My 10 days journey with SK-II STEMPOWER

Remember few days ago I shared about SK-II launched its new STEMPOWER series here? Today am going to share my review of STEMPOWER after 10 days of usage.
The New SK-II STEMPOWER Moisturizer targets primary signs of skin ageing such as dryness, pores, texture, radiance and lack of firmness, and apparently enables users to feel radical firmness in 10 days.
Before my journey begins, SK-II BA did an Ageless Vector analysis with the New Magic Ring for me.
I provided my Date of Birth and mobile number so that they can keep a record of my skin analysis in their computer for future reference.

The result showed that my skin’s radical firmness is pretty bad due to lack of sleep and not feeling well recently. I really need some intensive care to enhance my skin to become Crystal clear and firm again.
Hence, I've decided to begin my 10 days journey with SK-II STEMPOWER Kit.
SK-II STEMPOWER is lightweight, non-greasy and gets absorbed into my skin easily. Unlike SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II STEMPOWER has a mild scent that I like.
A little goes a long way, this is the amount that's needed to apply my whole face. My regime during these 10 days are cleansing, apply SK-II Clear Lotion and essence, then I dot the SK-II STEMPOWER on my forehead, cheeks and gently spread all over the face at day and night.
After 10 days, I found that my skin is more radiant and firm. Amazingly the pores on my nose and cheeks have reduced in size too, yay! Since Open pores always is one of my main skin concern, I'm happy to finally found a product that can reduced them. :)

SK-II STEMPOWER Ingredients: Water, Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Glycerin, Niacianamide, Butylene Glycol, Isohexadecane, Pentylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Isopropyl Isoterate, Polyacylamide, Vinyl Dimethicone/Methicone Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer, Sucrose Polycottonseedate, Stearyl Alcohol, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Cetyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Behenyl Alcohod, Benzyl Alcohol, Dimethiconol, Laureth-7, Methylparaben, PEG-100 Stearate, Stearic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Sodium PEG-7 Olive Oil Carboxylate, Catearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, Ethylparaben, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Sodium Hydroxide, Acanthopanax Senticosus(Eleuthero) Root Extract, Cynara Scolymus(Arthichoke) Leaf Extract, Polyquaternium-7, Ammonium Polyacrylate, Methylsilanol Tri-PEG-8 Glyceryl Cocoate, Methicone, CI 77891, CI 77492

SK-II STEMPOWER comes in 2 sizes: 50g RSP RM352 and 80g RSP RM529

What is the biggest change that has happened in your life over the last 10 years? Share your story for the chance to WIN a SK-II STEMPOWER trial kit that worth RM 352. If you haven't already entered the contest, you have until Sunday, 30th Sep 2012 to tell SK-II about the biggest change in your life over the last 10 years for the chance to win this SK-II STEMPOWER trial kit at

Do visit and like SK-II Malaysia Facebook Page at for more information and updates.

Magazines with Freebies this October at Borders

HELLO! October issue RM 9.90 comes with a Burberry Beauty palette. The palette has 2 X 1.2 ml sheer foundation and 4 X .22g soft satin lipstick. It claims that the freebie worth RM 200 but I don't think so la.

The Malaysian Women's Weekly October issue RM 5.80 free Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum for Face & Eyes (14 capsules) worth RM116.20.

Available at the participating Borders outlets:
Borders Bangsar Village 2
Borders Berjaya Times Square
Borders One Mont Kiara
Borders Queensbay Mall
Borders the Curve
Borders the Gardens Mall
Borders Tropicana City Mall

Terms & conditons apply and while stock lasts!

SK-II Latest Breakthrough - New SK-II STEMPOWER

Focus on the source of skin’s beauty with NEW SK-II STEMPOWER Series. Inspired by in-depth epidermal root cell research, SK-II has conducted insightful studies on this area to unearth its potential for skincare. This has culminated in NEW SK-II STEMPOWER that empowers women to experience radical firmness.
According to research expert and SK-II scientist, Dr. Akira Date, “In-depth research into epidermal root cells has led us to discover the root cause of multiple signs of ageing – the loss of skin’s ‘radical firmness’. This occurs when epidermal root cell activity declines with age. SK-II has now leveraged this knowledge to develop SK-II STEMPOWER, which focuses on the source of skin beauty to address women’s anti-ageing concerns right at the root.”

Delving deeper into the source of skin ageing issues

SK-II’s deep research into epidermal root cells had led to the discovery that with age, the activity of epidermal root cells declines, causing loss of skin’s radical firmness. The loss of skin’s radical firmness is one of the root causes for the appearance of multiple skin ageing signs: wrinkles, sagging, loss of radiance, compromised texture, loss of skin elasticity, larger pores, loss of hydration and a sallow complexion.

With age, skin cell activation declines, leading to the decline in the production of liftproteins, the loss of skin’s epidermal ‘springy’ structure and the flattening of the skin’s epidermal layer. This is essentially how skin loses its ‘radical firmness’ and is the root cause of multiple skin ageing.

The SK-II Ageless Vector: Measuring Skin’s Radical Firmness

The Ageless Vector is a new skin image analysis parameter which measures the angle of sagging or lack of firmness. By analyzing the length and directionality of fine lines and wrinkles from the upper to lower cheek – the two obvious ‘sagging’ points on the face – the Ageless Vector calculates the skin’s radical firmness, where the larger the angle of fine lines and wrinkles, the greater the decline in skin firmness.

In the SK-II Akita study – the industry’s first holistic longitudinal skin study, SK-II scientists measured the Vector of 108 participants and discovered that each degree of change indicates approximately one year’s loss in skin firmness. This also means that a 10 degree improvement is equivalent to improving 10 years of visible firmness.
Measuring Your Ageless Vector with SK-II’S Magic Ring
Bringing the Ageless Vector to life is SK-II’s very own Magic Ring – the newest skin diagnostic tool exclusively developed by SK-II’s Research & Development innovation centre in Kobe, Japan, to provide holistic skin counseling service to customers with superior efficacy.

New SK-II STEMPOWER, available in 2 sizes: 50g - RM352 and 80g - RM 529
New STEMPOWER is an essential daily moisturizer designed to achieve radical firmness. Featuring the breakthrough Stem-Acanax complex, SK-II STEMPOWER helps in the skin renewal process, empowering women to experience radical firmness. Leveraging the groundbreaking Ageless Vector, SK-II STEMPOWER has been shown to make you feel radical firmness in 10 days, improving skin’s ageless vector by focusing on the source of skin’s beauty.

NEW STEMPOWER Rich Cream selling at RM 519

NEW SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream is formulated to address skin ageing problems. Powered with the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex containing Stem-Acanax and PiteraTM, it has 49% more skin conditioning ingredients that helps to protect skin from severe environment conditions and signs of skin ageing.
Featuring a rich yet non-greasy texture, the cream contains an SK-II exclusive natural soft fragrance, Olive Olive Natural, for a gentle yet luxurious experience. NEW SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream is also designed to ensure that foundation can be applied smoothly on top of the cream.

A combined regimen of SK-II STEMPOWER and SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream can help skin to achieve up to twice as much radical firmness.

NEW SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation retail at RM 199

New SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation with SPF 20 PA++ is formulated with the essence ingredients of SK-II STEMPOWER and three blended layers of foundation swirls. Forming a “stretch network” on the skin epidermis layer, the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex boosts the skin’s firm and smooth complexion by creating a veil of firmness on it and a lively rosy complexion.

NEW SK-II STEMPOWER kit consists of a STEMPOWER 50g, a Facial Treatment Lotion 30ml, a Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask and a small pack of facial cotton. I'd recommend ladies to grab the SK-II STEMPOWER Kit ASAP as it's while stock last only.

Now, exciting Contest is up for you! What is the biggest change that has happened in your life over the last 10 years? Share your story for the chance to win a SK-II STEMPOWER trial kit that worth RM 352. If you haven't already entered the contest, you have until Sunday, 30th Sep 2012 to tell SK-II about the biggest change in your life over the last 10 years for the chance to win this SK-II STEMPOWER trial kit!

Visit SK-II Malaysia Facebook Page at for more information.

Stay tuned for my 10 days Journey of Transformation with NEW SK-II STEMPOWER, the review is coming up real soon. ;)

Shanghai Tang Presents DRAGON PLATEAU - The New Auntumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Shanghai Tang introduces Dragon Plateau. The new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection takes us on a majestic journey through awe-inspiring landscapes and the impressive cultural heritage of the Tibetan highlands.

We venture into a nomadic world of spirituality, subtlety, and nature, juxtaposing the natural world's purest elements with its savage beauty. The seed of inspiration for the Shanghai Tang Autumn/Winter 2012 collection was planted by an ancient tale of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, an odyssey around the picturesque peaks of Yunnan province...

"Once upon a time, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain were twins. They had lived on panning in Golden Sand River until one day an evil fiend usurped the river. The brothers were very brave and had a fierce fight with the fiend, Haba died in the fight and Jade Dragon drove off the fiend after and preventing the return of the fiend, Jade Dragon held the 13 swords in hand day and night. As time passed, the brothers turned into two snow mountains, and the 13 swords had become the 13 peaks..."

- The traditional tale of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain.

The collection evokes the fascinating mix of understated spiritual humility and elaborate, ornamental designs of Tibet, a culture shaped by Buddhism and the monastic way of life. Despite relentless modernisation, this vast region exudes a breathtaking sense of calmness, purity, originality, and opulence.

Shanghai Tang invites you to embark on a magical voyage into one of China's last untouched wonders...
There are some photos taken during the launching event, do visit Johson Ong's photography blog post at for the lovely pictures. :)

UNO® Games add Exciting Twist to Traditional Card Game with UNO® DICE GAME

The compact and portable Mattel UNO Dice Can game takes the excitement of the classic card game and reinvents it into a fast dice game of strategy and fun.

Having provided “fast fun for everyone” for decades, UNO® is the perfect game to play during family gatherings, barbeques with friends or even over that perfect cup of coffee on a Saturday night with friends.

The beauty of UNO® games lie in their simplicity and ease of play, thus leaving more time for fun and less time learning the game. With the different UNO® variations out there – such as the classic UNO® cards, UNO MOO!™ for the preschoolers; UNO SPIN® To Go; UNO STACKO™ and UNO ATTACK! ® , as well as UNO Roboto™ for the techies – UNO® continues to be one of the most popular family games in the world!
Now, Mattel Games have added yet another new exciting twist to this featherweight traditional card game; which is now available in major toy and department stores nationwide in Malaysia – the UNO® Can Dice Game.
The dice game plays like the original card version of UNO® by matching colors and numbers however the only obvious difference is that the UNO® Dice game plays with dice instead of cards.
• Inside the UNO® Dice can, you will be able to find 11 dice and a set of easy instructions to follow.

• To play, you will need two players. Both players receive a total of 5 dice with one dice in the middle.

• Flip a coin and decide which player begins first. The player that begins first will need to roll the dice in the middle and then roll their five dice.

• Players will need to match the middle dice with their dice – for example; the middle dice shows Green 5; the first player will need to pick any of their own dice that has green or the number 5 faced-up. The first player puts down green 3 from their selection.

• The second player will then need to continue from there. For example – with a red 3.

• If any of the players do not have matching colors or numbers on their turn – they will need to pick up; from the middle; the top dice in the sequence and re-roll all of their dice until they get a possible match.

• There are three Action Dice symbols. When you play the Draw One die, the next player must draw one from the dice line in the middle (top of the dice line). Draw Two is the same, but the next player must take draw two dice. When you play the Wild de, you get to choose the color that continues the play.

• The objective of the game is to get rid of all of your dice as fast as possible. If you only have one die left, make sure you remember to yell out “UNO!”, to indicate that you have only one die left. If you do not yell out “UNO!” and you are caught before the next player begins his or her turn, you must draw two dice from the middle line and re-roll all of your dice.


The UNO® Can Dice Game transforms the traditional card game into a game where planning and strategy play a much more significant role, without losing the easy fun that has contributed to the original card game’s success. The portable can format allow players to share, play and enjoy the game wherever and whenever they want to play– in the living room, at a friend’s house or even in the car while travelling!

“As you are playing with dice instead of cards, you cannot play with your hand hidden. That is the most transformative aspect of the game and the action of rolling the dice adds a different dimension to the gameplay. When you play a die to the middle pile, you know exactly how the action will affect your opponent and what options your opponent will have for response. This can lead to situations where you might be able to plan your victory several moves in advance. Perfect for on-the-go moments, we believe the UNO® Dice game is a perfect addition to the dice game category here in Malaysia,” shared Ms Ivy Yeoh, Senior Brand Manager of Games, Mattel Malaysia.

UNO® Dice Game comes with 11 dice with different symbols, colors and numbers printed on it, an easy set of instructions to follow and a soda can-shaped storage container. It is for two players.

Components – UNO® Dice Game comes in a can – complete with a 11 Dice and a set of instructions.
Rules - Extremely precise and easy to learn. Rules can be taught and learnt within one single turn.

Players and Suitability – Can be played by two players and is recommended for players aged 7 and above.

Retail Price – RM 29.90

Availability – Can be found in major department and toy stores nationwide.
My Review

As some of you might know, I am having bed rest this week at home. Besides eat, sleep and rest, I spent most of my time playing UNO® Dice Game with my friends and relatives when they visit me. UNO® Dice Game is so fun to play and we never get bored of playing it for hours. Thanks UNO® for producted this exciting family games to keep me out of bored. I'd recommend you all to get one too because it's a fun game and yet the price is very affordable. :)



分享几个星期前在 Pavillion 的 Tiffany & Co 买了我喜欢的项链的照片。喜欢这种开心满足的感觉。希望接下来也一样地开开心心的,和家人一起过开心美满的日子。 :)

Ultimate City Survival Ladies Workshop - Let’s learn how to be street wise and stay safe!

Have you ever… 
  • Felt unsafe to be out alone?
  • Wished you knew how to face danger when it comes to you unexpectedly?
  • Felt like you are being abused in cyber world?
Treazures Workshop Escapade is organizing the ‘Ultimate City Survival Ladies Workshop’ conducted by prominent speaker and safety activist Captain Balasupramaniam, who has also been featured in The Star, New Straits Times, and China Press.

Learn valuable safety tips and survival skills on how to react when you encounter a ‘life-threatening’ situation. This 4-hour workshop also includes real-life case studies in Malaysia, self-defense techniques, how to avert break-ins, detect hidden cameras, handle domestic violence and much more.

All ladies should ATTEND this workshop to PREVENT, DEFEND & SURVIVE!


Rape Survival & Malaysian Rapist Profile
Kidnapping & Car Jacking Survival
Home Improvised Weapons
Home Intruders and Break -In Survival
Hand Phone & Cyber Threats
Dating & Outing
Luggage Tempering & Hotel Room Access
Maid Runaway & Threats
Surviving Snatch & Mugged Attacks
Survival Perimeter Code of Practice

Captain K. Balasupramaniam is a prominent safety activist with over 15 years of on-field experience dealing with disaster response and emergencies in both local and international fronts. He is founder and chairman of the Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association.

When: Saturday, 6th October 2012

Where: Cabaret Lounge @ PJ Live Arts Centre, L-18-1 Palm Square @ Jaya One 72A Jalan Universiti 46200 Petaling Jaya

Time: 2.00pm – 6.00pm

Cost: RM 85 per pax includes afternoon refreshments, Group booking: 3 pax or more @ RM 80 per pax (must pay together)

Note: There is an offer a special rate of RM70 per person to any of my 2 readers for the workshop, please leave me a comment with your email address in this post to entitled for it. The first 2 who comments will get the special rate for the workshop.

Payment Options
  • Bookings must be made latest by 4th October 2012. Fees paid are non-refundable
  • Cash payment can be made at AccentEdge Communications office during office hours (Mondays to Fridays) or Direct bank-in to RHB Bank Account # 21427700029878“Accent Edge Sdn Bhd”
  • For enquiries, Contact Prema at 03-77280184 or 010 4288678 / Email: OR Ken @ 012- 2810868

MATTEL's Apples to Apples Dice Game – The Game of Hilarious Comparisons!

Pop open the container for fast word-play fun! MATTEL's Apples to Apples Dice Game is newest way to play the award-winning game and everyone loves. This ever-popular card game is now available to the shores of Malaysia.
This is a game of hilarious comparisons with a roll of the dice. Instead of the cards, the person acting as the judge rolls a green 20 sided die with letters on it, and makes up an adjective that starts with the rolled letter.
Judge awards a chip to the noun he or she deems the best comparison and the first player to earn five chips wins.

Apples to Apples Dice Game Includes One 20-sided green die, Six 6-sided red die, Twenty Five green apple chips and instructions.
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 10 years or older.

Retails Price: RM 29.90

MATTEL's Apples to Apples Dice Game can be found in major department and toy stores nationwide.
Some playing tips to share:

• Remember, judges will often pick the most creative, humorous or interesting response.

• Lobbying and “table talk” are encouraged! Players can comment on responses and try to convince the judge to pick a particular answer – either their own or a favorite choice.

• Playing choices that appeal to the judge can improve your chances of winning. This is often called “playing to the judge.”

My 2 cents:
I let my cousins and nieces played the wonderful Apples to Apples Dice game during the Holiday yesterday. From my observation, teenagers love to play Apples to Apples Dice game because they could imagine and think of a best noun to win the judge's heart. Unlike any computer games, this is an interactive game and the kids can’t stop laughing while playing it. Feedbacks from them on the game rating: 6 out of 10 found that MATTEL Apples to Apples Dice Game is a fun and must play game. More over, this game can be played with more than 3 players so, it’s perfect for game nights with friends!

FABULOUS FINDS Beauty Box Giveaway - Winners Announcement

My dear followers, thank you for joining Wai Yee aka Rane's 3rd Giveaway.
As you know, there are 3 September 2012 FABULOUS FINDS Beauty Box to be given away this time.

First of all, thank you to all 23 of you who have take the effort to join the giveaway.

As generated by Random.Org, the winners are no. 15, 18 and 21!

So, who are the lucky winners???


Deng Deng Deng Deng, Congratulations to Poh Choy, ManQing Chew and Diana!

I'll be emailing you all in a while, please reply me latest by Mon, 17th Sep so that FABULOUS FINDS could courier the beauty box to you on time on 20th Sep 2012.

To the rest of you who didn't win, I appreciate your effort and thanks again for joining the giveaway. I shall be organising more giveaways in the future. ;)

HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY to all of you, sayonara.

余仁生 Yen 燕窝百人30 天美丽宣言

余仁生 Yen 燕窝 30 天美丽宣言之第一个星期:

我一向来都很喜欢吃燕窝,谢谢余仁生让我尝试 Yen 精选花燕。在我领取我七罐一个星期的Yen 精选花燕时,余仁生小姐解释说最好每天临睡前喝一罐,以达到更好的效果。我当然听从她咯。于是乎这个星期以来每晚都喝一罐Yen 精选花燕,好滋补哦。
Yen 精选花燕真的是真才实料,每一罐都充满纯人工挑选的燕窝。
喜欢Yen 精选花燕的味道,不会太甜味道刚刚好。就跟妈妈亲自炖的燕窝一样,喝的时候充满幸福的感觉。Yen 精选花燕一点都不会腥,就连我的三岁女儿也喜欢呢。本人的一点小提示:在打开Yen 精选花燕来喝之前,可以把它隔水吨热,以享用温温的燕窝。我觉得女人还是喝热饮会对我们较阴的身体好一点。

这个星期我每天都觉得肌肤容光焕发,精神饱满的。希望接下来的3个星期挑战能看到更明显的成绩。 :)

余仁生 Yen 燕窝 30 天美丽宣言之第二个星期:

已经连续两个星期每天晚上饮用Yen 精选花燕。我深深的爱上这一种幸福满满的滋味。我发觉我干燥的皮肤改善了,变得比较有光彩和弹性了。希望接下来的两个星期能体会更白皙亮泽的肌肤和大家分享。

余仁生 Yen 燕窝 30 天美丽宣言之第三个星期:

上个月我的脸因为荷尔蒙问题生了很多红疹,一粒粒的好难看。幸亏有余仁生 Yen 燕窝,我脸上的红疹开始淡化了。它让我恢复自信和敢于面对所有人。谢谢 Yen 燕窝!

余仁生 Yen 燕窝 30 天美丽宣言之第四个星期:

这个星期是余仁生 Yen 燕窝 30 天美丽宣言的最后一个星期了。在这三十天里的夜晚,我总是喝了 Yen 燕窝才睡,感觉滋润饱满极了。这个星期我的皮肤恢复光彩,脸上的红斑也消退了很多。现在,就算我不化妆也感出门了。这种由内散发出来的光彩和自信,是余仁生 Yen 燕窝所带个我的。谢谢余仁生 Yen 燕窝!

The brilliance of pearls, now on your lips! Introducing ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick from Avon

Nothing surpasses the lustre of beautiful pearls. Its timeless attribute makes it the perfect accessory for any event. Cherished and passed down through generations, a pearl’s lustre lives on. Now, give lips the timeless treatment with AVON’s new ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick.
This 2012, the No. 1 makeup company uses the latest in global fashion trends to create the most innovative luxury lipstick. From its leading R&D Centre in Suffern New York, Avon scientists created a creamy, rich lipstick formula infused with prismatic pearl pigments for a unique, rich coverage that shines bright in any angles seen. These pearl prisms will also match and compliment your skin undertone as if the colour was tailor-made for you. Best of all, it gives up to 125% more shine than your normal Ultra Color Rich lipsticks!
Neelofa, Avon Malaysia's latest Makeup ambassador

Brilliance Lipstick is the first lipstick with Honey White Clover and Almond Extracts, agents of intense moisture retention. That, coupled with moisturizing benefits of multi-vitamins will surely transform even the most ordinary peckers into extremely luscious lips!
Dress your lips with dazzling shimmer for special occasions or everyday glam with 8 glorious shades – Rouge Luxury, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight, Brilliant Ruby, Vermilion, Pink Paparazzi, Sienna Sparkle and Sumptuous Cherise.
A: Brilliant Ruby
B: Rouge Luxury
C: Sumptuous Cherise
D: Crimson Twilight
E: Pink Paparazzi
F: Berry Glitz
G: Sienna Sparkle
H: Vermillion 
Lip Tips - Education Chart (Click for bigger image)

The ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick comes in a hot pink packaging with unique quilted engravings on the stick for a truly luxuriously pampering feel.
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