Clarins Anti-ageing Treatment Essences

Do you afraid of ageing? According to a research, this is the major concern for Asian women as early as 25 years old. When we aged, we needed extra care to help pave the way for young and beautiful looking skin.

To achieve a youthful skin, Clarins, the anti-ageing expert, has launched three pioneering anti-ageing Treatment Essences in August 2016. It is the first step in any anti-ageing beauty routine, tailor-made for skin at different ages, they are designed to enhance the youthfulness of all Asian women.
Clarins Research has discovered that the skin has a physical barrier that protects against external aggressions. In order for the powerful anti-ageing ingredients to effectively penetrate and reach its biological target which is located at the deepest skin layers, it is necessary to “unlock” this barrier. This is to allow the active ingredients to be able to absorb easily.
There are three types of skin ageing:

1. Age 25+ - Early signs of ageing: The outermost skin layer is made up of 15 to 20 layers of corneocyte cells, this compact structure forms a “physical” protective barrier limiting the penetration of cosmetic ingredients.

2. Age 35+ - More permanent signs of ageing: Water content in the upper skin layers decreases with age, lack of water is the second factor that limits the absorption of active molecules in addition to the physical barrier.

3. Age 45+ - Prominent signs of ageing: The accumulation of dead cells on the skin surface limiting the absorption of active ingredients.
As women are all unique, Clarins has formulated three specific Treatment Essences rich in plant extracts, with highly sensorial smooth textures that specially designed to “unlock” the skin barrier and optimize active skin absorption for skin at all ages and to ‘lock’ the skin with moisturisers.

The 1st tailor-made essences for different age groups and as an essential first step in any anti-ageing beauty routine, Multi-Active boosts skin vitality for 25+, Extra-Firming enhances skin bounciness for 35+ and Super Restorative reinforces skin smoothness for 45+.

Multi-Active Treatment Essence Vitality Booster (RM 200)
Multi-Active Treatment Essence is formulated with teasel extract which increases skin cell energy to boost skin vitality. In addition, acerola seed extract encourages cellular respiration to boost skin radiance. It leaves the skin soft and supple to the touch and visibly radiant.
This Treatment Essence’s emollient action maintains the skin’s suppleness and helps to prepare skin to benefit from skin care applied afterwards. The skin is moisturized and revitalized.

With a refreshing, gentle texture, this Treatment Essence is perfectly absorbed by the skin
and prepares it to fully benefit from skin care applied afterwards.

Extra-Firming Treatment Essence Bounciness Enhancer (RM 215)
Formulated with lemon thyme and green banana extracts to reinforce skin structure, this Treatment Essence helps to enhance the bounciness of the skin, smooth wrinkles and firm, leaving the skin soft and supple to the touch and visibly radiant. In addition, fig extract and hyaluronic acid supply water to skin and help prevent excessive water loss.

The skin appears plumped up and the look of fine lines is reduced.

With a refreshing, velvety texture, this Treatment Essence helps to prepare skin to benefit from skin care applied afterwards. Thanks to its smoothing action, this Treatment Essence maintains the skin’s suppleness and leaves skin moisturized and firmer.

This Treatment Essence is perfectly absorbed by the skin and prepares it to fully benefit from skin care applied afterwards.

Super Restorative Treatment Essence Smoothness Enhancer (RM285)
This Treatment Essence is formulated with pueraria lobata extract which stimulates the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts, in order to help reinforce the stratum corneum and replenish the skin. In addition, the re-energizing properties of ginseng and green coffee extracts help boost skin radiance.

With a refreshing, smooth texture and thanks to its exfoliating action, it helps to prepare skin to benefit from skin care applied afterwards and is perfectly absorbed by the skin to maintain its suppleness. This Treatment Essence also helps to plump the skin, leaving it soft and supple to the touch and visibly radiant.

This Treatment Essence prepares the skin to fully benefit from skin care products applied afterwards.

These three new Treatment Essences offer refreshing and smooth textures for pleasant application every day. They are a pleasure to apply thanks to their look, fragrance and feel. Moreover, their active textures are highly effective, with the capacity to “unlock” and prepare skin to receive the benefits of skin care products applied afterwards.

There are two simple yet effective application methods to apply these Treatment Essences. First, quick and easy application with a cotton pad in just 10 seconds. Second, apply by dabbing onto skin in just 20 seconds for a more sensorial experience and to boost radiance.
To make it even more effective, pair it with the Multi-Active range, Extra-Firming range and Super Restorative range for a youthful skin to complete the anti-ageing beauty routine.

For more information, visit;
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Unknown said...

I'm 21 this year. Does that mean Clarins is not a suitable brand for me since the youngest age group is 25+?

Shiv B said...

Awh was good to see you there babe, love the 3 ranges. Each are suitable to the different age groups too and they do wonders for the skin as well.

Emily said...

Ah, something that I have use for. Skin not getting younger and showing the effects of not taking care of it.

Eunice Chow said...

Ah I think I still have 2 more years to start my skin on anti-ageing products. definitely will check this out!

P.S.: I've followed you on Blogger, hope you can follow me too. Let's connect :)

Miera Nadhirah said...

Looks like a great product.. I have heard a lot about it and seen it numerous times... but I have not gotten a chance to really try it... seems interesting and I will check it out

Sharmini said...

BIG fan of Clarins but I had to give it up some years ago (still regretting it) because of budget issues... Their products are really good... but pricey :/

Angelpoiwoon said...

Yeah, I need more water. Face and body :D. Clarins looks great!

Mistan Izzy said...

Agreed that even at the age of 25, we need to starts concert about aging! Haven't try about clarins before but it seems to be very promising!

Unknown said...

My sister is a loyal fans for this brand. Their products are nice to be use.

Betty's Journey said...

It seem I have to take some preventive for aging. Will visit Clarins counter to check about their anti aging products.

Isaac Tan said...

i'm aging too quickly now. need this product badly.. give it to me! hehe

Amelie Yap said...

My cousin sister has recommended this brand to me too! Sounds promising!

Sharon Lee said...

This range looks really nice and nourishes to use! They even have range start from 25+, that's the range for me XD

Bearhy Hui Ying said...

wow...looks so nice!!!!Many good reviews from this brand!!!

Ivy Kam said...

I like this brand for its quality, can't wait to try out their new collection :)

Rawlins GLAM said...

Clarins is known for its success stories but have yet to try it.

Arisa Chow said...

Wow..the expensive brand that most tai tai uses lol, quite good i heard

Sweetiecyndy said...

When I reach 25+ I gonna change my all skin care products to Anti-ageing series, I agree that we must take care our skin always no matter the skin care product is expensive or not but first it must be a good product

farena said...

I do love Clarins product - so effective, smells gorgeous and feels so French! It can be costly though so I generally use it when I want to pamper myself!

Leona Lim said...

my friend had been telling me about clarins too and how amazing the product is, i think it's gotta to be quite good to hide pores too

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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