Paris Beauty Powered by Seoul Korea - Erborian

Have you noticed the Erborian skincare brand in Sephora lately? As part of L’OCCITANE group, Erborian reveals Korean beauty secrets to the rest of the world: "magical" herbs, beauty rituals, and technologies. It combines the most sophisticated technologies with the best ingredients from Korean traditional pharmacopeia to create unique formulas that contribute to healthy, young, and radiant skin.
Paris Beauty Powered by Seoul Korea - Erborian

Founded in 2007, Erborian passes down traditional Korean beauty secrets to women and men around the world by combining the best of traditional Korean pharmacopeia with scientific research with French sensibility and savoir faire.

The Erborian’s name itself is derived from the words "Herbs of the Orient". This name evokes the synergy of plants that is at the heart of the formulation of each of their products, inspired by powerful preparations of traditional Korean medicine.
Erborian conceives beauty products of Korean origin with refined textures that are naturally invigorating. Erborian proposes an expert beauty ritual and is an avant-garde innovator in the cosmetic industry. BB Cream™ (to create perfect complexion), Ginsing Elixir (to revitalize the skin and deliver visible anti-ageing results), Bamboo (for hydration and balance control) and Yuza Sorbet (for protection and nutrition) are the star products of their complete range of skincare.

1.            BB Cream™ (Available at Sephora outlets nationwide)
Erborian is known to have been the pioneer of BB Creams in Europe, back in 2009. The minimalist-chic BB Crème remains a hero product today, thanks to its 5-in-1 benefits: The ultra-thin formula evens out complexion, reduces the appearance of blemishes, refines skin’s texture, moisturizes and plumps the skin, and leaves a light velvety finish for a naturally flawless complexion. The iconic product of Erborian, “The PP-CC-BB Trilogy” is designed to help you create a “baby-skin” effect for every occasion, with a velvety, ultra-soft and spotless finish. It comprises the BB Crème, CC Crème, and the latest addition Pink Perfect Crème.

2.            Ginsing Elixir, Yuza Sorbet & Bamboo (Available at Sephora One Utama outlet only)

The beauty ritual of Korean women is one of the most sophisticated in the world & based on the principle of layering – a concept that consists of applying layers of skincare products in succession, in a specific order, to improve skin’s radiance. Inspired by this thousand years of Korean beauty tradition; Erborian created line of skincare products that categorized in 3 simple steps, to keep the routine as simple and effortless as the French chic:

1.            Detox (deep cleansing) - Detoxify and prepare your skin for skincare rituals to follow.                   
2.            Boost (replenishing) - Refill with lotion, essence and cream, filled with powerful active ingredients.
3.            Refine (perfect skin finish) - Finish your complexion for a perfect baby skin.
I had tried the Yuza Sorbet Day recently. According to Erborian, the Yuza Sorbet day cream is an urban daily solution to help fight against first signs of aging and provide nourishment to the skin.
The Ingredients of Yuza Sorbet Day Cream

Soothing and hydrating Honey extract, combined with nourishing sesame oil and sweet almond oil, help moisturize the skin. Micro-capsules of vitamin E melt and activate upon contact with the skin to act as a cocoon. Skin feels even more protected against environmental stresses, thanks to 13 plant extracts and plant oils, including Yuza and Liquorice extracts, leaving a soft, well-rested glow.
Yuza Sorbet Day has a creamy and easy to absorb texture. The Micro-capsules of vitamin E melts almost immediately when massage the cream on my skin. I love its delicate and light grapefruit scent. The best part is, my skin appears more radiant, glowing with vitality and feels stronger after using it for a month. Yuza Sorbet Day 50ml is retails at RM214 and is available at Sephora One Utama.

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Ivy Kam said...

I read so many good reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)

Sunshine Kelly said...

The products ingredients look very promising. I am going to try it soon.

Rowena C said...

This is the first time I heard about this and this looks good. Is this available in the Philippines?

ClaudineImelda said...

I love products with grapefruit scent. Product looks promising!

Bearhy Hui Ying said...

first time heard about this brand!! The packaging is so nice!! Would like to try it out!

Arisa Chow said...

never heard of this brand before, is it suitable for sensitive skin people?

Cheryn said...

Oh this product sounds so promising... love the way you describe that it will wrap me up like a cocoon. I would love to be in a sorbet cocoon all wrapped up, absorbing vitamin E. haha

Aliza Sara said...

First time hearing about this brand. And based on your reviews, it does sound promising.

Unknown said...

I love your product, Thanks for sharing :)
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David Harley said...

This looks like an impressive brand for skincare however if you are looking for a professional cosmetic treatment always approach a trained cosmetic doctor who has got training for reputable institute like which offer cosmetic training by highly trained and experienced professionals.

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