Happy 50th Birthday to Haircare Pioneer - Kérastase

50 years Of haircare creativity.
As part of women’s lives.
Of legendary products.
Of useful innovation.
And still a step ahead.
François Dalle,
CEO of L’Oréal Group and founder of Kérastase
1966 FRANCE Ad. An in-home exclusive. Beautiful hair for the entire family.
The gorgeous Kérastase Malaysia team

For 50 years Kérastase has put its expertise in service of women to bring out the beauty in every woman’s hair. A true gift.
Since its inception, Kérastase has embodied L’Oreal’s founding mission: making beauty care accessible to as many people as possible via research, an in-depth knowledge of people and a constant concern with useful, applicable innovation. Winning the trust of stylists and their customers means knowing how to go from a researcher’s intuition to a brand innovation quickly and effectively.
Yet this mission could never have been accomplished without the constant support of Kérastase hairstylists around the world.

With this book, we would like to express our gratitude to all of our partners and stylist-consultants and thank them for fifty years of innovation, know-how, sharing and, of course, beauty.
1974 FRANCE the Kérastase range

We are committed to accompanying them throughout the years to come, with ongoing scientific innovations and ever more creative, more luxurious and more sensorial products adapted to women’s ever evolving needs. To help them capitalize on their know-how, a true from of luxury craftsmanship, by highlighting the distinguished excellence of the Kérastase signature ritual and professional techniques. To support them through a comprehensive, customized training program enabling them to constantly enhance their professional expertise.

This is the Kérastase mission, to provide them with the most beautiful products and the most beautiful services so that they can make their salons places where the most beautiful stories with women continue to be written.

- By Vincent Nida,
General Manager

Present in 67 countries today, Kérastase conquered the world decade by decade. Throughout its history, Kérastase has accompanied the liberation of women.
I'm honoured to be invited to witness Kérastase 50th anniversary celebration at Pullman Hotel Bangsar recently. The venue has transformed to a romantic Parisian street where beautiful flowers arrangements are seen every where. There were artists busy drawing potraits for the media and guests, there was also a photo booth for us to capture the moment of history.
The beautiful & gorgeous Nicole Low, Brand Manager of Kérastase giving a speech in the Kérastase 50th Anniversary event.
Thank you Kérastase for giving us beautiful hairs all these years, and I wish you many more wonderful years to come!
For more information about Kérastase, go to https://www.facebook.com/KerastaseMalaysia?ref=br_tf

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