Shiseido Professional Autumn/Winter 2014 - On The Edge

Featuring a range of the latest fashion styles, as well as hair and makeup designs, Shiseido Professional unveils its new season’s trend – On The Edge.
This season, both the men’s and women’s collections feature an upswing of contrasting silhouettes, such as oversized layering and sarouel pants paired with slim jackets. Polar opposites were also prominent in the color collection as some of them are black and grey in monochrome, while others presented vivid color schemes suggesting the arrival of spring.
The title ‘On The Edge’ was given in line with this season’s contrasting colors and silhouettes, combined with edgy details which gives a daring, exquisite and edgy balance.
For Men
This season, Shiseido Professional celebrates the 1950s subculture such as Teddy Boy, greaser and rockabilly with wild hairstyles in tousled pompadours with no-effort hair ends as well as tight silhouettes. To give pompadours a contemporary look, hairstyles were given a shiny, shellacked fi nishing; paired with a rough-and-tumble styling suggesting bed head, with hair brushed towards the back. The men’s style offered a new sensation look featuring the elegance of a male mixed with a touch of relaxation.
For women
Achieving a bold and edgy balance by constructing beautiful styles is the focus for the women’s look this season. Powerful fashion styles containing images in terms of silhouettes and color palettes are created. In terms of hairstyling, mainstream silhouette of minimal tightness, but with playful details in texture and form is created to contrast with the new trend of boyishness. The tightly slicked sides and soft texture of up-dos are an expression of “exquisite balance” in which strength and softness co-exist in contrast. Makeup features an emphasis on the eyes, incorporating this season’s trend of fl awless skin and naturally thick brows with vivid colors that are unusual in an Autumn/Winter season.

Stage Works True Effector is a new type of styling product, comes in three textures: Neutral, Matte and ShineThis variety in textures allows you to give a wide range of expression to the hair and lets you achieve styles that make the most of different textures!
Achieve an oil-free lightness and powerful gloss with SHINE. With a formulation which consists of about 50% moisturizer, it is gentle on the hair while giving the dewy, shiny gloss to your strands.

The microscopic lamellar structure of NEUTRAL is combined with formulation technology that allows the product to spread slickly and effortlessly on the palms. Even though the hold is strong, this product is easy to apply lightly onto the hair, allowing you to create lightweight, natural textured styles.

The base of MATTE is a new matrix consisting of three ultra-fine powders which are Matte Powder, Volume-Making Powder and Smoothing Powder (silica). These differently confi gured powders are included to impart a matte texture, increase styling power, and outstanding manageability. Building on our expertise in beauty product development, we achieved an easily spreadable, lighttextured product that belies its super-matte fi nish and super-hard hold.

Shiseido Professional Stage Works True Effector is available at Shiseido Professional authorized salons, from October onwards at RM 72 each.
Lastly, share with you the Autumn/Winter 2014 hairstyles created by Ms. Yuka Ishizuka, who is the creative member from the Shiseido Professional beauty creative team Japan during the Malaysia media event. The beautiful hairstyles were created using Shiseido Professional Stage Works True Effector.

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