Delicious Seafood @ Wellcome Seafood Restaurant, Sunway Mentari

I’m not sure about you, but I and my family always dine out during weekends. As my family love seafood, our pick will always go to Chinese Seafood resurant. We have found a hidden gem recently, the Wellcome Seafood Restaurant located at Sunway Mentari. It is a 3 storey shop lot just besides Mr DIY.

Wellcome Seafood Restaurant, Sunway Mentari

Apparently Wellcome Seafood has been around in the same location for quite some time, but it is recently taken over by a new Chef – Chef Alvin Chin. Chef Alvin Chin has brought the food into the next level with his experience in Chinese Food restaurants. 
Chef Alvin Chin

He chose only the fresh seafood which is kept in the cold aquarium. We could be pretty much guarantee on the the freshness of the seafood at Wellcome Seafood.
We had our lunch at the VIP room at the upper level not long ago. Our lovely meal started with Pan Seared Oyster in Supreme Soy Sauce.

Pan Seared Oyster in Supreme Soy Sauce (RM9.80 per piece)
Both hubby and I love Oyster, we could eat dozens of oyster for a meal. The Pan Seared Oyster in Supreme Soy Sauce is so delicious, where the oyster was very fresh and juicy, with a crispy light crust.

Marinated Minced Chili Steam Talapia Fish (Market Price)
Marinated Minced Chili Steam Talapia Fish looks extremely spicy, but in fact it is not as spicy as we thought. Chef Alvin uses the homemade fermented chili sauce which is spicy looking but yummy tasting to steam the Talapia Fish. Definitely a unique and tasty version of steam Talapia Fish.

Deep Fried Spare Ribs (RM 9.00 per piece)
We all love Deep Fried Spare Ribs, no matter adult or kids, aren’t we? The boneless deep fried spare ribs are crispy outside and juicy inside. Served with homemade creamy chili sauce, deep fried spare ribs are easy to go with rice.

Braised Sliced Crystal Prawn Beancurd (RM60)
The homemade taofu was soft and easy to eat. Served with sliced prawns, it’s a dish for the whole family including kids, adults and elderly. We will order this dish again whenever we dine here.

Fried Spinach with Raw Egg and Crab Meat in Claypot (RM20)
This is like a spinach soup to me. The spinach was cooked till soft, and paired with raw egg and crab meat in a claypot. Another family friendly dish for the kids and the elder.

Special Sauce Fried Ostrich & Pickle Veggie (RM35)
Any fans of ostrich meat here? I have tried them at some other restaurant before but not many restaurant serve it. Fried Ostrich with Special Sauce is quite spicy to me and is enticing with its special taste.

Homemade Taofu Pork Steam Beancurd (RM14)
Another homemade taofu dish but it is stuffed with pork. Another kids friendly dish for the younger ones.

Stir-fried 2 types Kailan (RM20)
Stir-fried 2 types Kailan looks so interesting and is very delicious. Half of the plate being fresh and crunchy Kai Lan, blanched and cooked with oyster sauce, and the other half was shredded Kai Lan leaves which were thinly sliced and deep fried to a delicious salty crisp. They tasted like Japanese Salted Seaweed which we like it a lot.

Chef’s Specialty Yam Fried Rice (RM20)
A Chinese feast isn’t complete without a fried rice. Chef’s Specialty Yam Fried Rice taste great with the combination of scramble eggs and topped with lotsa cubed yam and ebiko.

Sweet and Sour Chili Crab (RM28 per two crabs)
Yes, you see it right. We enjoy eating Sweet and Sour Chili Crab for just RM28 per two crabs. The crabs were fresh and yummy! We love pairing it with fried Man Tou. Dipping the crunchy Man Tou in the Sweet and Sour sauce is savoring and satisfying.
Wellcome Seafood is having the crab promotion in the month of September 2016 where you get to eat two crabs for just RM28. The promotion is valid for dine-in only.

Overall, Wellcome Seafood Restaurant is a great place for seafood lovers, friends and family.

Wellcome Seafood Restaurant Address:
No.15-1, Jalan PJS8/5, Sunway Mentari Park
46150, Petaling Jaya

To RSVP, please call +6-03- 5631 3064

Operations Hours: Mon to Sun: 10am – 3pm (Brunch) | 5pm to 11pm (Dinner)


Elfie Jane said...

Gosh I love seafood! Your photos make me really wanna go to this restaurant :)

活力麻麻 said...

The 2-Type Kailan really nice, i tried it somewhere else in Borneo, The "Fried"part was just like eating dried seaweed..:)

Miera Nadhirah said...

Dang... these amazing food pictures is making me so hungry at 7 am in the morning....

Pui San said...

Another choice for seafood restaurant now, sour chili crab is one of my favorite dish! Thanks for introducing! :)

Travellover23 said...

wow !! 2 crabs for RM28 only. Looking forward to try the crab!

Betty's Journey said...

Nom..Nomm, The food look so tempting. The sweet and sour chili crab price is affordable and look yummy to me. I like stir fried kailan too as not every restaurant has this type of dish.

Eunice Chow said...

Those seafood are so tempting! And the price seems to be very affordable too!

Emily said...

Gosh, the seafood is so fresh! Right out of the aquarium! Since it is halal, I can recommend it to my Muslim friends.

Sharon Lee said...

Love all the food presentation! Plus is quite affordable to enjoy such yummy food too =)

Mable Maeve Seah said...

Omg, so cheap the crab?!! Really worth to try and don't mind if you come to Penang, I shall take you to have seafood feast here too!

Unknown said...

Saw this restaurant the other day when I pass by Sunway Mentari, there's quite some people standing outside queueing! Must pay a visit to the restaurant next time.

Rawlins GLAM said...

I have just had my big breakfast but now become hungry again after seeing all these delicious food.

Isaac Tan said...

it does look super delicious! yum yum.. i want them all :)

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