A basic make-up course

I received a call from Slimming Sanctuary last month, it was about a basic make-up couse worth RM250 which I have won from ifeel magazine. I choosed to attend the course on 25th Sep 2010. The course was held at SS Aesthetic & Wellness Academy situated at 3-1, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, from 10am to 12:45pm.

Intructor of the day was Cool Koh who has a lot of make-up experience. His portfolio is shown below;

There are 16 basic make-up steps as listed below;
1) Clean the face. 3 steps: clean, tone and mosturise

2) Make-up base. Basically there are 2 base colors, green for sensitive and redness skin, while purple for dull skin.

3) Foundation, whether it's a spray, liquid, moose, powder or cream.

4) Concealer

5) Loose Powder
Tips when apply loose powder with your brush, rub the brush with powder in a tissue.

6) Compact Powder. Both loose and compact powder is used for control oil and fixed the make-up.

7) Draw Eyebrow

8) Eye Shadow base. People who has dard eye circle on their eye lids can try to use concealer as eye shadow base.

9) Eye Shadow

natural eye shadow color for day make-up

10) Eyeliner

This is what you can do when you want to apply eyeliner yourselves

11) Curl for the lashes

12) Mascara. Remember, don't curl your lashes after applying mascara as it will hurt your lashes.

13) Inserting fake lashes.

14) Blusher. Fair people can use pink, Tan face tone can use peach or dard red, whereas for night makeup you could use peach or brown to match your smokey eyes.

According to SS personel, this is their best seller blusher

15) Lipstick.

16) Lipgloss.

Last but not least, remember to remove your make-up before you go to sleep. Else you will be 7 days older with just one sleep without removing your make-up! :O

We had hands-on section after hearing what the instructor has taught and the workshop ended with happy faces. :)

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