Urbane Bazaar at Subang First Mall, SS15‏

Hi folks, do you know there is a new Mall calls Subang First Mall located at Subang SS15? Thanks to Tammy’s invitation, I had a chance to pay it a visit last week and I’ve enjoyed our gathering time at Coffee Chemistry and Sherlyn's Little Dream, as well as pampering moment at The Love Nail and SkinZense. That’s not all; I’ve also enjoyed my shopping experience at The Bazaar to Max.
I was given a green passport for my journey on that day. Let me show you them one by one now. :)
The Bazaar is located at Ground Floor in Subang First Mall. There are stalls selling fashionable clothes, scarf, bags, belts, accessories, iPad/iPhone casing, computer accessories, baby garments, backpack, books and speakers.


I’m glad to spend my money on a necklace for RM 25, peacocks earrings RM 23, bangles/bracelets for my princess 2 for RM 10, a pair of cute camera earrings for RM 10. I found that the price is even cheaper than with Taiwan night market!

I also bought 2 story books for princess, it cost me RM 10 only!

Sherlyn's Little Dream is a café which sells homemade cookies and cakes.

Love the cute lil cookies and I bought one at RM 3.60 for JR princess.
 The Chocolate cake and brownies taste heavenly good. Not too sweet but very rich texture, love them!
I added Baskin Robins World Class Chocolate ice cream myslef :P 

Coffee Chemistry provides cool coffee art for coffee lover.

3D Coffee Art! So cute!

Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Skewer taste very good, everyone likes it.
Miniature Beef Bacon Hand-roll taste not bad too, no wonder it’s one of their signature dish.

Homemade Potato Croquetes are very freshly made and soft.
Tuna on Basil & Mayo Topping Baguette looks good but I did not try it that day.
I did not try the Smoked Salmon on Basil with Maltese Topping Baguette but I’ve overheard others comment that the Topping was a bit salty and the onion taste was quite heavy.
Ratatouille Bruschetta taste good, isn't the shrimp looks tempted to you all?
Mushroom Onion Brushetta size is a bit too big for ladies to bite however it taste OK.

I have spent some time at SkinZense to enjoy their signature GuaSha program on that day too.

Consultation Room

One of the Facial Treatment room

 SkinZense uses jade GuaSha board for the treatment. It improves skin firmness to prevent sagging.
The instant result is quite promising.

SkinZense also has a Cavi-Lipo Slimming machine for the slimming therapy.

The Love Nail was the last pit stop for me on that day. The Love Nail did an Express pedicure for me which took 15 minutes.

The Love Nail uses OPI lacquer and there are quite a lot of color choices. 

I would strongly recommended Urbane Bazaar at Subang First Mall, SS15‏ to my readers as we could now hunt for bargain stuff in air-conditioning sweat proof environment. Car park is easily available there, and we can have food, beauty services, supermarket grocery shopping under one roof.

Subang First Mall is located at SS15/4G Subang Jaya, 47500. It's not far from Subang Parade and Empire Gallery.

Kindly refer to the Location of the shops below;

The Love Nail (Lot K-03, First Floor)
SkinZense (1-12, 1-13, 1-13A, First Floor)
Coffee Chemistry (G22&G23, Ground Floor)
Sherlyn's Little Dream (K-01, LG Floor Kiosk)


Mabel Lai said...

The bazaar will be there every day?

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi Mabel, the bazaar is open Every Friday to Sunday from 11am-9pm.

karenng said...

how much does it cost for gua sha treatment per session?

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