A basic make-up course

I received a call from Slimming Sanctuary last month, it was about a basic make-up couse worth RM250 which I have won from ifeel magazine. I choosed to attend the course on 25th Sep 2010. The course was held at SS Aesthetic & Wellness Academy situated at 3-1, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, from 10am to 12:45pm.

Intructor of the day was Cool Koh who has a lot of make-up experience. His portfolio is shown below;

There are 16 basic make-up steps as listed below;
1) Clean the face. 3 steps: clean, tone and mosturise

2) Make-up base. Basically there are 2 base colors, green for sensitive and redness skin, while purple for dull skin.

3) Foundation, whether it's a spray, liquid, moose, powder or cream.

4) Concealer

5) Loose Powder
Tips when apply loose powder with your brush, rub the brush with powder in a tissue.

6) Compact Powder. Both loose and compact powder is used for control oil and fixed the make-up.

7) Draw Eyebrow

8) Eye Shadow base. People who has dard eye circle on their eye lids can try to use concealer as eye shadow base.

9) Eye Shadow

natural eye shadow color for day make-up

10) Eyeliner

This is what you can do when you want to apply eyeliner yourselves

11) Curl for the lashes

12) Mascara. Remember, don't curl your lashes after applying mascara as it will hurt your lashes.

13) Inserting fake lashes.

14) Blusher. Fair people can use pink, Tan face tone can use peach or dard red, whereas for night makeup you could use peach or brown to match your smokey eyes.

According to SS personel, this is their best seller blusher

15) Lipstick.

16) Lipgloss.

Last but not least, remember to remove your make-up before you go to sleep. Else you will be 7 days older with just one sleep without removing your make-up! :O

We had hands-on section after hearing what the instructor has taught and the workshop ended with happy faces. :)

Prizes from ifeel & MWW

Yay I have collected my prizes from ifeel and My Women's Weekly finally, let me share the pictures of them with you.  ^-^

1) ifeel Speak Up prize worth RM365
Guess what's inside?

Tada, I luv Paul & Joe pretty packaging

It contains a nail file, lipstick, 2 nail enamel, and a finishing powder

Paul & Joe lipstick 001, nice color :D

Paul & Joe Nail Enamel 33

Paul & Joe Nail Enamel 35

Paul & Joe Finishing Powder 001

2) My Women's Weekly & Cookbook prize worth RM110
Decleor Paris Hydrafloral discovery kit

It contains a serum, day cream and night cream  ^-*

Thanks to iFeel & My Women's Weekly, I like the prize very much!

Now, I wish to get more good news on winnings, hehehe.

My Birthday - 26th Sep 2010

It's my Birthday - 26th Sep 2010! I had a warm Birthday celebration with dear hubby and princess JR. We went to Suria KLCC early morning and shop for 3 hours, then we moved to Alexis Bistro @ Great Eastern Mall for lunch.
Darling let's go shopping 

My gift ~ Aldo sandals @ RM240

Jia Rye saw a nice watch

The Longines watch is nice, wanna buy to mum as Birthday present

Happy Jia Rye has grown up and reached 80cm

Both princess and I like the bag

Camwhore after shopping

Alexis Caesar salad @ RM19

Alexis Nasi Dagang @ RM28
First time trying the Nasi Dagang at Alexis, the taste is AWESOME! I would definately order this again.

Alexis Sarawak Laksa @ RM22
This is hubby's favorite dish all the time!

Alexis Siciliana Pizza @ RM32
Alexis Pizza is bake in wood-fired brick, just like how the Italian does. It is always tasty and crunchy. 

Alexis signature cake - Tiramisu & Pavlova, RM15 each
Tiramisu is not to be missed, a must order in every visits to Alexis! The ingredients are rich and the walnuts caramels are so crunchy.

I feel that I am blessed to have my family celebrated my Birthday with me eventhough it was not very happening. I hope everything will turn good in very soon.  ^-^

Hurray,thanks to Air Asia!

Air Asia has finally launched the long awaited route to Japan on 23rd September 2010. It is really an exciting news to many many Malaysian, including hubby and I.

Hubby has been staying late on 23rd Sep 12am to book the tickets, however he didn't manage to book it because Air Asia opened the booking only at 11am! :(  Since it's weekday morning, all the RM99 All In promotional tickets gone in few minutes! While we booked at 11:30am, we already cannot get the promotional cheapest rate. However we managed to book the round trip ticket, from KL LCCT to Tokyo Haneda Airport ) at about RM1000 per person, not bad though.

My CNY 2011 will be spent in my dream country with sister and brother couple. It's my dream country since I was a child! Thanks to Air Asia and hubby for making my dream comes true!  ^-^

Yokoso Japan!


2010 年9月22日,是八月十五中秋节。今天我特别早从公司回家,然后去奶妈的家戴小嘉嘉回家。不知为什么,我总觉得八月十五是日圆人团圆的好日子,一家人必定要团聚在一起吃一顿饭才像样。但是今年老公没有陪我一起吃饭,我只好和小姑一起吃咯。吃饱饭后嘉嘉闹了,大概是在奶妈家只顾着玩,没什么睡午觉吧。最后我们唯有意思意思吃了一些月饼就回房间睡觉了。


以下分享我个人觉得很好吃的月饼,yummy yummy!



燕菜月饼,奶妈送的。她卖 RM20 一盒,共四粒,好吃!

Jia Rye's Happy Moments

Jia Rye has reached another milestones lately, she is now 15 months old.  ^-^ Thanks God for giving us such a precious girl.

Jia Rye started walking for 2 weeks now, although is not steady but is a very good improvement for her. I am sharing a video that captures her penguin walk.

Now, another video of Jia Rye dancing when watching her favorite drama's opening. This is her 9pm entertainment every weekday, hehehe.


2010 年9 月16日是马来西亚日,今年马来西亚半岛首次列此日为假期。我和嘉嘉待在家时收到以下东西。



1)从英国寄来的 Hugo Boss 香水样品。

2)Winnings from Anna's blog giveaway, Rimmel 的 eye definer。是 Anna 寄来的。

3)从台湾“飞”回来的萧敬腾 Mr Rock 演唱会 Live 纪录。


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ChocolateCats 1st Birthday Giveaway!

Happy 1st Birthday to Chocolate Cats & All Things Strange. For this anniversary, ChocolateCats has a "Caption Me" giveaways where you can win some Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura merchandise.

Now, read the T&C of the Giveway below;
1) Open to Malaysian residents only
2) One entry per person only
3) There will only be 1 (ONE) Winner
4) Winner will be announced within 2 weeks

Closing Date : 27th September 2010 (Monday) @ Midnight
Now, I am joining the giveaway. As usual, fingers cross and wish I could win! ^-^  Anyway, thanks Fatin for the amazing giveaway.

Dora the Jia Rye

Recently Jia Rye's nanny told us that both her and Alicia's mother think that Jia Rye really looks like Dora. Is she? Let me share some photos that nanny MMS to me and compare with Dora.
This photo taken at Nanny's living hall

Now, this is Dora, do they really look alike?

I think their hairstyle look alike lor, maybe it's time for me to bring Jia Rye to hairstylist so that she wouldn't look like Dora anymore lol.


奶妈最近“投诉”说嘉嘉的鞋子不合穿了,要我们买一双新的给她在奶妈家花园玩的时候可以穿。趁着Crocs 有warehouse sales,我们便带了她去Ikano Power Centre 一趟。

我们在最后一天才去,人潮不多但是很多款式和号码都没有了。幸亏我们找到一双女孩子的粉红色Marry Jane 凉鞋。付钱的时候那个销售人员说那双鞋子当天 further reduction RM10,我们只付 RM30!


当然我们知道不适合让小孩穿Crocs去shopping,因为已经发生了很多不愉快事件。我们只让她在公园玩的时候穿这双鞋子咯。我还蛮喜欢它的设计的,很 lady  ^-^


这次嘉嘉要替大家 review Chanel Rouge Coco 口红啦。

话说这一天嘉嘉看到阿嫲搽口红扮美美后,趁阿嫲不注意,自己拿了Chanel Rouge Coco 口红来搽。等大家发现时,口红已经遭到毁灭了!


由于嘉嘉乱乱槎,搞到她的鼻子,衣服,都有口红!从头到尾她都没有complain 口红的味道,应该还蛮好吃的吧?!


最近身边友人一个一个接着去台湾旅游,让我也好想念台湾哦。我想念的不是台湾的食物(不是my cup of tea ,希望这样说不会被打死),而是它的风景和文化。

我最后悔在台湾时没有大量进货CD ,那里有很多豪华版式这里买不到的!例如以下这一张,我听了 CD 后超想看他的演唱会耶。

这张照片是抄自Vincent 的部落格,Vincent 可别告我哦 ;)


最后,希望友人可以替我在台湾买到这个咯 ^-^ 等待好消息。



还好Daddy 昨晚带我们去了 Tesco shopping 解闷。我们一家人和公共婆婆一起去。到了之后,宝宝阿公带她去玩具部门玩,坐了好几辆脚踏车。

Tesco 有好多脚踏车选择,最后阿公买了一部给宝宝,但都不在这四张照片里头。小嘉嘉很喜欢她的新脚踏车,昨晚玩到凌晨12点还不肯睡觉!这个周末带宝宝出去玩得拍她阿公送她的脚车了,呵呵。

Clinique Repairware

Want to try the new Clinique Repairware Laser Focus Wrinkle & Photo Damage Corrector? You can now redeem a 1.5ml sample by filling up this form

Redemption from 1st Sep to 19th Sep  ^^
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