TeeBreak Clothing Co., Megane, HLW and Mousse shop-in-shop at Parkamaya, Farenheit88

Congratulations to TeeBreak Clothing Co., Megane, HLW and Mousse grand opening at Parkamaya, 3rd floor, Farenheit88. The shop-in-shop concept made shopping easier and more convenient. We could now shop for local street wear, female fashion wear and handbags all in one location.
TeeBreak Clothing Co. is a local street wear, Designer is a contractor by craft and his passion for street wear stamps from his ideology of ‘Even fat people can look good’. Breaking through the local scene after 6 years of hard work, Teebreak is now available internationally, such as Singapore and USA. 
Megane is a local female fashion wear which inspired from European trends. Clothes from Megane thrives on quality at affordable Malaysian prices. Being in line with the latest trends, fashion from Megane is on par with International brands such as D&G, Bebe and Gucci. Each design of Megane’s has limited quality and is designed specifically for us Malaysians. Megane is about fulfilling all women’s desire to look classy and fabulous whatever the occasion. You may choose to be elegant, glamourous or retro.

HLW is also known as Halloween, which is the pioneer of Fakeprint Handbags. Originated from Taipei, they are renown in Taiwan and Hong Kong for their mocking of other luxury brands such as Hermes, YSL and Celine. With the philosophy of going green, the bags are made from polyester and high technology printing. HLW is loves by women from 18 years-old to 65 years-old, from blogger, influencer to celebrities in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Mousse is a top Hong Kong brand for Fakeprint Handbags which focuses more on animal prints. Their signature Q-Pet series often needs to be pre-ordered and the brand is widely circulated in other Asia countries such as China, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. Mousse is well known and has been appeared in fashion magazine, TV, events at various countries. Models and celebrities also liking it’s cute and fashionable Fakeprint Handbags.
As a Malaysian we take pride in cresting our own fashion and carving out our own niche market. So, why not take a look to the TeeBreak Clothing Co., Megane, HLW and Mousse shop-in-shop at Parkamaya, Farenheit88 today? The good news is, they are having 20% discount in conjunction with their grand opening until the end of November 2014. Now there’s a better choice to shop for the Christmas and New Year.

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