The Exclusive Launch of MILBON Signature Line @ Grand Hyatt KL

I was stroked to be invited to the exclusive launch of NEKDERX’s Global Hair Care BrandMILBON that was held at Grand Hyatt KL back in August 2016. 
The Exclusive Launch of MILBON Signature Line @ Grand Hyatt KL
It was my first encounter with MILBON brand, thanks to the lovely PR for the wonderful invitation and the beautiful hand delivery invitation card.
Love the invitation card a lot!

The venue, Grand Residence 102 at Grand Hyatt KL was transformed to a modern and edgy room with the awesome settings by NEKDERX’s team.
Mr. Mervin Foo, Managing Director of NEKDERX Sdn. Bhd. welcomed us with a warm opening speech. Followed by a welcome speech by Mr. Kazunobu Konoike, the Director of MILBON Co. Ltd.
While the 3 course fine dining meals were begun to serve, we watched the MILBON Global Hair Care Line Video which was also captured it’s launch event back in Japan.

We were excited to find out more about the new MILBON signature line that promotes 360° beautiful hair.
MILBON has meticulously studied hair for more than 50 years, even at the nano level to help it achieve its fullest potential. For over 5 decades of cutting-edge research, MILBON has delivered a major breakthrough: a range of products specifically designed to repair never-before seen parts of our hair. The all-new MILBON signature line combines the SSVR-Silk™ technology to helps restore hair’s integrity and shine, while offering targeted solutions to enhance manageability and appearance of hair. 
MILBON signature line

The MILBON signature line has 3 range, namely Smooth, Moisture and Repair which targeted for different purpose. They also have the salon care range as well as home care range for customers to enjoy professional in-salon treatment and also taking care our hair at home.
The excitement wasn’t stopped there. There was a Live MILBON Global Hair Care Line presentation by Mr. Syohei Takebuchi, the Manager of brand strategy of MILBON Co. Ltd. As well as MILBON Global Hair Care Line demonstration by their hair artists.
Malaysia Beauty Bloggers at The Launch of MILBON Signature Line

Some of my bloggers had the chance to try out the haircare prior to the event. They had also shared their testimonial from Blogger Chin Yee and Carmen. Honestly everyone complements on their new hair style that day, they look so awesome.
The whole team members of MILBON Global Hair Care Line, Malaysia bid farewell with us before the event ended. It was truly a memorable and exclusive event for the year, thank you PR once again.

I was amazed with the products plus testimonials from my blogger friends. It was excited to see the hair industry that has changed so much. And I can’t wait to try out the products myself too.

For more information on MILBON Global Hair Care Line, visit


Carina said...

Saw carmen straighter and tamed hair, cool!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

nice event love the pics.

this hair care range no try yet

Linda said...

Great event, have never tried this product before. Will recommend to friends.

Miera Nadhirah said...

This is an interesting brand,I would really love to try the repair range as I feel I need to repair my brittle, frail and dry hair

Sunshine Kelly said...

Wow a very classy event, I have not try this hair care brand yet. The packaging looks elegant.

Isaac Tan said...

it does look exclusive, and expensive .hehe.. :)

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