KITSCHEN Celebrates The 40th Anniversary of The World’s Most Famous Kitty Cat With An Exclusive Collection

Calling all Hello Kitty fans, KITSCHEN is proud to announce the collaboration with the ever popular fictional character, Hello Kitty. In conjunction with Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, KITSCHEN launched its exclusive Hello Kitty themed collection with inspiration from the wild.
This exclusive Hello Kitty themed collection features a wide range of silhouettes that brings out the rock and roll, and funky side of Hello Kitty. The collection includes maxi column dresses, stretchable knit covers, cropped tops, oversized tops, mini dresses, denim shorts and baseball jackets. 
Drawing inspiration from the wild, the exciting collection features Aztec and Tri-colour leopard prints in a variety of ultra-fashionable colours, ranging from Pink, Turquoise, Grey and Black. 
A variety of fabric materials are used in producing the silhouettes, which ranges from jersey, PU leather, fleece, sequins, neoprene, netting and denim. These exciting pieces of the Hello Kitty themed collection will leave KITSCHEN’s wearers thrilled with a whole lot of fun to play mix and match with the pieces.
The collection features four limited edition pieces which include a PU baseball jacket with sequined sleeves, hoodie with ear tops, neoprene jumpsuit with PU leather shorts and an embroidered umbrella skirts which allow Hello Kitty fans to embrace their wild and edgy sides.

New! Bone & Pot’s Collagen Soup 有骨气‘美人汤’ : The Tasty Choice to Health and Beauty

Bone & Pot's signature steamboat is famed for its Hong Kong origins and concept. The restaurant's Chinese name - *有骨气* (Yau Guat Hei) resembles bountiful prosperity, as their delicious broth base is made of quality bones for that original taste you crave for. Bone & Pot was established in Malaysia since November of 2009 and now it has a total of nine branches serving its delicious delicacies nationwide.
Bone & Pot is now expanding their menu to include “Collagen Soup” ‘美人汤, a tasty choice to health and beauty. The secret ingredient is the collagen jelly, derived from deep sea marine sources, imported fresh from Japan
A cube of milky, white collagen jelly is added into the soup while the soup cooks and the milky collagen jelly melts instantly giving the soup a white, thick, creamy texture and a sweet taste. In addition, with the pork bone soup base boiled to perfection with generous amounts of healthy and nutritious ingredients, you will fall deeper and deeper in love with the Collagen Soup with every satisfying slurp.
Collagen is an important constituent material within our body's skin, bone, cartilage, and blood. Collagen plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin, tissue, morphology and structure of an organ and it can even help to repair damaged tissue. In addition, collagen is said to have brightening, firming, moisturizing, nourishing and also anti-aging effects on skin. So, when you consume a bowl Collagen Soup, you not only enjoy its great taste, but also all its beneficial qualities.

Review: Kérastase in-salon Discipline Treatment

I have been keeping my straight long hair for years. However, I find it hard to deal with my frizzy and unmanageable hair every day. My thick hair look so boring and they are heavy and without any movement. When I knew that Kérastase has launched the Discipline range that could tackles my problems, I immediately gave the in-salon treatment a try at Miko Galere, Beauty Hall Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
It took L’Oréal Advanced Research 7 years of research to come out the move hair machine hence the Kérastase Discipline range. Hair stylists are using them throughout the salons to tame unruly hair, and for smoothing and strengthening.
Kérastase Discipline treatment consists of steps below;
Step 1: Wash hair with BAIN FLUIDEALISTE shampoo.

Fair and Radiant Skin in 5.5 Seconds with OceanLab Aurora White Angel Range

One of the top beauty wish for many women today is to have fair, radiant and glowing skin and in today’s fast-paced world, we want to see the results almost instantly. That is exactly what OceanLab Aurora Angel range is all about, providing women with fair and radiant looking skin in 5.5 seconds!
Aurora Angel, the secret to woman’s glorious beauty, a premier whitening cream that is rich in emollients that soothe skin and help to lock in moisture, while improving its translucent aura. Compactly packed with OceanLab’s Signature Advanced Formulas from nature, it helps to maintain youthful skin by sweeping away wrinkles.
OceanLab was founded by an American plastic surgeon Dr. Dai and a French biochemical engineer Dr. Robert. They discovered the 5.5 seconds whitening technology and created 2 billion sales. Since OceanLab was developed by the U.S. medical team, the product can only be purchased through professional prescription over the past few years as a gesture to protect doctor’s rights. Since the effect is significant and there is a strong demand from consumers, OceanLab hence penetrate into the market in 2014.
OceanLab is always in search of beauty insight as its fundamental principal focusing on research and innovation in developing high-quality beauty products. The Aurora Angel Intensive Whitening Plus and Whitening Body Cream are both instant whitening skin products with consistent use in long term will help in lightening dark spots too.

Reebonz Black Friday Fest: A Series of First-Ever Promotions

This November, mark your calendars for Reebonz’s highly anticipated online sale event —Black Friday Fest (‘BFF’). From 24 – 30 November, Reebonz offers a series of enticing gift shops and top designer picks with attractive promotions throughout the week.
Reebonz is curating the most exciting designer promotions at our Black Friday Fest this year that members cannot resist,’ shared Ms. Sharanjit Kaur, Senior Manager of Global Marketing at Reebonz. ‘We see this week-long campaign as being the best BFF customers would need this holiday shopping season. Apart from the daily gift shops brimming with carefully selected picks from our buyers, customers can expect site-buster sale events and further promotions to make checking off that shopping list that much easier.”
24-27 Nov: Pre-Black Friday Fest
Leading up to the Black Friday Sale, customers can kick off their gift shopping with an extra 11%* off when they shop from the many Gift Shops and designer sale events on Reebonz

28-30 Nov: Black Friday Fest
Reebonz Black Friday Fest sees 3-days of site-buster specials that features over 1,000 items at remarkable prices refreshed daily. To drum up the excitement of snapping up a best-priced item, Reebonz will release a final price item every 2 hours in its Gift-opia sales series from 10am-10pm each day. Over the weekend, shoppers can expect something extra to sweeten the Black Friday Fest and wrap up their shopping euphoria on Reebonz.
For more information, visit

*Terms and conditions apply

Facial Review: CRES Plotox Micro Facelift

I’ve recently tried the CRES Plotox Micro Facelift facial. The facial is using nanotechnology and biological liposome encapsulating technology to combine the anti-aging factor "Green Peptides" and whitening factor "AHAS" and penetrate quickly into deep skin cells to provide nutrition to the cell. It helps to increase the production of collagen and elastic fibers hence it gives a ‘BOTOX’ effect without going through surgery nor injection.
Green Peptide belongs to the 'small molecule collagen', containing amino groups. Solve the problem of skin soft tissue layers damage, restore the connective tissue and collagen structure.

Hydroxyacetic Acid also known as sugar acid, smallest molecular weight, penetrate skin easily, activate and rearrange elastic fiber hyperplasia and collagen structure.
The facial took about 2 hours. After double cleaned my face, scrub, steam and extraction were done by the skilled beautician. Then, she applied the following products by sequence on my skin;
1) Micro PT Lifting Concentrate
Contains natural minerals that can release far infrared, to replenish cell energy and improve skin microcirculation. Effectively reduce free radical, waste and toxin of the skin. Able to release negative ions to increase the amount of oxygen in cells for better cell renewal
Rapid cell self-healing and repair to restore elasticity and youth.

Active Ingredients:

Peptide Acid ~ Whitening、Moisturizing、anti-wrinkle synchronously, quickly penetrate into deep skin. Repair cells, accelerate the rate of cell division and metabolism. Activate collagen fibers and reduce pigmentation.

Aquaporin Collagen (APC) ~ Cell membrane protein (intrinsic membrane proteins) in the cell membrane. Control movements of water, waste and nutrients in the cell. Making skin looks firm, well shaped and lifted.

Trace elements ~ Contain natural minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, improve skin regulating function, anti-aging, restore skin elasticity and fullness.

OXY’s Innovative Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch With Double Action formula

OXY has introduced yet another cool innovation for Acne sufferers – a hassle-free Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch that effectively fights pimples with a clever disguise.
The all new OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch comes with anti-bacterial formula that is proven by SGS to effectively inhibit acne bacteria and also strong ability to absorb secretion providing 2 times acne fighting power that is so powerful. OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch is made with medical grade hydrocolloid dressing that can effectively absorb oil and pus inside pimples like a sponge, which helps to enhance pimple recovery.
The ultra-thin design of 0.03cm is translucent and close to the skin color, which makes it blend right to the skin and isn’t very noticeable. Use it on any spot of your pimple and your pimple will go instantly invisible. A strong adhesion with waterproof and sweat proof formula ensures that the patch will remain in place and create a barrier from our ‘itchy’ fingers or dirt from the surroundings which could possibly lead to further infection. It also comes with UV protection that prevents the sun’s UV from aggravating the inflamed acne. It comes in 3 sizes to cater to different pimple sizes (0.8cm, 1.0cm and 1.2cm).

TeeBreak Clothing Co., Megane, HLW and Mousse shop-in-shop at Parkamaya, Farenheit88

Congratulations to TeeBreak Clothing Co., Megane, HLW and Mousse grand opening at Parkamaya, 3rd floor, Farenheit88. The shop-in-shop concept made shopping easier and more convenient. We could now shop for local street wear, female fashion wear and handbags all in one location.
TeeBreak Clothing Co. is a local street wear, Designer is a contractor by craft and his passion for street wear stamps from his ideology of ‘Even fat people can look good’. Breaking through the local scene after 6 years of hard work, Teebreak is now available internationally, such as Singapore and USA. 
Megane is a local female fashion wear which inspired from European trends. Clothes from Megane thrives on quality at affordable Malaysian prices. Being in line with the latest trends, fashion from Megane is on par with International brands such as D&G, Bebe and Gucci. Each design of Megane’s has limited quality and is designed specifically for us Malaysians. Megane is about fulfilling all women’s desire to look classy and fabulous whatever the occasion. You may choose to be elegant, glamourous or retro.
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