UNO® Games add Exciting Twist to Traditional Card Game with UNO® DICE GAME

The compact and portable Mattel UNO Dice Can game takes the excitement of the classic card game and reinvents it into a fast dice game of strategy and fun.

Having provided “fast fun for everyone” for decades, UNO® is the perfect game to play during family gatherings, barbeques with friends or even over that perfect cup of coffee on a Saturday night with friends.

The beauty of UNO® games lie in their simplicity and ease of play, thus leaving more time for fun and less time learning the game. With the different UNO® variations out there – such as the classic UNO® cards, UNO MOO!™ for the preschoolers; UNO SPIN® To Go; UNO STACKO™ and UNO ATTACK! ® , as well as UNO Roboto™ for the techies – UNO® continues to be one of the most popular family games in the world!
Now, Mattel Games have added yet another new exciting twist to this featherweight traditional card game; which is now available in major toy and department stores nationwide in Malaysia – the UNO® Can Dice Game.
The dice game plays like the original card version of UNO® by matching colors and numbers however the only obvious difference is that the UNO® Dice game plays with dice instead of cards.
• Inside the UNO® Dice can, you will be able to find 11 dice and a set of easy instructions to follow.

• To play, you will need two players. Both players receive a total of 5 dice with one dice in the middle.

• Flip a coin and decide which player begins first. The player that begins first will need to roll the dice in the middle and then roll their five dice.

• Players will need to match the middle dice with their dice – for example; the middle dice shows Green 5; the first player will need to pick any of their own dice that has green or the number 5 faced-up. The first player puts down green 3 from their selection.

• The second player will then need to continue from there. For example – with a red 3.

• If any of the players do not have matching colors or numbers on their turn – they will need to pick up; from the middle; the top dice in the sequence and re-roll all of their dice until they get a possible match.

• There are three Action Dice symbols. When you play the Draw One die, the next player must draw one from the dice line in the middle (top of the dice line). Draw Two is the same, but the next player must take draw two dice. When you play the Wild de, you get to choose the color that continues the play.

• The objective of the game is to get rid of all of your dice as fast as possible. If you only have one die left, make sure you remember to yell out “UNO!”, to indicate that you have only one die left. If you do not yell out “UNO!” and you are caught before the next player begins his or her turn, you must draw two dice from the middle line and re-roll all of your dice.


The UNO® Can Dice Game transforms the traditional card game into a game where planning and strategy play a much more significant role, without losing the easy fun that has contributed to the original card game’s success. The portable can format allow players to share, play and enjoy the game wherever and whenever they want to play– in the living room, at a friend’s house or even in the car while travelling!

“As you are playing with dice instead of cards, you cannot play with your hand hidden. That is the most transformative aspect of the game and the action of rolling the dice adds a different dimension to the gameplay. When you play a die to the middle pile, you know exactly how the action will affect your opponent and what options your opponent will have for response. This can lead to situations where you might be able to plan your victory several moves in advance. Perfect for on-the-go moments, we believe the UNO® Dice game is a perfect addition to the dice game category here in Malaysia,” shared Ms Ivy Yeoh, Senior Brand Manager of Games, Mattel Malaysia.

UNO® Dice Game comes with 11 dice with different symbols, colors and numbers printed on it, an easy set of instructions to follow and a soda can-shaped storage container. It is for two players.

Components – UNO® Dice Game comes in a can – complete with a 11 Dice and a set of instructions.
Rules - Extremely precise and easy to learn. Rules can be taught and learnt within one single turn.

Players and Suitability – Can be played by two players and is recommended for players aged 7 and above.

Retail Price – RM 29.90

Availability – Can be found in major department and toy stores nationwide.
My Review

As some of you might know, I am having bed rest this week at home. Besides eat, sleep and rest, I spent most of my time playing UNO® Dice Game with my friends and relatives when they visit me. UNO® Dice Game is so fun to play and we never get bored of playing it for hours. Thanks UNO® for producted this exciting family games to keep me out of bored. I'd recommend you all to get one too because it's a fun game and yet the price is very affordable. :)

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LauraLeia said...

I first saw this in ToysRus and thought the can packaging looks really cute! :D But then i feel that playing Uno with dice is kinda funny, haha. I think this would be a good idea for long bus/train rides to play with friends ^^

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