CUSCOS Skincare – Skincare Made with Swarovski Zirconia

I’ve recently came across a Korean skincare brand - CUSCOS Skincare which uses Swarovski Zirconia as main ingredients of their products. What is CUSCOS? It means 'Customizing Cosmetics'. CUSCOS was created by a group of people who is passion for beauty, with the aim to radiate one’s beauty within flawlessly and create a long-lasting impression.
What’s so special about CUSCOS? The differences are in the formulation, the ideal balance of ingredients that characterize 'Customizing Cosmetics'. Even though every skin is different, the nutrients inside CUSCOS heal and revitalize unique skin needs with notably amazing and unique results. Infuse by diamond powder from Swarovski Zirconia, natural ingredients extract, snail secretion filtrate, marine collage, and syn-ake peptide, CUSCOS provides the new, functional beauty products that are easy to use.
From cleansing to treatment, there are 9 products available in CUSCOS as below;

1)      CUSCOS Aqua 2 Bubble Cleanser 100ml RM 198
Contains active ingredients Pomegranate and caviar which are rich of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and anti- aging properties and supply essential fatty acids to the skin which has anti-ageing properties. This cleanser remove make-up reside and bodily waste. The gel texture will turns to fine bubbles within seconds of application. After it bubbles, massage it into the skin and tissue off. There’s no need to wash face after cleanser.
2)      CUSCOS Amethyst Snail Toner 120ml RM 188

Contains active ingredients Snail Extract which is known to slow premature aging by protecting the skin from harmful elements in the environment. Aside from allowing them to slither along surfaces, a snail’s slime is rich in glycolic acid and elastin, which also protects their bodies from bacteria, cuts, and other damaging factors.
3)      CUSCOS Amethyst Snail Lotion 120ml RM 218 – Contains Snail secretion filtrate, Adenosine, Portulaca oleracea extract, Epidermal Growth Factor, and copper tripeptide to keep moisture in skin and give a glowing complexion.
4)      CUSCOS Amethyst Snail Essence 50ml RM 388
Contains diamond powder which is good for brightening. It improves damaged skin by providing vitality to distressed skin.

5)      CUSCOS Diamond Syn-Ake Eye Cream 50ml RM 588
Just like Botox, Diamond Syn-Ake Eye Cream is an anti-aging eye cream with active ingredient – SYN-AKE(a complex of amino acid) designed to give double functional cosmetic effect: whitening & anti-aging as well as helps remove dark circles.
6)      CUSCOS Sapphire Steam Cream 50ml RM 288
KFDA Whitening function & wrinkle improvement certified, CUSCOS Sapphire Steam Cream is effective in anti-aging and give a clear skin and glowing complexion to skin. CUSCOS uses unique STEAM process which made the cream a naturally effective, lightweight emulsion that instantly absorbed into skin.
7)      CUSCOS Ruby Lifting Pack 50ml RM 218
Ruby Lifting Pack contains Glacial water (One of the purest waters in the World) which can maintain a healthy pH level by reducing acidity in our skin and restoring its natural balance. It also contains Pomegranate and Hydrolyzed Collagen to prevent aging. Skin feel tight and firm after applying Ruby Lifting Pack.
8)      CUSCOS Topas DD Cream 50ml RM 218
This day defense cream defines, delays, defends, delights, and delivers. It contains white sapphire complex which self-adjusting and brings out & enhances the beauty of one’s own unique skintone beauty. It also infused with olive oil, aloe barbadensis leaf, portulaca extract and macademia ternifolia seed for extra sun protection and repair the skin.
9)      CUSCOS Opal Whitening Body Cream 100ml RM 288
Contains Shea butter, macademia ternifolia seed and Yeast beata-glucan that gives more tone of white to the skin, while added moisturizing and improve wrinkles of the skin too.
Get the value set - CUSCOS Beauty Indulgence Set at RM388 (worth RM604) while stocks last!

Indulge with the sparkling jewels for glowing skin with CUSCOS Skincare. It is exclusively available at IsMe Beauty & Café in Malaysia. IsMe Beauty & Café are available at Bukit Bintang, NU Sentral and Empire Subang.
IsMe Beauty & Café is just next to Hotel Royal

For more information, like their Facebook page at


Miera Nadhirah said...

cosmetics company coming out with very interesting ingredients... huhuhu

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

hihi Miera, ya every brand has their unique formula/ingredients. I guess we just need to try and see which is the best for our skin. ;)

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