelanja had a look at the products that Malaysians are currently buying online in different product categories.

These are the five brands that CouponBelanja picked that will take care of your beauty from head to toe.

For Makeup

Sleek Makeup i-Divine has a range of palletes for your eyes. The Sleek makeup  i-Divine Ultra Matte V1 has bright and brilliant colours for eyeshadows that add a daring pop of colour to eyes. i-Divine Snapshots has warm summery shades ideal for adding sunset shades to your look. i-Divine Au Naturel, on the other hand, has an array of tans, browns and neutrals and it creates smokey eyes and other styles. Sleek Makeup i-Divine Storm, Sleek Makeup  i-Divine Original, and Sleek Makeup i-Divine Vintage Romance are other products from Sleek Makeup that you would like to try out.

For Skin

Mario Badescu provides advanced skin care products for a range of skins. Its high-quality ingredients help combat acne, skin irritations, ageing and give an overall a healthier complexion. To name a few Mario Badescu Healing Powder combats acne, Mario Badescu Silver Powder has a super absorbent formula which unclogs pores and minimises blackheads. Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion treats cystic acne. It contains B vitamins, and amino acids nourish the skin for improved resistance against the bacterial formation.

For Bath & Body

When we think of brands for bath and body, Sephora Collection is something to experience.

Sephora Collection Bubble Bath Shower Gel has two-in-one cleanser softens your skin for a silky smooth finish. It has a soothing smell. It also protects your skin from wrinkles and blemishes. Perfect your bath time with a soothing scent. It also protects your skin from wrinkles and blemishes. 

Sephora Collection Caps Creamy Body Wash ensures silky soft skin upon washing. It has a luxurious chocolate scent that lasts even after your bath. It contains moisturising vitamin E and glycerin. Sephora Collection Smoothing Body Scrub is delicately scented and exfoliates and gently removes impurities from skin to give a satin smooth finish.

For Hair

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo is a cleanser suitable for all hair types including colour treated hair. It is formulated with certified Organic Essential Oils that help reduce free radical damage and premature signs of ageing. It volumizes hair and at the same time reducing frizziness. For smooth, revitalised and strengthened hair, this is a product worth using. Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Conditioner is anti-aging, antioxidant, non-toxic and has scalp and hair nourishing properties which leave hair and scalp feeling smooth and nourished. It also has a travel sized shampoo and conditioner.

For Tools and Brushes

Sigma Beauty has revolutionary brush designs and state of the art accessories. F15 Duo Fibre  Powder/Blush Brush helps you get seamless and natural coverage for your face. The soft texture of this dual fibre brush allows for perfect powder or blush diffusion over the entire face. Sigma Beauty F75 concealer has a  tip that helps cover up and hide imperfections. This brush is also useful around the lip area to conceal with bold lip colours.
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Miriam said...

Yet another coupon website that we can use! More online shopping


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Sleek Makeup i-Divine ..looks interesting to me :)

FiSh said...

im a fan of sigma beauty brushes too! :D really good for application and worth the value

5 Little Angels said...

Great place to get my beauty products for CNY. Lots of discounts offered here.

Adeline Lee said...

Agreed with you! Thanks for sharing ya! Nice blog you have!

Miera Nadhirah said...

more interesting stuff to try out with a interesting website.... yaayyyy

Rawlins GLAM said...

Now you have couponbelanja also? Wow.
Shopping online gets more and more interesting.
How to restrain yourself from shopping like this? (sais one shopalic)

Sunshine Kelly said...

I like the Sigma brushes. Online shopping is a trend.

Caroline said...

Love Zoeva, Sigma Beauty and Mario Badescu! Always end up shop more on Luxola!

Bella Enveeus said...

I'm very bad with my skincare. I always change products but maybe sticking to one good one with this coupon website would benefit me a lot. But Sephora.. Sephora I like. :P

Ayue Idris said...

more and moreeee coupon for shopping! hehe. this online shopping thing is really awesome :P

Isaac Tan said...

interesting to know! :) .. maybe i should start exploring these.

cre8tone said...

All great brand with nice products.. Nice post!

Wilson Ng said...

i love them all!!!

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