Fair and Radiant Skin in 5.5 Seconds with OceanLab Aurora White Angel Range

One of the top beauty wish for many women today is to have fair, radiant and glowing skin and in today’s fast-paced world, we want to see the results almost instantly. That is exactly what OceanLab Aurora Angel range is all about, providing women with fair and radiant looking skin in 5.5 seconds!
Aurora Angel, the secret to woman’s glorious beauty, a premier whitening cream that is rich in emollients that soothe skin and help to lock in moisture, while improving its translucent aura. Compactly packed with OceanLab’s Signature Advanced Formulas from nature, it helps to maintain youthful skin by sweeping away wrinkles.
OceanLab was founded by an American plastic surgeon Dr. Dai and a French biochemical engineer Dr. Robert. They discovered the 5.5 seconds whitening technology and created 2 billion sales. Since OceanLab was developed by the U.S. medical team, the product can only be purchased through professional prescription over the past few years as a gesture to protect doctor’s rights. Since the effect is significant and there is a strong demand from consumers, OceanLab hence penetrate into the market in 2014.
OceanLab is always in search of beauty insight as its fundamental principal focusing on research and innovation in developing high-quality beauty products. The Aurora Angel Intensive Whitening Plus and Whitening Body Cream are both instant whitening skin products with consistent use in long term will help in lightening dark spots too.

How is this 5.5 seconds of miracle happens? It's the Pearl Powder Extract, one of the main properties in Aurora Angel Whitening products. OceanLab combines both traditional Chinese herbal medicine remedies and modern technology for the instant whitening benefit in the Aurora Angel product range. It also contains many minerals and amino acids that provides moisture and whitening effect to the skin.
I had given the OceanLab Aurora White Angel Range a try at home recently. It really gives me instant whitening and radiant effect, which is kinda amazing! 
OceanLab Aurora Angel Intensive Whitening Plus Cream (30g, RM288)
1) Effective Multi-function formulation for Whitening; Skin-Firming; Anti-aging and Hydration.
2) Specially formulated to lighten dark spots.
3) 4 international patents.
4) Suitable for all skin types especially dry, aging and impaired skin.

How to use?
Apply twice a day, morning and night after cleansing on face and neck.
OceanLab Aurora Angel Pearl Whitening Body Cream (180g, RM138)
1) Effective Multi-function formulation for Whitening; Skin Exfoliating; Anti-aging and Hydration.
2) 7 international patents.
3) First whitening skin care with stem cell and antarcricine benefits.
How to use?
Apply appropriate amount of cream on body after shower.
OceanLab Aurora White Angel Range is already available at SaSa Malaysia. Feel free to check it out at SaSa outlet or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SaSaMalaysia for more info.


whatgirl said...

Hi, Just wanted to ask^^
After apply Oceanlab Pearl Whitening Body Cream if I accidentally wash my self will that cream be gone from my body?
Will my skin get fair forever if I keep using it? Will it go back to my original skin tone if I stop using it? I hopE U understand^^ I will be waiting for your answer^_^

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi, it is advised to continue using the cream for best result. If you stop using it your skin will eventually back to original skin tone.


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