Darlie Bunny Kids – Upgraded Goodness For Brighter Smiles

The best time to teach children about good oral hygiene is when they turn 3 years old. This is the age when a child starts learning and exploring new things including brushing his or her own teeth. Though the hand may be a bit clumsy at this age but practice makes perfect!

According to a survey that was carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2012, findings revealed that gingivitis and caries affect 60-90% of children globally. There are several factors that contribute to these oral diseases. Among them are poor oral hygiene, high intake of sweetened food such as sweets, chocolates and cakes as well as insufficient use of fluoride. Therefore, children must be taught proper oral care including the right brushing techniques and using the right toothpaste at a young age.

Acknowledging that children tend to swallow their toothpaste, Darlie has recently upgraded the formula of its Bunny Kids children’s toothpaste range, with over 80% contents are certified food grade. In addition, Darlie Bunny Kids’ newly improved formula is also well noted for the following benefits:

·         Contains calcium to help strengthen teeth
·         Contains fluoride to fight against cavities
·         Has low level of foam for gentle cleaning without irritation
·         Has no added sugar 

All your child need is a pea sized Darlie Bunny Kids toothpaste to keep teeth healthy and strong. Brushing the teeth twice daily is also crucial in keeping away cavities. For effective results, use Darlie Cutie Bunny toothbrush with 0.01mm soft, tapered bristles which is gentle to children’s gums.

Darlie Bunny Kids comes in four variants below;
Strawberry is my girl's most favourite flavor.

The new pack will be available at all pharmacies and supermarket outlets nationwide starting October 2014 at RM2.80 (40g). It also comes in a Value Pack at RM4.30 for two packs of 40g tubes (Strawberry flavour only).

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Miera Nadhirah said...

My girl loves the strawberry and apple too!!

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