First BB Gel for Men - L’Oréal Paris Men Expert BB Instant Skin Fixer

What are the biggest enemies when it comes to men’s skin? Dullness, spots, imperfections, and visible pores. Which is why men seek skincare that targets these problems but with their active lifestyle, they want a product that does it all in a single application.
Thanks to L’Oréal Paris Men Expert’s latest innovation for men’s skincare, L’Oréal Paris Men Expert BB Instant Skin Fixer is the solution. Specially engineered for Asian men, this 1st* Icy Gel moisturiser with an instant BB fix immediately fixes skin problems with just one stroke, thanks to its Skin Color Correction Technology.
* From L’Oréal Paris Men Expert

With its micronised beads powered by a Skin Color Correction Technology, BB Men Instant Skin Fixer transforms on skin to instantly release active and correcting agents like a BB cream to brighten up skin, and visibly concealing dark spots and marks. Infused with vitamin C derivative, it helps skin feel fresh all day long with a lasting hydrating effect. 

On top of that, BB Men Instant Skin Fixer’s unique transparent blue gel leaves behind a non-greasy, non-sticky texture that feels cool on skin, an ideal condition for our hot and humid weather. Instantly, skin receives a natural healthy effect and a breathable texture that is comfortable all day long. Indeed, this is a new vision for instantly perfect-looking skin, where skin is naturally even, brighter, and healthy looking. 


BB Men Instant Skin Fixer was put to the test and the results were outstanding:
100% claimed the product makes skin look healthy**
100% claimed the product has the concealing efficacy desired**
100% claimed the product provides a perfect, flawless complexion**
100% claimed the product evens out skin tone**
100% claimed the product instantly brightens skin tone and makes skin more radiant**
99% claimed the product conceals skin spots and imperfections**
99% claimed the product instantly improves skin quality**
99% claimed the product minimises the appearance of spots and the marks of fatigue**
** CUT on 200 men after 2 weeks, China 
L’Oréal Paris Men Expert BB Instant Skin Fixer Ingredients

L’Oréal Paris Men Expert BB Men Instant Skin Fixer is available nationwide for a recommended retail price of RM35.90 for 50ml. To use, apply on clean skin.

Fix your skin instantly and score it all with the 1st* Icy Gel moisturiser with an instant BB fix. Specially engineered for Asian men to instantly fix skin problems with just one stroke.

For more information, go to;
Twitter - @LOrealParisMy

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