Monitor Your Kid’s Health with Braun Thermoscan

When you see Durian everywhere, you know that the hot season is back. And when the hot season is back, dengue is a common case and hence we need to be extremely careful when going to the park and crowded place.
Braun Thermoscan 
Last Sunday, my elder daughter felt feverish and cold after she was back from her piano class. It was so sudden that her whole body was hot and aches. Without further hesitation, I took out my new thermometer - Braun Thermoscan IRT6030 to scan her ear to monitor her feverish. To my surprise, the reading was 40.3 for both ears! I quickly wrap her with wet towel and gave her fever medicine.
2 hours later, I again scan her with Braun Thermoscan IRT6030, and the reading was 39. I was relieved and I keep on monitor her temperature to make sure she’s ok.
It is very important to monitor our kid’s health especially in this hot weather. A good thermometer like Braun Thermoscan IRT6030 can assist us especially when our kids are having fever. Braun Thermoscan IRT6030 is easy to use, by pressing the on button, position the probe snuggly into ear canal, and press and release the scan button. We could expect a very accurate result in just seconds!

A good and accuracy thermometer is essential for every parent to monitor our kid’s health. I have used some other thermometer previously but they gave me wrong results which made me panic unnecessarily. Hence, I have been switch to Braun Thermoscan IRT6030 for it’s accurate result. Now I know why Braun is the No.1 brand among doctors and Mom's first choice leading brand.
I like its super easy user-friendly functions, and the smart storage design where I could store it easily and bring it around inside my bag when travelling.
Furthermore, it comes with protective case with lens filter storage. Plus it has a night light feature which is super useful during night time in the dark room. Operates with 2 AA size battery, the Braun Thermoscan IRT6030 is designed in Germany and made in Mexico.
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Charmaine Pua said...

How much is this?
I'm thinking of buying one. My current thermometer took too long to come out with the reading.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Krystal Morrison said...

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