New! Neutrogena® Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam

The fun of wearing make-up is offset by the need for thorough cleansing, plus a busy schedule can get in the way of a good skincare regime, especially when exhausted after a long day at work. So what’s a woman to do, when BB creams and long-wearing foundation formulas often require double-cleansing?
Introducing the all new Neutrogena® Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam, an all-in-one smart cleanser that removes make-up and cleanses skin in just one wash – the perfect product for the woman on the go! This convenient 2-in-1 formula gives you a smart start on cleansing, removing daily makeup, dirt and oil without the need for two separate products, saving time, effort and money without compromising on healthy and radiant skin!
This innovative formula’s oil-like texture glides easily over the skin to melt away makeup; when water is added, it transforms into a luxurious lather that thoroughly lifts away dirt, oil and impurities in one wash. The transformation of oil-gel to creamy soft foam is effective yet gentle on the skin. It rinses off easily without leaving any residue resulting fresh-looking, clean and healthy skin.

Neutrogena® Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam is the perfect everyday essential cleansing solution for the busy woman who understands the need for effective cleansing and won’t compromise on quality skincare. Plus, it’s a wonderfully convenient all-in-one makeup remover and cleanser, easily carried along for gym days, sleepovers and getaways!

Neutrogena® Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam is available in 3 variants:
1)     Neutrogena® Deep Clean Cleansing Oil – for Normal/Combination Skin: With Rosemary extract which is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Effective for all skin types.

Spirit of WIPRO Run 2016

It was a colorful morning last Sunday, where we seen up to 4,300 participants made their way to the Spirit of WIPRO Run 2016 at Perdana Botanical Garden (Lake Garden). Themed “Powered by Ambition”, the annual charity event Spirit of WIPRO Run marks its 6th year in Malaysia with yet another successful event held concurrently with thousands of WIPRO employees, their family, friends, customers, partners and suppliers run together on the same day at different locations where WIPRO has its offices for a good cause. 
With the aim to foster the values that WIPRO UNZA considers to be the foundation of the company, “Spirit of WIPRO Run” is a CSR initiative to contribute to the society by encouraging systematic improvement in education and to the local communities where WIPRO operates in.

Spirit of WIPRO Run 2016 is free for WIPRO employees and their families, and the others only had to contribute RM 10 per person to participate in the run. They were given a running kit contains a running shirt, cap, and products from WIPRO in a drawstring bag.
Managing Director of Wipro Unza Malaysia - Mr Kumar Chander & Chief Executive of Wipro Unza Malaysia - Mr Sriram with presents for some of the children from Trinity Home

This year, WIPRO Unza had also invited and sponsored the children from Rumah Kanak-kanak Triniti Selangor to join the event.

Mr Sriram Krishnamurthy, Chief Executive of Wipro Unza Malaysia Sdn Bhd said, “The Spirit of Wipro Run, one of the World’s largest global employee engagement activities, showcases the passion, determination, and collective effort of numerous individuals across the World. It foster and strengthens a sense of tem spirit not just within our organisation but also with our network of customers, partners, suppliers, employee families, and others.”
Welcoming Speech by Managing Director of Wipro Unza Malaysia - Mr Kumar Chander

“We are thrilled that the number of participants doubled from the previous year as this shows greater awareness and stronger support towards our CSR innitiative. This is a great encouragement for us to carry on this charity effort. The funds raised this year will go towards improving the living conditions of the underprivileged as well as education improvement efforts,” he added.

Stay Safe with Digi Family Safety App

Child abduction case has always happening in our country, many children have been reported missing recently. As a parent of two lovely girls, I am very worrying their safety especially I am a working mom whom don’t have time to take care of them 24 hours. While my daughters are taken-care by trusted caregivers, I have never taken their safety for granted.
Thanks to the latest innovation and technology, Digi has launched their Family Safety App recently. As a Digi user, I get to try them out for FREE, yay!

According to the Digi, Digi Family Safety App is a solution for people like us who want to know that their children or elderly relatives are safe at all times. Parental controls give parents additional ability to put restrictions in place for how their children use their smartphones. I believe most teenagers have their own phone in this tech-savvy era, so this app is great for us parents to stay connected with our kids.
With Digi Family Safety App, we can enjoy a lot of features including;

1. Family Location - Locate your family on your smartphone or the web in real time. I love this feature the most, as we can keep track of our kids in real-time without worrying the limitation of distance.

2. Geo-fencing - Create safety zones for family members. For example, I have make the home and my caregivers’ home as the safety zones for my kids.

[Review + Giveaway] Bourjois Paris City Radiance Foundation & Radiance Reveal Concealer

As promised, here’s my second giveaway in my Birthday today. It’s related to beauty stuff which I am glad to share with all my sisters here: Bourjois Paris City Radiance Foundation & Radiance Reveal Concealer.
Have you tried Bourjois cosmetic before? Bourjois is a French cosmetics company and is famous for its makeup products. This year, Bourjois has launched its latest foundation that has an anti-pollution screen function that call City Radiance and Radiance Reveal concealer. I was attracted by their simple and girly packaging at the first sight.
Bourjois Paris City Radiance foundation has SPF 30 which is perfect for our warm country. It help reduces the presence of carbon particles on the skin, resulting in a fresh and luminous complexion. The formula hydrates for 24 hours and gives a light to medium coverage.
It is easy to apply by starting in the centre of your face and blend outwards. It gives a fresh and luminous complexion immediately after the application. My dull skin turns to glowing skin with just a layer of City Radiance foundation. The foundation last on my oily combination skin for around 5 hours before it turns oily again.

[Movie + Giveaway] Stephen Chow "The Mermaid" Movie on CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322)

Have you watched Stephen Chow "The Mermaid" Movie? I love the movie and it’s my moist favourite Chinese movie thus day in year 2016. The Mermaid is a film that tells the story of a playboy businessman (Deng Chao) who falls in love with a mermaid, Shan (Lin Yun) who was sent to assassinate him. Upon release, this film broke numerous box office records and it will premiere exclusively on CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322) on Sunday 2 October at 9pm!
Yeah to Astro CELESTIAL MOVIES subsribers!
Let me tell you 5 things you should know about this show:
1.      The Man Behind the film
·         It is a 2016 Chinese-Hong Kong science-fiction, fantasy, and romantic comedy that was directed, co-written, and co-produced by Stephen Chow. This is his tenth directorial effort.
2.      Popularity of the film
·         The Mermaid was ranked as the No.1 Chinese movie with box office earnings of $7,025,381 in Malaysia and was also the highest-grossing film of all time in China!
3.      Inspiration of the film
·         Stephen Chow was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of "The Little Mermaid" to produce this film and wanted make it a modern interpretation of the story. Another inspiration came from his childhood, where he lived by the sea and always wondered what life was like under the sea.   
4.      What Happened Behind-the-Scenes
·         Deng Chao and Lin Yun ended up eating a total of 150 roasted chickens during a multiple takes of an eating scene just to ensure they got the best quality shot.
5.      Moral of the story
·         Liu Xuan’s development project had a direct impact on the merpeople, killing many of them and he only managed to save Shan by sending her back to the ocean so she could escape from this. Learning from his mistakes, Xuan set up a scholarship for research on environmental protection.

If you would like to watch The Mermaid all over again, please tune in to CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322) on Sunday 2 October at 9pm to catch this billion-dollar Chinese blockbuster! 

As you seen in the title of this post, there is a giveaway from me too! The Mermaid fever continues with this simple Share-and-Win Contest! Simply share the first visual in your social media and hashtag #ILikeCM #TheMermaid to win some exclusive Celestial Movies merchandise consisting of a tote Bag, selfie LED flashlight, erasable note pad, umbrella and RM50 Neway Cash Voucher!

Submit  your name, email address and your social media links by commenting on this post. There would be 3 winners for this simple Share-and-Win Contest. 

Get to Know Park Shin Hye - Mamonde’s Brand Ambassador

Mamonde Malaysia has introduced its brand ambassador Park Shin Hye through a greeting video, last July during its official launch. In the video, Park greeted everyone and congratulated Mamonde Malaysia on the launch of its first counter at Aeon 1Utama. Looking perky and cute in the video, Park also announced that she will be visiting Malaysia this October.
Park Shin Hye - Mamonde’s Brand Ambassador

While we wait for her arrival here in Malaysia, let’s get to know her first!

Born on 18 February 1990, Park has turned 26 this year. Her first acting debut was in 2003, in a drama called Stairway to Heaven, which earned her the Best Young Actress Award by SBS Drama Awards. Park’s career rose when she starred in the K-drama ‘The Heirs’ alongside Lee Min Ho, where she played Cha Eun-Sang. ‘The Heirs’ was a huge success in China with one billion views on (a popular video viewing site in China) while Park had more than 11 million followers Weibo, the highest number followers for a Korean female actress. She was awarded the ‘Popular Foreign Actress Award’ at the Chinese Anhui Drama Awards. Park’s popularity continues to soar with her role as Choi In-ha in the drama Pinocchio which earned her Forbes Korea’s Top 40 Most Popular Celebrities. In the drama ‘Doctors’ that is currently airing on SBS, Park plays the female lead which makes her more popular than before. SBS expects to reach a 20 per cent viewership rating nationwide in the coming weeks with this drama gaining popularity. 
Park has won more than 23 drama and TV awards which also include the Prime Minister’s Award at the 6th Korean Popular Culture & ‘; Arts Awards and the Most Popular Actress (Film) at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards in 2015.

Park has been the face of Mamonde since 2014. She was selected because of her pure beauty and her multiple talents that fit the brand’s image and also the brand message, ‘Inspired by Flowers’. The very same year, Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Color Balm which was used by Park in the drama ‘Pinocchio’, saw a sales surge which earned the phenomena, the ‘Park Shin Hye Lipstick Effect.’ Similarly this year, Mamonde’s new Highlight Lip Tint #6 (Pin Spot) which happens to be Park’s favourite, which she also uses in the drama ‘Doctors’, was seen flying off the shelves.

Finding a Balance in Digital Parenting

While children deserve the freedom to enjoy digital activities, there is a need to balance time spent on these through a ‘digital detox’. Given the multiscreen era that we are currently living in, it is unsurprising that learning how to ‘unplug’ is a test for most people, including children of today’s generation. With smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles within easy reach, gone are the days that we can leave the house without a device or two.

At a recent panel session organised by ZooMoo, a television channel for preschool children featuring animals, this topic along with the challenge of raising a child in the digital era was discussed. Keeping away from technology might not be feasible in today’s circumstances, however there are some ways for parents and children alike to balance their time spent on screens. 

Redefining the concept of balance

Most parents have an impression that if their child is watching TV or playing games, they are not getting any educational value as it is thought the primary purpose of these activities is purely for fun. However, as technology plays a big role in our lives, it is not about the removal but the mindfulness of using it. Instead of setting parameters on the amount of time allowed, the smarter approach is to know what content their child consumes and how they react to it. 

“Parents need to be the gatekeepers for their child’s time and activities spent on screens. Similar to any other activity such as play time, kids do not know when to stop and are likely to be upset when they are told to. It is about understanding your child and what works for them,” Dr. Shen-Li Lee, parenting expert and author of Brainchild stated.

During the session, a question on the effects of exposure to technology on a child’s social development was raised. Although current research doesn’t provide conclusive answer to whether or not there is a direct negative or positive impact on children, the main consensus is that consuming digital media in moderation is key.

“Screen time is not necessarily a bad thing as it can be used as an educational tool or part of bonding time. My girls and I enjoy watching ZooMoo and learning about the animals together,” said Aishah Sinclair, celebrity mom of two, radio DJ and ZooMoo brand ambassador.

Role model for healthy digital habits

Throughout the early years of development, one of the methods children will learn is through imitation. Watching their parents practice a well-balanced screen time routine will have a positive impact on children. Some examples include picking up a book to read, spending time outdoors, or even the simple action of putting away devices at the dinner table.

Relating to her personal experience, Aishah said “sometimes hiding the iPad from my girls does not work as they catch me using my mobile phone to answer urgent work emails. As parents, we need to ensure that we set good examples for our children to understand and emulate.” 

Clarins Anti-ageing Treatment Essences

Do you afraid of ageing? According to a research, this is the major concern for Asian women as early as 25 years old. When we aged, we needed extra care to help pave the way for young and beautiful looking skin.

To achieve a youthful skin, Clarins, the anti-ageing expert, has launched three pioneering anti-ageing Treatment Essences in August 2016. It is the first step in any anti-ageing beauty routine, tailor-made for skin at different ages, they are designed to enhance the youthfulness of all Asian women.
Clarins Research has discovered that the skin has a physical barrier that protects against external aggressions. In order for the powerful anti-ageing ingredients to effectively penetrate and reach its biological target which is located at the deepest skin layers, it is necessary to “unlock” this barrier. This is to allow the active ingredients to be able to absorb easily.
There are three types of skin ageing:

1. Age 25+ - Early signs of ageing: The outermost skin layer is made up of 15 to 20 layers of corneocyte cells, this compact structure forms a “physical” protective barrier limiting the penetration of cosmetic ingredients.

2. Age 35+ - More permanent signs of ageing: Water content in the upper skin layers decreases with age, lack of water is the second factor that limits the absorption of active molecules in addition to the physical barrier.

3. Age 45+ - Prominent signs of ageing: The accumulation of dead cells on the skin surface limiting the absorption of active ingredients.
As women are all unique, Clarins has formulated three specific Treatment Essences rich in plant extracts, with highly sensorial smooth textures that specially designed to “unlock” the skin barrier and optimize active skin absorption for skin at all ages and to ‘lock’ the skin with moisturisers.

The 1st tailor-made essences for different age groups and as an essential first step in any anti-ageing beauty routine, Multi-Active boosts skin vitality for 25+, Extra-Firming enhances skin bounciness for 35+ and Super Restorative reinforces skin smoothness for 45+.

Flavours of Mexico in Malaysia @ Cedar on 15, Impiana KLCC Hotel

Hi my lovely readers, I am back from my short vacation. For those reside in Malaysia, how was your long holiday? My holiday was ended with a happy note hence I hope yours’ are great too. Just after I landed in Malaysia, I was invited to the Flavours of Mexico in Malaysia at Impiana KLCC Hotel.

Flavours of Mexico in Malaysia @ Impiana KLCC Hotel
Date: 20th Sep to 24th Sep 2016
Venue: Cedar on 15 @ Impiana KLCC Hotel
Price: RM 98 nett per person
Expect an array of semi buffet style menu with apperizers, soup and desserts with a choice of main course prepared individually in the kitchen for best quality of food, serve with a free Margarita at “Flavours of Mexico”. I find that Mexican food is generally colorful in ingredients, and rich in flavours. The dishes have both a depth of flavours with its combination of savoury and earthy flavours including herbs and spices giving it its distinct kick of variety of chilies include fresh, dried, smoked and pickled, alongside garlic, onions, lemons and limes oregano, coriander, cinnamon and cocoa.
Let’s look into some of the menu available at “Flavours of Mexico” that is prepare by Chef Ivan Chavarria Hernandez, an International experienced chef who has worked in famous restaurants like La Sucursal, Valencia and Spain to Motel Mexicola.

New! Barbie Dreamtopia that will Inspire Girls of All Ages to Dream Without Limit

Mattel has launched their Barbie Dreamtopia, which is an all-new series set in a world created by the fearless imagination of Barbie’s youngest sister, Chelsea. Together, they embark on amazing adventures in four magical kingdoms of Dreamtopia: Wispy Forest, Rainbow Cove, Sweetville, and Sparkle Mountain. Through their adventures, they learn lessons that help them grow up and embrace the child within themselves.
Dreamtopia is a world where princesses express themselves through their beautifully entangled hairstyles, where mermaid swims through river of rainbow, where fairy create wings for anyone and queen that believes seeing magic in the rarest place.
"It's just a dream away.." Sail to the world of magical lands at Dreamtopia.

With the launch of Barbie Dreamtopia collection in major toy and departmental stores, little girls and parents can discover and experience the four enchanted lands where dream comes true. Girls are invited to unleash their imaginations through magical makeovers, photo taking opportunities, playtime with Barbie products, and stand a chance to meet and greet with Barbie from Dreamtopia.
Barbie Dreamtopia play dates will be taking place in the following dates and place.

Location: Toys ‘R’ Us Mid Valley (East Atrium) | Date: 7th – 15st September 2016
Location: Toys ‘R’ Us One Utama (New Wing)| Date: 7th – 11st September 2016
Location: Toys ‘R’ Us Suria KLCC | Date: 8th – 12st September 2016
Location: Sunway Pyramid (Blue Concourse) | Date: 14th – 18st September 2016
Location: AEON Cheras Selatan | Date: 27th – 2nd October 2016

Carlo Rino's 30th Anniversary – Fantastical Fantasy Autumn/Winter Collection 2016

Happy 30th Anniversary to Carlo Rino! This Autumn/Winter 2016, it has brought us the Fantastical Fantasy collection. A collection of sweet, trendy, young, stylish, modernized retro, all in a day's work and sporty chic.
Recently, they had organized a tea party for media and bloggers which themed as ‘Style to Perfection with International Stylist, Hideyuki Hayashi’ at Carlo Rino store @ Mid Valley Megamall.
Let’s see all the beautiful styles styled by Hideyuki Hayashi using the latest Carlo Rino’s Fantastical Fantasy Autumn/Winter Collection 2016,
Left: International Stylist, Hideyuki Hayashi
Dainty Statements : Ever felt like you wanted to make a statement but not go over the top? Well, now you can with this petite and simple yet trendy range that exudes adorability and femininity. Half of the range comes with an endearing leather trim patterned charm and the other half comes with a sleek curved handle, just for that little extra attention. Constructed to withstand long wears and certain circumstances, they are a perfect fit for any casual day out

Happy Malaysia Day 16 September

Good morning peeps! When you are reading this post, I am already in another country with my family for a short vacation!

To all Malaysian , Happy Malaysia Day in advance! Do enjoy this Public Holiday with your loved ones ok.
Enjoy, XOXO.

Simple Lifestyle Changes for Better Blood Health

Aneamia is a common desease especially for women. Always we seen people especially ladies suffer from aneamia, due to we have to go through monthly menstrual or pregnancy. 

In fact, Aneamia is often the result of insufficient supply of healthy red blood cells or haemoglobin needed to carry oxygen throughout the body Causes of anaemia:
Abnormal menstrual bleeding, deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals for production of red blood cells, chronic illness such as inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases, kidney failure and acute and chronic infections, and increased breakdown of red blood cells due to intensive physical training. The most common cause of anaemia is iron deficiency.
Anemia is a condition in which the amount of haemoglobin or number of red blood cells is insufficient to meet the body’s physiological needs. It is often the result of nutritional deficiency, genetics and chronic diseases. And women face a higher risk of anaemia due toiron loss during menstruation and pregnancy.
Do you know we could actually prevent and even cure for anaemia? By eating a certain food and diet that increase iron absorption. There are a few iron rich food including dark-green leafy vegetables, such as watercress and curly kale, iron-fortified cereals or bread, brown rice, brown rice noodle, raisins, pulses and beans, nuts and seeds, white and red meat, fish and tofu.
Besides, there are also Iron supplement which is a solution to correct iron deficiency anaemia, for better daily performance without hassle. My family and I have been consuming Sangobion, which is a product of Merck - the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company for innovative, top-quality high-tech products in healthcare, life science and performance materials.

Sangobion is an iron supplement that replenishes iron stores and increases red blood cell levels in the body. It consists of the full range of vitamins and minerals that is necessary for production of red blood cells, and contains Vitamin C to help in increasing absorption of iron. It also contains Sorbitol which helps to reduce incidence of constipation commonly caused by iron supplementation It also fights the symptoms of anaemia such as fatigue, paleness, weakness, lack of concentration and dizziness. Sangobion helps to increase red blood cell levels to optimize oxygen needed in the body, so you could perform at your best throughout the day.

Happy Mooncake Festival

The Mooncake festival is here! To all my Chinese readers, enjoy the full moon with your dearest one. Eat more mooncake and enjoy playing lanterns.
As for myself, I am going to on board for a family vacation later today.

I will be back on Sunday night only but I have scheduled a few posts for you in case you have free time to read during this long weekends.


Pedro Fall Winter 2016 Collection

We were excited to visit the Ching Woo Stadium, KL to check out Pedro’s Fall Winter 2016 Collection last month. Whenever we think about Pedro, sophistication and style came to our mind immediately. The brand offers footwear and accessories for both men and women, heightened fashion acumen is channeled with style each season.
This Fall/Winter 2016, Pedro proudly presents ‘ART IN PERSPECTIVE’ collection. Artistic expressions are perpetuated where modern and vintage perspectives collide, unveiling chic style.


Sleek masculine pieces take centre stage in the men’s collection, with noteworthy shades of olive and maroon encapsulating the understated elegance of Fall Winter.
Reimagine dress shoes – hikers’ eyelet hooks, elastic bands and contrast laces are juxtaposed against classic derbies, injecting a sense of personality with an air of refinement. Rustic burnished finishes further accentuate the decadence of the season, translated into effortless style for the contemporary connoisseur.


New! NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine

I am a coffee junkie, I can’t live without coffee. I drink coffee everyday even when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. Over the years, there are many new cafes open in Malaysia. I heard that in fact, there are more than 100 cafes open every year! It has shifts’ consumers from traditional to modern coffees. However, it is indeed an expensive expense to go café every day. Imagine paying RM 15 for a cup of coffee every day, 1 year it will cost RM 5475 at least! And that’s only for one person.
I had planned to buy a coffee machine but the ones in the market are quite expensive, plus the capsules are also expensive and not easy to get. Hence, when Involve Asia invited me to their NESCAFE event recently, I was excited to find out more on the latest invention from NESCAFE.
Introducing the NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine, a brand new coffee machine that is affordable and easy to use. NESCAFE created the Gold Barista Machine with an intention to spend additional income on innovations, and redefining the coffee experience for the public.
Click to view the video of how NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine works.

NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine works together with NESCAFE Gold Blend that is made with high quality Arabica & Robusta beans, which offers distinctive aroma, and using freeze dried coffee (premium technology). NESCAFE Gold Blend is available in big and small glass jar, and a refill pack. We could easily buy it at convenient store, grocery and supermarket. Note the machine only works with NESCAFE Gold Blend.
NESCAFE Gold Blend

Delicious Seafood @ Wellcome Seafood Restaurant, Sunway Mentari

I’m not sure about you, but I and my family always dine out during weekends. As my family love seafood, our pick will always go to Chinese Seafood resurant. We have found a hidden gem recently, the Wellcome Seafood Restaurant located at Sunway Mentari. It is a 3 storey shop lot just besides Mr DIY.

Wellcome Seafood Restaurant, Sunway Mentari

Apparently Wellcome Seafood has been around in the same location for quite some time, but it is recently taken over by a new Chef – Chef Alvin Chin. Chef Alvin Chin has brought the food into the next level with his experience in Chinese Food restaurants. 
Chef Alvin Chin

He chose only the fresh seafood which is kept in the cold aquarium. We could be pretty much guarantee on the the freshness of the seafood at Wellcome Seafood.
We had our lunch at the VIP room at the upper level not long ago. Our lovely meal started with Pan Seared Oyster in Supreme Soy Sauce.

Pan Seared Oyster in Supreme Soy Sauce (RM9.80 per piece)
Both hubby and I love Oyster, we could eat dozens of oyster for a meal. The Pan Seared Oyster in Supreme Soy Sauce is so delicious, where the oyster was very fresh and juicy, with a crispy light crust.
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